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"The Village"
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174 West Lincoln Ave. #541
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Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission is to provide compassionate and uplifting transitional care for women in crisis and hungry children in Orange County.

Our vision is to be the Orange County safety net for uniquely challenged women and children through hope, love, and spiritual healing.

Our values: 
Love & Compassion
A faith-based approach to healing and forgiveness in a multi-generational community.

Respect & Acceptance: A non-judgmental celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of humankind.


Honesty & Integrity: An ethical approach to supporting personal growth and family values.


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Start Helping Now!

Looking for a Way to Give Back This Holiday Season?

Grandma's House of Hope would like to thank the following organizations for their recent giving and their continued support:

Summit Events Catering

Numerous food donations to our Transitional Housing Program.

Women of Faith

Provided 24 tickets to the 
Women of Faith Conference
for the ladies in our shelter to attend.

3M Foundation

$900 grant in support of Nana's Kidz

One OC

Providing free non-profit 
training to our AmeriCorps VISTAs.

The Elks Lodge

Providing a venue for our
 Rummage Sale
their continued support. 
Grandma's Helpers in September:
Work Creation Program
Miss Millennium/ 
Miss OC Pageants

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GHH Internship Opportunities
New internship opportunities have been posted on our website. There are many opportunities to help in our office while earning college credit!




    Interested in helping the working poor and our shelter clients polish their skills and find jobs?


    We're looking for volunteers to assist and train clients through our workforce development program/computer lab. 


    Best times: late afternoons/early evenings, in north Orange County.


Contact Tobi Aclaro:


peanut butter

Grandma's House of Hope is always looking for donations of food and other necessities.

This month we
are in desperate need of:

Peanut Butter
 Beef Ravioli     Beef Stew
Canned Fruit  
Kid Friendly Healthy Cereal

All foods should be nonperishable and in non-breakable containers.
(no glass please!)


For more information or

to schedule a food delivery  

please contact our office at:


 (714) 558-8600   


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Board Members
Lori Torres
GHH Chairman of The Board
The Irvine Company
Apartment Communities

Sean Phillips 
Board Treasurer & Secretary
Wells Fargo Bank 
Je'net Kreitner 
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Grandma's House of Hope

Patrick Kreitner
Grandma's House of Hope
Local Union 831


Rosannah Leitch

Automobile Club of Southern California


Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman

Hope Center of Christ

Trina Norman

Jaime Nappe
Laguna Beach Community Clinic

Margaux Jordan
Business Development Consultant
Deacon Doug Cook
San Antonio de Padua 
Catholic Church

 A word from our founders


    Thank you very much for your support to Grandma's House of Hope. It is through your kindness and generosity that GHH continues to fight hunger and homelessness in Orange County. Your contribution helps enhance the lives of women and children who are struggling to survive in your own communities.  


God Bless,



Je'net and Patrick Kreitner

Grandma's House of Hope


Our Prayer

Oh, God, when I have food,
Help me to remember the hungry;
When I have work,
Help me to remember the jobless;
When I have a warm home,
Help me to remember the homeless;
When I am without pain,
Help me to remember those who suffer;
And remembering,
Help me
To destroy my complacency
 And bestir my compassion.
Make me concerned enough to help,
By work or deed,
Those who cry out for what we take for granted.

Samuel F. Pugh
What it means 
to go with out food 
for an 11 year old boy. 
A story told by Board Member, Robert Ahlke.

Every now and then there are no volunteer drivers to deliver packed food bags to one of Nana's Kidz seven partner locations. In that instance it is up to the Grandma's House of Hope staff and Board of Directors to make sure food is delivered to the children who need it. One particular day Board Member, Robert Ahlke, was called upon to deliver food to a north Orange County motel that we serve. This delivery along with the other demands of his life made for a very busy schedule for him. So busy that he arrived to the motel one hour late. 

Robert didn't think much of his tardiness, he thought the kids would be overjoyed simply because the food arrived. Upon his arrival he was met with a very different sentiment. Two young boys, approximately 11 years old, approached him just as he was getting out of his car. They asked if he was the one scheduled to deliver the food. When he said yes they began to hit Robert. The boys were so afraid that their food for the next two weeks would not show up they took out their frustrations on him. These boys, like many other youth, depend on Nana's Kidz to provide the meals that the Free and Reduced Meal Program at their schools can not provide. Our food bags are the difference between being nourished and healthy or bearing a long weekend without food.
After this encounter, Robert says, "I have never been late again."

Our Nana's Kidz program provides food to local youth who would otherwise go without. We address a vital community need. If you would like to find out how you can volunteer for Nana's Kidz contact: 

or to donate click below
First Annual 
Safe Harvest Event!!!
Providing a safe environment on October 31st for children who are living in local Anaheim motels.  

