April 2014
Events Watch

Highlights of Upcoming Slow Food Sacramento Events:


May 4 - Tour of KP International Market. More info here and in this newsletter.


Other Regional Events


Open Farm Day, Picnic and Plant Sale at Good Humus Produce in Capay

April 12 from 12-4 p.m.


Purchase organic vegetable and perennial plants to get your garden growing.

Workshops on drought tolerant gardens, biodiversity, composting, and more

Directions and info at www.goodhumus.com.

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Slow Food Leaders Convene In Sacramento 

Slow Food Sacramento leader Charity Kenyon with Slow Food USA Board of Director members John Stewart (L) & Pres. Matt Jones (R) celebrating our chapter's winning second place in the national membership drive.



Thank you Slow Food Sacramento members and supporters for welcoming Slow Food leaders from around the state, Mexico, and Canada to our fair city March 28-30!

We were able to share the Slow Food Story  documentary, the mixer at Magpie Café and the School Garden Coalition workshop with some 200 Sacramento members and supporters. Highlights of the public events included:


* Slow Food International Lifetime Achievement award winner Darrell Corti telling the true story about bringing Alice Waters into the Slow Food movement nearly 25 years ago 


* Mexican General Consul Carlos González Gutiérrezmeeting Slow Food México International Councilor Alfonso Rocha Robles and pledging support for working across borders to protect heirloom corn varieties and ancient agricultural techniques 


* Enjoying Ed Roehr and Kelly Hogge's delicious Magpie Cafe fare donated as a benefit to Slow Food Sacramento and including 13 Slow Food Biodiversity Foundation Ark of Taste foods in danger of being lost to commercial production. 


The Sacramento Bee's new Feast section  included an article on page one about the Slow Food California Leader Meeting. And Univision interviewed Alfonso Rocha - check it out and learn why we're thrilled to be working with Alfonso! 


Want to Connect With Statewide Initiatives?


Slow Food California has launched several committees to strengthen our network across the state and across our borders to the north and south. Interested in Slow Fish? In protecting heirloom foods originating in Mexico? In linking a school garden here with a garden in Mexico? In statewide food and farm policy advocacy? In taking Sacramento's Snail of Approval program statewide? In identifying and protecting California's heritage foods? In working with chefs and farmers to protect this biodiversity? Biggest reward: meeting terrific eaters, chefs, farmers, activists from around the state and the world!  Contact charity@slowfoodsacramento.com to learn more. 


Have time to make a phone call to tell your representatives that you care about moving our food and farm policy toward the good, the clean, and the fair? - Please let your representatives know that you and Slow Food California support of S.B. 1381 (G.E. labeling), S.B. 1029 (reforming CalFresh to allow nonviolent drug felons to receive food stamps), A.B. 2561 (Neighborhood Food Act), A.B. 1789 (limiting use of neonicitinoid pesticides harmful to honey bees), and A.B. 1437 (restricting nontherapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock). Let district staff know we're watching our representatives' votes. For more information and to join in our advocacy contact: charity@slowfoodsacramento.com


Charity Kenyon

Slow Food USA Governor

Central Valley California Region &

International Councilor


KP International Market Tour - May 4



KP International Market Tour & Recipe Samples

May 4  -  $10/person

Register Here


Join Culinary Expert Mayumi Tavalero for an exotic trip to KP International Market. KP International is an 85,000 square foot grocery store in Rancho Cordova offering a huge range of specialty foods for Asian, Hispanic, European, Middle Eastern and American cuisines.


Mayumi will be using five international recipes to help you discover the unique ingredients featured in them and showcase KP's amazing assortment of food products from all over the world! Where else can you find alligator feet, fresh cactus, bins of frozen pig's blood, live frogs, a whole aisle of soy sauces, a tortilla factory, a Ukrainian bakery, a Korean Deli, and more under the same roof!


After the tour participants are invited to have an optional lunch in the International Food Court at their own expense. The food court has Mexican, Russian, Northern and Southern Chinese, and Korean food selections all reasonably priced.


Instructions on where to meet will be emailed to each participant when they register. Space is limited. NO REFUNDS. 



Slow Food U And You



Slow Food U - Help Us Create More Successful Classes


Fermentation Fever was our latest Slow Food U class on Sunday, April 6, at the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op's learning center.  We were in good hands with our instructor, Janet McDonald, who teaches numerous classes at the Co-op and whose kitchen is filled with vats and crocks of various fermentation projects. 


Janet demystified the fermentation process, so the fifteen participants now feel comfortable experimenting with fermenting at home. One participant said, "It changed my life! I always wanted to pickle but I thought it was too hard and involved cooking. I found out it did not! Janet MacDonald was a terrific teacher."  


Everyone went home with a jar a sauerkraut and a jar of carrot pickles to age and ferment to perfection.


The goal of Slow Food U is to provide low cost education classes, taught by Slow Food Sacramento members or our partners in the community. We strive to keep the classes low cost so they are accessible to everyone. Past topics include Bacon Curing, Lemons Lemons Lemons, Thai cooking, Winter Gardens, bike tours of edible gardens, and Foraging Along the Parkway. 


If you have a class suggestion or if you would like to teach a class, please contact: