May 2013 
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Celebrate Sacramento's Foodscape - June 1

We Are Where We Eat

Grow, Cook, Savor

Celebrate Sacramento's Foodscape


June 1 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Sacramento Central Library


The diversity and bounty of Sacramento's food, wine and beer heritage is center stage at Grow, Cook, Savor on June 1 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria at the Sacramento Central Library.


The daylong event will seem like a food midway featuring the riches of Sacramento Country. Talks, demonstrations, exhibits and tastings will continue in seamless presentations by native born chefs, Sacramento-centric craft-beer purveyors, wine growers, regional food historians and scholars. Guests are invited to share their favorite food memory at a recording area called the Story Station. A timeline and culinary map of Sacramento's food-drink-restaurant history will also be unveiled.


Hosted by the Sacramento Public Library, Capital Public Radio and other local partners, the event is the highlight of We Are Where We Eat, a yearlong project by director Maryellen Burns and food journalist Elaine Corn that captures the stories of the people who grow, cook, serve, and yes, eat and drink in Sacramento County.


For more information and tickets ($25/person) visit 


Sacramento the Farm-to-Fork Capital

Farm ro Fork


Sacramento: Farm-to-Fork Capital


Mayor Kevin Johnson has proclaimed Sacramento as America's Farm-to-Fork Capital and 2013 as the year of food. To this end, some of Sacramento's leading restaurants are planning a series of events and dining opportunities for Sept 21-28 to make good on the new title.


Take some time to read what others have written recently on the subject. Slow Food Sacramento partner, Amber Stott, director of California Food Literacy, in a Sacramento Press article offers background and insight on the local food movement and the role of Farm-to-Fork in promoting tourism and the local economy.


Similarly, food writer Elaine Corn penned an op-ed piece in the Sacramento Bee recently pointing out where Farm-to-Fork falls short. "It's impossible to be all local, all the time, even in Sacramento," she argues, because only 2% of the food grown in our region stays here for local consumption. 


While Sacramento strives to embrace its Farm-to Fork identity, other cities like San Francisco are approaching the food system "holistically from food production to distribution to consumption and recycling with the acknowledgement that a thriving local food system has far reaching benefits for the health, environment and economy..." according to its Healthy and Sustainable Food policy.


This month's issue of Sactown Magazine, with Farm-to-Fork as it's theme, as well as the current issue of Sacramento Magazine, featuring stories on six hot chefs in Sacramento, draw attention to the relationships between chefs and our local farmers and food producers.


Clearly this is a good direction for Sacramento and our Slow Food mission to support good, clean and fair food for all with an emphasis on locally and sustainably grown agriculture and products.  Slow Food Sacramento is still determining our role in Farm-to-Fork. 


Slow Food U - Makin' Bacon - June 20
  Makin Bacon
Makin Bacon
June 20 @ 6:30 p.m.
 Slow Food U's next class is Makin' Bacon, taught by Emily Baime of Community Tap and Table. Participants will learn to cure pork belly into nitrate-free bacon, sample three bacon tapas paired with beer and learn the difference between bulk bacon and artisan bacon. The class is limited to 10 people and will take place in the Pocket Area.  


Governor's Report



Slow Food California - Shaping a New Region

Slow Food Sacramento leaders have been actively engaged in the development of the new Slow Food California Region. The upcoming Leader Conference in New Orleans will feature regional meetings where Slow Food California envisions adopting its Vision Statement, a draft of which has been circulating among chapter leaders. The Slow Food Policy Committee has been hard at work, with Slow Food Sacramento members Brenda Ruiz and Mary Rousseve serving on the committee as our representatives. 
We've already enjoyed our first victory, defeat of the Ag Gag Bill (AB 343)! Great coverage by The Bee news staff and editorial board. We are watching several other bills in our priority areas: 1. Farm Bill, 2. GMO's, 3. School Gardens, 4. Food Policy Councils, 5. Cottage Food Bill implementation, and 6. Urban Agriculture.

A chance for you to shape the Farm Bill 2013 - TAKE ACTION!

Slow Food California has endorsed the Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act (S. 679, H.R. 1414), a so-called spot bill for the upcoming Farm Bill, which we expect in May. We would like every member of the California delegation to sign on as sponsor. So far 7 members from California are sponsors, including Doris Matsui, and John Garamendi from our area. Let's add Ami Bera, Jerry McNerney, and Tom McClintock. 

If you are game, please call your representative and our Senators and ask them to support the Local Food, Farms, and Jobs Act. Read here for more information. How to find your representative and suggestions for what to say are here.

Questions, suggestions? Contact


Charity Kenyon

Slow Food USA Governor

Central Valley California Region &

International Councilor


Slow Food Sacramento Joined In the Fun at Earth Day 2013


SF Earth Day

Many thanks to the Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) for once again organizing a fun filled Sacramento Earth Day celebration. Slow Food Sacramento joined the pool of over 100 diverse business, non-profit, cultural and government vendors offering practical information for living healthier and protecting the environment. Our good, clean, fair food for all mission was well received amongst the thousands of festival goers and we very much enjoyed speaking with those stopping by our booth!


Learn More and Discuss Sacramento Farm-to-Fork 
On May 1 at 6:30 p.m.  (at The Urban Hive 1931 H St.), Sacramento Press will hold a panel discussion
"Farm to Fork: Where's the Teeth?" $5/person.

Rosemont HS Puts Ag Fest $$ To Good Use 

Slow Food Sacramento extends our gratitude to our greater community of partners, supporters, and amazing membership whom last year made possible the soft launch of the School Garden Coalition through their participation in Urban Ag Fest IV. Beneficiary Rosemont High School Green Academy has put the dollars generously raised to good use.

In addition to adding much needed fencing, Green Academy students completed the ADA beds; graded and plumbed; planted fava beans, asparagus, cilantro, and potatoes; and reserved the clay extracted during excavation to build wood burning ovens. Culinary Arts teacher Chef Scott Singer, Masonry Program educator Brett Hutchison, and Principal Leise Martinez are excited to demonstrate the practical life and job skills, linked learning, and critical thinking applications possible in a school garden environment. 

And in the 3rd week of April, almost 70 Rosemont HS Green Academy students walked to neighboring Sequoia Elementary to do a full day of work in that garden alongside their younger friends. See some photos here or on twitter at @RHSCulinary.