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Human Trafficking is a crime.
Human Trafficking Hotline:
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The Healing House
The Healing House

Grandma's House of Hope would like to thank the following organizations for their recent giving and their continued support:


Wells Fargo Foundation
PIMCO Foundation


$2,500 in support of our
6th Annual Festival of Hearts.
Robert Ahlke
Tom & Debbie Loucks
Patrick Kreitner


for sponsoring tables at our 
6th Annual Festival of Hearts
Bingham Law Firm
3 computers to be used in office,
Nana's Kidz program, and 
the Healing House.


Wyland Art Gallery


for donating approximately $2,500
worth of art to our 6th Annual
Festival of Hearts.
Brittany Ledbetter


for collecting toys and canned goods on behalf of our Nana's Kidz program.


Grandma's Helpers in February:


 Knights of Columbus


Grandma's Girls


Magnolia High School

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to provide compassionate and uplifting transitional care for women in crisis and hungry children in Orange County.

Our vision is to be the Orange County safety net for uniquely challenged women and children through hope, love, and spiritual healing.

Our values: 
Love & Compassion
A faith-based approach to healing and forgiveness in a multi-generational community.

Respect & Acceptance: A non-judgmental celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of humankind.


Honesty & Integrity: An ethical approach to supporting personal growth and family values.


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Valentines Day with
Grandma's Girls
by: Nancy Garrison,
House Manager
All the ladies at Grandma's House of Hope got together to share a Valentine's Day celebration with a home cooked meal of fresh roasted turkey sandwiches and enough homemade turkey soup to eat to their hearts desire. The ladies all received gift bags filled with cosmetics, chocolates and In-n-Out gift cards so they can treat themselves like the special ladies they are! To end the evening Valentines cupcakes (made by Debbie our resident cupcake baker) and coffee were served. What a beautiful day!


GHH Internship Opportunities
New internship opportunities have been posted on our website. There are many opportunities to help in our office while earning college credit!




    Interested in helping the working poor and our shelter clients polish their skills and find jobs?


    We're looking for volunteers to assist and train clients through our workforce development program/computer lab. 


    Best times: late afternoons/early evenings, in north Orange County.


Contact Tobi Aclaro: 


peanut butter

Grandma's House of Hope is always looking for donations of food and other necessities.

This month we
are in need of:

Canned fruits
Canned meats
Rosetta Stone software - ESL
Dry erase board with markers
Household cleaning items
Crayola crayons
Colored paper
Big erasers
Learning magazines

All foods should be nonperishable and in non-breakable containers.
(no glass please!)


For more information or

to schedule a delivery  

please contact our office at:


 (714) 558-8600   



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Board Members
Lori Torres
GHH Chairman of The Board

Christina Haupert 
Board Treasurer & Secretary
Wells Fargo Bank 
Je'net Kreitner 
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Grandma's House of Hope

Patrick Kreitner
Grandma's House of Hope
Local Union 831


Rosannah Leitch

Automobile Club of Southern California


Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman

Hope Center of Christ

Jaime Nappe
Laguna Beach Community Clinic

Margaux Jordan
Business Development Consultant
Deacon Doug Cook
San Antonio de Padua 
Catholic Church

 A word from our founders


    Thank you very much for your support to Grandma's House of Hope. It is through your kindness and generosity that GHH continues to fight hunger and homelessness in Orange County. Your contribution helps enhance the lives of women and children who are struggling to survive in your own communities.  


God Bless,



Je'net and Patrick Kreitner

Grandma's House of Hope


Grandma's House of Hope to Open a New Shelter Location in May! 
Executive Director, Je'net Kreitner holds up a floor plan of the new location!
In May of this year Grandma's House of Hope will be opening it's third shelter location in Northern Orange County! This location will be an extension of the Transitional Program that GHH already offers. We are eagerly waiting for the time when we can offer compassionate and uplifting transitional care to more women in crisis.

With this new property comes the opportunity for the community to help furnish or prepare this home for the first ladies to move in! For instance, a group of volunteers could sponsor a bedroom for $700, come out and build the IKEA furniture and decorate the room for the future ladies that will live there and receive all the support services we offer with love. An additional donation would allow you to "name" the room.
We have found in the past that involving the community in making this house a home is a great way to bring warmth into each and every space in the house, and let our future residents know that there are people willing to invest their time and skills in their futures.
Let's Get Ready!
In preparation for the opening of our new shelter location GHH will be hosting a home preparation day!
We need volunteers to come out and help us get this location ready for the first set of women!

