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Happy New Year!!! What an amazing year 2015 was! Thank you all for your continued support and helping us keep our doors open while so many of our counterparts in other cities around the United States have sadly closed their doors. We are honored to be here for 2016 and cannot wait to see what unfolds! 
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Atlantic Design Homes is an award-winning company, named National Builder of the Year by the Environmental Protection Agency.

With decades of experience, Atlantic has a reputation for exacting standards, green building methods and great floor plans. Our designs are classic, elegant and eminently customizable to suit your lifestyle.

Who We are

Atlantic Design Homes is one of the most highly regarded homebuilding companies in the Gainesville area. We have designed and built nearly 700 of Gainesville's most elegant homes in subdivisions like Haile Plantation, Richmond, Mentone, and Town of Tioga. We are a family-run company that has been building homes for more than 20 years. We are committed to environmentally conscious and energy-saving homes.

What We Do

Atlantic Design is not just a builder - Atlantic Design Homes is a multi-faceted company bringing you exceptional construction, renovations, design services and interior design - all under one roof. Our many years of service in all areas of homebuilding will work for you and your family - helping you to find the home of your dreams.


Atlantic Design isn't new to "green" or energy-efficient construction. In 2000, Atlantic Design was awarded the highly prestigious Environmental Protection Agency's "National Builder of the Year," presented for our pioneering work in building energy-efficient homes. 
We are also the recipient of numerous regional awards, among them: the Grand Aurora Award for "Best Community in the Southeastern United States," a local "Ethics in Business," award and Alachua County's only designated "Clean Builder of the Year."

INDIGOGreen has been so lucky to have this invaluable building company in town. We have worked with them on many jobs and look forward to working with them on your next project! 

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At INDIGOGreen, we carry the entire Crystal Cabinetry line of Green Quest Cabinetry. We have a local designer and installer for these cabinets.

For information and quotes please call INDIGOGreen, we work directly with our local vendor who will help you design your dream cabinets and install them! 

Q: What makes Crystal's custom cabinets "green"?

  • no-added urea formaldehyde boxwork
  • recycled materials
  • rapidly-renewable materials
Crystal's custom cabinets can earn available points for many green building ratings systems, including LEED and the National Green Building Standard as well as local programs.

Q: Why would a customer want to buy "green"?

A: We recognize that different customers have different green priorities. There are a multitude of reasons that a consumer may wish to choose green products. Some are interested in healthier indoor air (low-emitting materials), while others are concerned with reduced environmental impact. Green building also can save money due to the efficient use of energy, water, and materials. It can be a lifestyle choice for others.

Q: Is there a difference between "green" and "healthy"?

A: Most of the time, these terms are used interchangeably but some people see slight differences. "Green" may refer to environmental sustainability like recycled content and resource conservation. "Healthy" can mean improving indoor air quality by selecting materials that eliminate or reduce contaminant sources and ensuring proper ventilation. By design, Crystal's Green-Core plywood addresses both environmental and health issues.

Q: What is "urea formaldehyde"?

A: Urea formaldehyde is a type of resin that can off-gas formaldehyde when exposed to air. Although a very common chemical, formaldehyde is a suspect human carcinogen at high levels of exposure and can irritate eyes, nose, and throat or aggravate asthma at low levels. Keyline and Encore plywood cabinetry includes no added urea formaldehyde Green-Core boxwork materials, adhesives, and low-emitting available finishes that help reduce formaldehyde emissions and prevent indoor air contamination.

Q: What are "VOCs"?

A: VOCs are volatile organic compounds. In the outdoor environment, these chemicals can react with sunlight to form smog. They can also be emitted from some consumer products and building materials and contribute to indoor air pollution. Crystal's NAUF Green-Core plywood materials has zero or negligible amounts of VOCs , are low-emitting, and therefore do not contribute to indoor air contamination.

Q: What does the term "rapidly-renewable" mean?

A: All plant and wood-based products are renewable resources. Typically, plant-based materials are considered rapidly-renewable if they are harvested on a ten-year cycle or less. Bamboo is a woody grass specie that meets this definition.

Q: What does LEED mean?

A: The acronym LEED refers to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a set of green building criteria established by the US Green Building Council for various types of construction projects. Under the LEED system, entire structures or projects become third-party certified, not single products. The available points for cabinetry are a small part of the overall points needed to certify the project. The point structure varies by LEED system and type of project.
  • Under LEED-2009, Crystal's Keyline or Encore cabinetry can earn points for recycled content (particleboard and MDF), regional materials (if within 500 mile radius), rapid-renewability (bamboo), and low-emitting composite wood products (Green-Core).
  • Under LEED for Homes, Crystal's Keyline or Encore cabinetry can earn points for recycled content (particleboard and MDF), and no-added urea formaldehyde resins (Green-Core). (Note: LEED-H does not allow points to be earned for cabinet finishes.)

Q: What about the packaging Crystal uses to protect its cabinets during shipping?

A: The corrugated cardboard used in our custom boxing machine is made with post-consumer recycled content. The corrugated media is 100% post-consumer recycled fiber and the liner board ranges from 13 - 30% post-consumer recycled fiber content. Crystal's facilities recycle more than 100 tons per year of paper and cardboard so we are doing our part to close the recycling loop.


Branching out? 

After the holidays, look for ways to recycle or reuse your tree instead of sending it to a landfill. Check with your community solid waste department and find out if they collect and mulch trees.

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