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These students are currently living and working in Guatemala:
Rachel Alexander
Franklin, TN
attends Lipscomb 

Katrina Ardema
Simpsonvlle, SC
attends Harding

Heath Austin
Colorado Springs, CO
attends Lipscomb

Greg Chambers
Midlothian, VA
attends Harding

Titus Dauck
Bernie, MO
attends Harding

Phillip Habegger
Memphis, TN
attends Harding

Jamie Matthews
Auburn, AL
attends Auburn U.

April Mazak
Pleasant Hill, IA
attends Harding

Karly Sanders
Huntsville, TX
Texas A & M

Rowdy Sarrett
Farmersville, TX
attends Harding

Joanna Weiler
St. Louis, MO
attends Lipscomb


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June, 2015

The future looks bright for the Church worldwide when we see the eager servants who are serving as we speak in Guatemala.  Read on to learn what's happening in the areas in which we serve - and be encouraged!
MET class of 2015
by Roger McCown 

Your two and a half hour flight from Houston to Guatemala City, followed by a 4 hour van ride into the highlands of Guatemala takes you only about 1,150 miles from the good old USA.  The trip back in time is a much farther one.  Most of the Mayans in Guatemala live within a world view that is hundreds of years old.  Their gods are not the God you know, but their hopes and dreams for health and peace are the same as yours.  You leave the congested confines of a major Central American city and slowly (almost everything in Guatemala is slowly) climb into the mountains which offer breath taking panoramas around almost every curve.  


Again this year, 12 upper level students from different universities in the USA have made this trip.  Today ended their few days of language study and cultural orientation.  They are not on an extended "mission trip."  They have joined a ministry that has been working here for 40 years.  They loaded up in HTI vehicles and made their way to the homes of Guatemalan Christians with whom they will live for the next 4 weeks.  They have joined Health Talents International's rural mobile medical evangelistic teams.  Working side by side with health promoters, evangelists, doctors, dentists and nurses, these students of Medical Evangelism Training's class of 2015 will share the blessing of hope in Jesus with the hundreds who come to these clinics.  These young Christians have paid their own way in order to receive this training and to "try on" the boots of a medical evangelist.  However, it is your financial gifts that buy the medicines and your prayers that give them their power.  As Guatemalans like to say, Juntos podemos!



I Corinthians 3:6  "I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow."

Wherever there's water!


Do you remember the most famous quote from the old A Team series?  "I love it when a plan comes together!"  Health Talents has a plan to "teach and heal",  Carlos Baltodano, director of the coastal region, shares with us two wonderful examples of how this plan came together recently.  


The first was the baptism of Carlitos Getella, the son of one of the gardeners at Clinica Ezell.  Carlitos has been discipled by Carlos and many others, including his ABC sponsor Mrs. Linda Osborne of Nashville.  She was volunteering at the clinic and was thrilled to be able to witness the baptism of her ABC son.  


Carlos states, "I have watched Carlitos grow up in the church and turn into a fine young man and an active member of the Montellano Church."  The plan works!  Carlitos is an ABC student and a Sherman Scholarship recipient.  


The second example Carlos shared with us is of Armando and his wife, Rebecca.  Carlos told us that "Armando and his wife Rebecca were facing some struggles as a young, newlywed couple.  For their first wedding anniversary they invited us to come and hold a church service in their home.  I took the entire church there and preached that night with a special call to both of them and Armando in particular as head of his family."  The angels in Heaven rejoiced when Armando's heart was 

New life for Armando

softened and he decided to give his life to Christ.  We ask for you, our HTI family to continue praying for the youth of the church like Carlitos and for those who are hurting and in need of Christ like 

Armando.  Only with God's help will we continue to see men, women and children choose Jesus as their savior!


Yes, the plan works!  Through the effort of medical teams that give compassionate care, folks who sponsor ABC kids and scholarship programs, and the continued efforts of Guatemalan christians, disciples are born and the          Kingdom grows.  Good plan!


by Rick Harper, HTI's Executive Director

Our Dream Harvest Campaign is winding down and it is time for dreaming anew...and for spiritual renewing.


May 19 found fifty-nine of our Guatemala ministry team gathered together in Panajachel at Hotel Kakchiquel for a spiritual retreat, to be followed the next day with a time for dreaming and planning for the next five years. Roger McCown, one of HTI's founding missionaries and a current board member, led our team through a time of reflection on Health Talent's mission, ministry, vision and our role as servants for Christ. We answered questions such as, "Who is Jesus and who am I in Christ?," What is HTI?," "What is Medical Evangelism and what is my part in it?"


We ended the day by breaking bread together and enjoying a time of fellowship.  Each team member had been given an assignment before our retreat began, to write down their five year vision for Health Talents in fifty words or less. Knowing that would be our topic on Wednesday morning, we drifted off to sleep.


After providing the team with a summary of their visions as outlined from that morning's session, the group was broken into teams to answer three questions:
  1. What can we do
  2. What can we do the future?
  3. What can we do different?
You will have to wait to learn about their answers as their dreams and suggestions will soon be presented to our Board of Directors and together, led by the Spirit, we will prayerfully chart a course for the future. Until then, we ask you to pray for these plans and to do so with confidence. Confidence in a ministry team devoted to serving and honoring the Father, confidence in a board of devoted Christians and confidence in the power of prayer.


Are You A Spanish Speaker?

thoughts from May translator, Sharon Van Cleave:


I don't perceive myself as a person who always knows the words to say to talk to others about Christ.  As a translator, I have the opportunity to take other's words to people who need the comfort and encouragement that Christian doctors, nurses and caregivers are so eager to share.  I also get to know the hearts of those who are sharing those words and experience the joy and relief that the patients feel when they receive those words.  These are powerful moments; a great gift that translators can give.  If you are bilingual and considering a trip to help HTI - don't wait!  You have a gift that many wish they had and you don't want to miss the opportunity to help others share the words of Christ.