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Dear Friend of Pets Unlimited,

I'm sure that you've heard the phrase: "The best things in life are free." And what could be better than a new best friend? 

Maddie's Fund is sponsoring the adoptions of senior and medically treatable shelter animals through their Treatable Assistance Program in our Adoption Center. As an adopter of one of our eligible animals, your adoption fee will be waived and you can use those funds for... treats, beds, toys, kibble, training or anything else your heart desires!  To determine if a dog or cat is eligible for a free adoption, just look for the Maddie's Fund logo on their webpage.

Maddie's Fund Collage

Recent Recipients of the Treatable Assistance Program
Salem came to us with a chronic upper respiratory infection. Despite his sniffles, Salem's mom fell in love with his sweet nature and took him home where he quickly found the best sunny spots!
Tom arrived in our shelter in dire need of eye surgery. In spite of his limited vision, he always had a goofy grin for visitors that his new mom just fell in love with... now he lives right around the corner!

We Are FREE to Good Homes!
Lena is a curious, comical, and active
little lady who is looking for an
adults-only home with snuggly laps
and a sense of humor. Girls just wanna have fun - and Lena is no exception!
Finn is such a charmer that he stole
our hearts in an instant! This sweet
boy came to us in need of ear
surgery, which resulted in his adorably quirky ears that just add to his charm!

How You Can Help
  • Volunteer with our shelter animals.  Your time and effort are a wonderful gift - we depend on animal lovers like you to provide the best care possible to our cats and dogs! 
  • Receive Warm Fuzzies by joining our monthly giving program. The enrollment process is simple  - the "warm fuzzies" are our shelter animals' way of saying "Thank You" every month!  
  • Spread some cheer by purchasing toys or treats on our Feline or Canine Enrichment Program wishlists.    
To meet Lena, Finn and their adoptable friends, visit
our virtual Adoption Center.
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