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Human Trafficking is a crime.
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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to provide compassionate and uplifting transitional care for women in crisis and hungry children in Orange County.

Our vision is to be the Orange County safety net for uniquely challenged women and children through hope, love, and spiritual healing.

Our values: 
Love & Compassion
A faith-based approach to healing and forgiveness in a multi-generational community. 

Respect & Acceptance: A non-judgmental celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of humankind.


Honesty & Integrity: An ethical approach to supporting personal growth and family values.


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Healing House video!
The Healing House
The Healing House

Grandma's House of Hope would like to thank the following organizations for their recent giving and their continued support:


Sisters of St. Joseph Foundation

Heinz Foundation

Tony Gray Foundation


Knights of Columbus
SA Recycling


for their continued support.


Grandma's Helpers in June:


Spirit of Hope Church

Mesa, AZ

Mother's Day/
Ladies' Brunch

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus-San Antonio Catholic Church and their wives! On May 11, they hosted a fabulous brunch for our ladies at GHH! About 30 ladies were treated to a beautifully decorated patio with pink balloons, flowers, yellow tablecloths, and food galore. It was a very special morning.

It meant so much to our ladies and staff to see both the men and their wives there showing support to each other by volunteering. It was especially for women who (some clients) suffered from men to see that yes, our world is good. Good men and women support each other and reach out to show our ladies they care. 

Thank you for your support!
Volunteer Opportunity!!!

Come out to our newest shelter location on July 6th to help us put the final touches on our Grandma's House of Hope home. 

For more information contact Krystal Minniefield @ 
714-558-8600 or email.
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GHH Internship Opportunities
New internship opportunities have been posted on our website. There are many opportunities to help in our office while earning college credit!




    Interested in helping the working poor and our shelter clients polish their skills and find jobs?


    We're looking for volunteers to assist and train clients through our workforce development program/computer lab. 


    Best times: late afternoons/early evenings in north Orange County.


Contact Tobi Aclaro:

peanut butter

Grandma's House of Hope is always looking for donations of food and other necessities.

This month we
are in need of:

Canned fruits
Canned meats
Rosetta Stone software - ESL
Dry erase board with markers
Household cleaning items
Crayola crayons
Colored paper
Big erasers
Learning magazines

All foods should be nonperishable and in non-breakable containers.
(No glass, please!)


For more information or

to schedule a delivery  

please contact our office at:


 (714) 558-8600   



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Board Members


Je'net Kreitner  
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Grandma's House of Hope
Lori Torres
GHH Chairman of The Board

Christina Haupert 
Board Treasurer & Secretary
Wells Fargo Bank 
Jaime Nappi
Laguna Beach Community Clinic
Deacon Doug Cook
San Antonio de Padua 
Catholic Church

Patrick Kreitner
Grandma's House of Hope
Lisa Hatfield
Real Estate Consultant


Jan Ing

Program Graduate

Margaux Jordan

Virginia DePaolo
Wells Fargo Bank

Elizabeth Colon
Program Graduate/Cancer Survivor

 A word from our founders


    Thank you very much for your support to Grandma's House of Hope. It is through your kindness and generosity that GHH continues to fight hunger and homelessness in Orange County. Your contribution helps enhance the lives of women and children who are struggling to survive in your own communities.  


God Bless,



Je'net and Patrick Kreitner

Grandma's House of Hope


Hope Works! 
Education and Enrichment Center
Grandma's House of Hope is proud to announce the opening of their New HopeWorks! Education and Enrichment Center in partnerships with The Crossings at Cherry Orchard and Anaheim Supportive Housing (ASH). The center staff will aim to empower families and individuals through education, employment resources, and social support. Read more to learn about the center and how you can support the project.

Ground-up construction and build-out of this affordable multi-family housing complex in the City of Anaheim is expected to be completed in early September. The project consists of 45 units within three separate, three-story buildings. Amenities include an attached 2,565 square foot community room as well as 12,357 square feet of outdoor playground space.


HopeWorks! Education and Enrichment Center will be geared to help families learn and grow together, improve student learning and adult job skills, and build resident motivation and accountability toward self-sufficiency aligned with HUD requirements.


GHH and our social services partners will offer classes, workshops, skill-building resources, on-line learning and referrals through After School Programming including a Homework Club and tutoring support, Early Childhood EducationNutrition/Health and Wellness classes, and Adult Education. Once the Center is up and running at full capacity, we will coordinate social services for 100-150 children and many of their parents.


The fully equipped Education and Enrichment Center will feature a Great Room with full kitchen, a separate computer lab for online learning and workforce development, and an outdoor "Tot Lot." Cherry Orchard will provide a very tangible opportunity for 45 families working toward getting out of the cycle of poverty by enabling them to better save money, improve job and life skills and to better focus on the health education and well-being of their family-onsite right where they live.


Affordable housing is more than simply a physical symbol of hope for families struggling out of poverty. Affordable housing is another milestone that helps enable families to live safely, save funds, stabilize, and take significant steps toward more ownership of their financial and family's future.

How Do I Get Involved???

There are so many ways! Collaboration is the key to success! GHH is looking for community partners who would be willing to bring some of their programs into the center to benefit the kids and their families. If you have a program you would like to submit consideration, please contact Tobi Aclaro at 714-558-8600.