Activities include: Face painting, game booths, balloon artist, crafts and a live magic show

by Michael Paul's Entertainment 

...and yes! there will be lots of candy!

When: October 31st from 4:00 P.M. - 8:30P.M.
Where: West Anaheim Youth Center
            320 S. Beach Blvd.
            Anaheim, CA 92804

Want to help?
Contact Emily Novick at
Rummage Sale
Recently Executive Director, Je'net Kreitner, took inventory of GHH storage and realized we had lots of great things in our possession that weren't being used. Then the idea came to her... we should have a rummage sale!
On September 29th, GHH held a
 rummage sale hosted by the Elk's Lodge in Garden Grove. With the help of 25
 Garden Grove highschoolers and the Kreitner family we were able to transport, set up and have a successful rummage sale.
At the end of the day, most of our inventory was gone and approximately $1100 was raised! The proceeds from the rummage sale will benefit our First Annual Safe Harvest Event!
 All remaining goods were 
donated the Salvation Army. 
GHH Honors 
House Manager
Nancy Garrison!
Nancy and her dog Lucy.
Nancy Garrison is the new House Manager for our Transitional Housing facility. Before coming to Grandma's House of Hope, Nancy worked for Isaiah House where she managed the kitchen as well as coordinated between 200 and 400 volunteers per month.
Now that Nancy is at GHH she has set many goals for herself as well as the GHH transitional housing community. A personal goal she has is to attain a certification in case management. A community goal she has set is: sisterhood. She says, "I don't want our home to be a bunch of women who happen to live together but rather a community... a sisterhood." We value Nancy's experience and dedication to GHH. GHH Founder, Je'net Kreitner says, "Nancy is a special blend: she has a compassionate ministry heart and 
no-nonsense fairness. The women in our program trust and feel respected by her. We are so blessed that Nancy has chosen to serve at GHH
". She is a great fit for our unique community.

 El Dorado Inn After School Program is OPEN!
After a summer filled with fun and activities, the El Dorado After School Program is open again for tutoring, homework help, and after school fun. Grandma's House of Hope has partnered with School on Wheels to provide knowledgeable, kid-friendly tutors.   
The El Dorado Inn After School Program is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3pm to 5 pm. Not only is it a place to do homework, it is a safe haven for the youth of El Dorado Inn. Without this after school program many of the youth would play in the courtyard of this Anaheim motel or worse, the street. 
To find out how you can support this program or create others like it contact the Nana's Kidz Program Director, Tobi Aclaro at
 Intern of the Month:
Sandy Lam!
This month Grandma's House Hope wants to recognize Sandy Lam as Intern of the Month! Sandy is our Community Outreach Intern working on outreach events. Sandy has already been such an asset to GHH in helping to plan our Safe Harvest event. 
Sandy is a senior at California State Long Beach, studying Hospitality, Food Service, and Hotel Management (HFHM). She aspires to be a professional event planner or health inspector after she graduates this December 2012.
Food Packings
Why we do them.
By: Tobi Aclaro, Nana's Kidz Program Director
For everyone who's ever packed a bag of food, hosted a food drive, donated precious funding or transported food to our seven locations for our Nana's Kidz program -- THANK YOU!! Your efforts are much appreciated! In September, volunteers from Creative Workforce Program, Miss Millennium/Miss OC Pageants  and the community packed almost 400 bags for children at-risk of homelessness and hunger in four cities. This can't be done without you!! Miss Millenium
Miss Millennium Pageant Packs Bags for Children Who Are At-Risk for Homelessness

A Mother Shares
(September 27,2012) - While distributing bags of nutritious food for children at a north OC motel, one mother shared her story of this rough week. "I just got here, and I only had $300 left," she said. "I need to pay rent to stay the rest of this week. My car broke down. $300 to repair it. Then, I ran into an old friend, whose new husband is a mechanic. He charged me only $50 to fix my car. Now I have $250 left. Your food for my child will save me the cost of groceries, and help me pay the motel. We have a place to stay this week! Thank you."
Want to Help?
Ways to give to GHH in the coming months.

Sponsor a child!
Sponsor a child 
Students who rely on the 
free lunch program at school go hungry on the weekends! For just $35 a month you can sponsor a motel child to have 
weekend meals when the 
school cafeterias are closed.
Host a food drive!
Spirit of Hope  
GHH is always looking for an enthusiastic group to host a food drive. The food you collect feeds hungry children right here in Orange County.

 Make welcome baskets!
Transitioning into our facilities can be a scary time for some women. Create welcome baskets to help our newest ladies feel loved and at home. 

Collect gift cards!

We can always use gifts cards of all sorts (i.e. grocery stores, Starbucks, movie passes, etc.) to distribute during the holidays or as gifts to celebrate program milestones.