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Dear Friend of Pets Unlimited,

Your pet is a beloved member of your family with quirks, allergies, preferences, fears and a unique personality. At Pets Unlimited, we want you and your pet to have the very best experience possible when visiting our Veterinary Center. However, with larger, multiple doctor practices like ours, it can be very common to be shuffled between different doctors and practitioners with every office visit. But, if Fido or Max are extraordinarily comfortable in the hands of one veterinarian, wouldn't you rather invest your time building a relationship with that person?

Picking a primary veterinarian is an important decision that will impact the life of your pet. Here are some points to keep in mind when deciding whom to choose as your primary vet:


4 Steps to Choose Your Primary Veterinarian

  1. Rapport - This relates more to the personality of your veterinarian. Since you are establishing a relationship that will span the life of your pet, and maybe subsequent generations of furry members of your family, your primary vet should be someone with whom you are comfortable and can easily communicate.
  2. Skill - Research other clients' reviews, the practitioner's level of education and time spent in the practice. Also ask friends and family! It is okay to ask your vet about their background, what personal experience they have had with their own animals, and any extra degrees, board certifications or special interests they may have collected along the way.
Did you know that Pets Unlimited has over a
dozen experienced veterinarians from which to choose?  
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  1. Practice - Your veterinarian is associated with a practice and this is an important part of his or her ability to diagnose and address your pet's problems. Pay attention to the facilities and the staff. It is important that your regular veterinarian has the proper equipment and backup - the latter including their client services, technical staff and colleagues. Practice hours are also important; a 24-hour practice can be a lifesaver since your pets' entire medical history is available to the doctor and your primary veterinarian can easily become involved in your pet's care during daytime hours.
  2. Access - Another important aspect of your new veterinarian and his or her practice is the ability to communicate. It is difficult to address all of a client's questions and concerns in one office visit and all too often something is forgotten. Being able to email or call your veterinarian with these belated concerns can prevent important details from not being properly addressed. Following up after a procedure or a hospital stay can prevent problems or concerns from being left unanswered.

So, in the end, we highly encourage all of our valued clients to pick a doctor to be your primary veterinarian and request that veterinarian when you call for an appointment. There may be circumstances of course when your regular doctor may not be available (even us hardworking Pets Unlimited veterinarians take vacations from time to time), but we will do our best to connect you with your primary veterinarian whenever possible!


Dr. Philippe Villard 


Help Our Shelter Animals:

Refer A Friend to our Veterinary Center

The greatest compliment our clients can give is the referral of their friends and family. As clients in our Veterinary Center, you know that a portion of every dollar you spend on the care of your pets helps support our shelter animals and charitable programs.  By referring a new client to our practice, you ensure that we can continue to help pets in need - like Sprout, our FIV+ kitty pictured to the right in our Saffron House.

When you refer a new client to our practice, you will receive a $20 credit. The process is easy - simply complete our Referral Program form and have your friends and family bring it with them to their first visit!
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