Tasks will include:
  • Setting up a yard sale.
  • Building IKEA furniture.
  • Gardening.
  • And whatever else is needed to make this house a home.
To find out about volunteers opportunities contact: Krystal or Emily at our office: 714-558-8600
Festival of Hearts:
A Great Success
On Saturday, February 23, 2013, GHH hosted its 6th Annual Festival of Hearts. Speaker Debbie Loucks' presentation about her father, "The Horse Whisperer"s farm and his innovative approach to "breaking" horses with respect and gentleness fell on enthusiastic ears. She then shared how we can help victims of Human Trafficking to "heal from the inside out" using the same techniques. Sitting among our supporters were 20 GHH clients, both past and present, who came to  participate in the festivities. One lady in particular had a story to share.

In a video, that was shown during the event, Rosalie shares her life changing experience at Flag is Up Farms in Solvang, CA. Flag is Up Farms is the ranch run by Monty Roberts and Debbie Loucks. Visitors from all over come to visit with Monty Roberts and learn how to train horses in a non-violent way. A few of our ladies had the opportunity to visit Flag Is Up Farms and were given the opportunity to experience healing in a unique way. 

To watch a bit of this transformational journey click the video below.

Kate's Healing
by: Camille Pejoro, Case Manager

Kate came to Grandma's House of Hope April 2012 fleeing an abusive family home. At 20 years old Kate had already been on dialysis for five years due to her kidney's failing. Before entering GHH Kate was on the UCLA kidney transplant list but was taken off by her own family member. While at GHH Kate was assisted by GHH staff and was put back on the transplant list. Kate also applied for and received benefits, built her own network of support, and also volunteered at the Senior Center in her spare time. 

Just 3 weeks after being made "active" a donor match was found! Kate was able to move to the top of the list because of her extremely detrimental condition. Kate went into surgery February 16th. Kate's body accepted the kidney immediately! Miraculously Kate was up and walking a the day after surgery. She has returned to the Healing House but goes to UCLA weekly for testing and to ensure a full recovery. She has fondly named her new kidney "Stitch" and is very grateful to her donor's family. Kate is rebuilding her strength and adjusting to her new life. For the past 5 years she had grown accustomed to spending mornings at the hospital for dialysis. She is looking forward to leading a happier, healthier, and independent life. Her goal is to go back to school and become a dialysis nurse.

A Natural Fit
New Shoes for: 
Nana's Kidz!
by: Tobi Aclaro, 
Nana's Kidz Program Director
In January, our Nana's Kidz program partnered with Payless Shoes and two of our after-school program partners, to make sure that 75 children in need received new shoes! One event was held in Garden Grove; the other, in Anaheim. For our Garden Grove event partner, the Boys & Girls Club-Clinton was a natural "fit": they have a solid program; are always open to new projects together; and the children we serve are mostly elementary school-age, living in a low-income area. For our Anaheim event partner, we selected the El Modena Family Resource Center, based in Orange. Their children, mostly elementary school-age, are amongst the poorest of our partner projects. For these families, having a new pair of shoes is a VERY important gift.
Both events were a success; families were thrilled to have new shoes for the children, and the kids loved having a variety of styles to choose from. We selected Payless sites known for their inventory of kids' sizes, and experience in hosting these events.
Some of "our" children walk to school regardless of weather. We've seen children with soles and tops separated, flapping and worn, wet in rain. Shoes MUST be comfortable, with minimum holes, for children to really get around! A new pair that fits, and the time that storekeepers spent to properly fit them, means a lot. Thank you, Payless Shoes!
Intern of the Month:
Shawna Horan
Shawna has been generous to share her time, energy, and talents with our Nana's Kidz program since May 2012. Her selflessness has helped us do well with inventory, food acquisition, transportation, storage, packing and distributing food for children who are homeless/at-risk in Orange County, plus training volunteers. Shawna has also been an important contributor assisting our food drives; our recent children's events with Payless shoes; and serving in multiple roles onsite at special children's events (event size ranging from 50-400 children)! We congratulate Shawna on her new full-time job, and hope to see her smiling face at future special children's events!
Want to Help?
Ways to give to GHH in the coming months.

Sponsor a child!
Sponsor a child 
Students who rely on the 
free lunch program at school go hungry on the weekends! For just $35 a month you can sponsor a motel child to have 
weekend meals when the 
school cafeterias are closed.
Host a food drive!
Spirit of Hope  
GHH is always looking for an enthusiastic group to host a food drive. The food you collect feeds hungry children right here in Orange County.

 Make welcome baskets!
Transitioning into our facilities can be a scary time for some women. Create welcome baskets to help our newest ladies feel loved and at home. 

Collect gift cards!

We can always use gifts cards of all sorts (i.e. grocery stores, Starbucks, movie passes, etc.) to distribute during the holidays or as gifts to celebrate program milestones.