We are also looking for the following donations: Gently used instruments (especially guitars), art supplies (especially art paint brushes and calligraphy pens, ribbons and yarn), dry erase and bulletin boards, science project kits, calculators, new board games, Legos, hula hoops, jump ropes, yoga mats, exercise videos, and light hand weights. Please consider donating any of these items or making a financials contribution to support their purchase.

Executive Director, Je'net Kreitner
Receives Soroptimist
 Ruby Award

The Soroptimist Ruby Award recognizes and honors the first federation president of Soroptimist International, Ruby Lee Minar. A ruby is also a deep red gemstone associated with wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, vivacity, power, and love: all words embodying the strong and compassionate women who receive this award. The Soroptimist Ruby Award honors women who have worked to improve the lives of women and girls through their professional and/or volunteer work.

This year Soroptimist International of Brea/La Habra chose to honor Executive Director, Je'net Kreitner, as their 2013 Ruby Award recipient. On Thursday, April 25th, Je'net was invited to the Embassy Suites in Brea to be recognized and presented a plaque and $500 for GHH for the extraordinary impact she's made improving the lives of women in Orange County.

Grandma's House of Hope would like to thank Soroptimist International of Brea/ La Habra for their recognition and support!
Precept Work Day 
Saturday, May 11, 2013

In February 2013 Ana Mayer, a representative from Precept Group, read an article about Grandma's House of Hope in the Orange County Register and called our office to ask how Precept could support Grandma's House of Hope in the coming months.
Precept Group has been a national provider of benefit consulting and administration outsourcing services as well as providing employee benefit solutions to progressive middle-market employers for the last 25 years.  
Every year Precept sponsors the Lighthouse Project allowing teams of employees to go out and serve the community. This year Precept chose Grandma's House of Hope to be the recipient of their Lighthouse Project service and donation. In May, Precept purchased $6000 worth of home goods to furnish our newest shelter location. Dressers, beds, televisions, pot, pans, and much more were purchased to make our new house a home. 
 On Saturday May 11, almost 50 Precept employees came to our newest shelter location to assemble the furniture as well as place it in the bedrooms, kitchen and common area. In five hours the house went from being filled with boxes to being ready to be lived in. We are so grateful for Precepts gift of time, hard work, and their treasure. 
To find out about how to become a corporate partner with Grandma's House of Hope call our office at 714-558-8600.
Intern Spotlight: 
My Grandma's House Experience 
by: Brianna Baca 
I began my internship in February and completed about four months of internship at Grandma's House of Hope. I did a variety of things but most importantly, I was able to help women and children in Orange County who face very unique and challenging situations. I first heard about Grandma's House of Hope from a friend who works at Women Helping Women. She told me about the work they did and how great of an organization they are. I quickly became interested and researched more about them through the website and instantly became passionate about their mission and values. I love that they give women a second chance by bringing them hope and the resources needed to start their lives again after being faced with unfortunate circumstances. 

I knew I wanted to help and was looking for an internship at the time so it made perfect sense to do my internship here. I was welcomed with open arms by the staff which made this experience even more enjoyable. I was happy about having the opportunity to help out in any way that I could with Grandma's House of Hope. The best part of my internship was having the opportunity to meet some of the women and see where they live. It really opened my eyes to the time and dedication the staff puts into the work they do at Grandma's House of hope. I am so happy that I decided to do my internship here and that I was given the opportunity to be a part of this organization. I learned a lot both professionally and personally.
Art for Healing
A vision board created by GHH clients.
In March of 2013, Grandma's House of Hope began partnering with local psychotherapist, Jamie Clear, to begin offering an Art for Healing program at both the transitional housing campus and the Healing House. These groups meet weekly to engage in creative arts processes, which include: drawing, painting, collage, and photography, along with other healing modalities. As the groups began to grow, Jamie recruited a fellow psychotherapist to co-lead with her, and Robin Christopherson joined the project in April 2013. The groups run for 3 months at a time and the next series will be offered from July to September of 2013.

"I found I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn't say any other way, things I had no words for."
-Georgia O'Keeffe

Art has been shown to be an effective tool in addressing both psychological and emotional needs. Participants benefit from the relationships formed in the group process and from the act of creation itself. Participating in the creative process is known to improve self-esteem, increase coping skills, decrease stress, and enhance self-reflection.

Want to Help?
Ways to give to GHH in the coming months.

Sponsor a child!
Sponsor a child 
Students who rely on the 
free lunch program at school go hungry on the weekends! For just $35 a month you can sponsor a motel child to have 
weekend meals when the 
school cafeterias are closed.
Host a food drive!
Spirit of Hope  
GHH is always looking for an enthusiastic group to host a food drive. The food you collect feeds hungry children right here in Orange County.

 Make welcome baskets!
Transitioning into our facilities can be a scary time for some women. Create welcome baskets to help our newest ladies feel loved and at home. 

Collect gift cards!

We can always use gifts cards of all sorts (i.e. grocery stores, Starbucks, movie passes, etc.) to distribute during the holidays or as gifts to celebrate program milestones.