CEPD News            March, 2016 - Vol 9, Issue 2

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Woz to speak at CU
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Ah, the Power of MEMS
Perhaps in the sea of technologies that define modern life, it is too easy to overlook the small devices that make our tools and toys sensitive to the world around them. However, without these little wonders, tablet display would not flip when rotated, swiping a screen would do nothing more than leave a finger smudge, auto-leveling would be a best-guess effort, and the rich sound produced by tiny mobile products would have quality worse than an AM broadcast from the early 20th century.
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) can sense acceleration, gyroscopic forces, magnetic fields, touch, temperature and much more. They are transducers, which convert the mechanical energy created by these phenomena to produce electrical energy, which can be measured. Undoubtedly, the advances in hardware continue to improve and MEMS can now sense things that were not reliably detectable a few decades ago. However, hardware itself does not describe the full capabilities of this technology. Massive firmware libraries have been built for MEMS. Firmware that can differentiate among walking, running, sitting in a car, riding a bicycle and other activities is readily available and can be added to new products right now. Through CEPD's alliance with ST Micro, for example, we can provide our clients with access to some of the most advanced MEMS hardware and firmware available. Is there a challenge that MEMS could solve for you? For more reading, please visit this website. -NM
Woz to speak at CU
Conference on World Affairs
    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will be the keynote speaker at the 68th Conference on World Affairs April 4-8. His appearance is sponsored by CU's Cultural Events Board. For more information, see From the Chancellor February 2016 and the Boulder Daily Camera, Feb. 16.

IEEE High Plains Section Meeting
Tour of LASP
    The High Plains IEEE section will be touring the Laboratory for Atmosphere and Space Physics this month.  More information about LASP can be found on their website.

Date:March 18, 2016
Boulder, CO 
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