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It's time for your kitty's annual check-up at the vet! You've got the carrier covered with a towel, some tasty treats and a whole vocabulary of cutesie baby words to soothe your feline companion... but what's a major factor that you can't really control? Dogs! Enter most veterinary clinics and you're greeted by a trio of barking dogs and that little terrier who really wants to be friends with your kitty.


As much as we love our canine clients, we are aware that noise and unwelcome interaction with dogs discourages pet parents from bringing their cats to the vet. At Pets Unlimited, we have heard your kitty's anguished meows and are responding to their needs! 


Our Feline Wellness Center
We are excited to announce the opening of our Feline Wellness Center in early 2014. This new location will be co-housed in our Holistic Center on the lower level of our building and will be free of dogs and other distractions that are stressful for your cat.

Quiet Space, Calm Kitty
The reception and exam rooms in our Feline Wellness Center have been designed to decrease stress and promote calmness in accordance with feng shui practices.  Veterinary research has demonstrated that cats are less stressed when they do not smell foreign dogs, so in addition to eliminating distracting canine scents, we will employ the use of pheromone diffusers to keep our feline friends in the most relaxed state possible.  


Our goal is to make your cat's visit less scary so everyone - guardians, our staff, and your pet - has a pleasant, paws-itive experience! 


ShoppingWorksWondersJoin Us For Our Annual Fundraiser:

A Pawsitive Holiday   

You (and your pooch) are invited to join us for treats, cocktails, raffles & more!
Friday, December 6; 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Jest Jewels - 1869 Union Street
Spend a luxurious Friday evening with us at Jest Jewels for a fantastic fundraiser! Bring your canine friend along for a fun evening as the guest list is open to all well-behaved pooches!

A portion of all pet ornaments sold during the evening and through December 24 will support our work, in addition to the proceeds from the evening's raffles. 
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