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October, 2013 - Vol 6, Issue 3
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Here is your chance to at least sit in on some high quality MIT lectures. MIT offers lectures and other course material on almost all of the subjects they teach, free of charge. There are apparently more than 2,000 courses available that cover both undergrad and graduate studies. Here's an example of what is offered just for signal processing: Signal Processing OpenCourseWare


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Society News

The next IEEE Signal Processing Society meeting will be October 15 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm.
The meeting will be held at DeVry University, Room 121, 1870 W. 122nd Ave. in Westminster.
The cost is free. Refreshments and snacks will be provided for the meet and greet, beginning at 6:00.

by Scott Burkholder  


Over the past decade, the seismographs used in exploration have been migrating from the traditional cable-based systems to an autonomous node technology. This presentation covers our work in developing this new technology. Its parts include: (1) Goals; (2) Development; and (3) Results.

The creation and development of the nodal seismic system has revolutionized the acquisition of seismic data. The industry started with long cables that transported seismic signals to a central ADC chip, but modern hardware, software and techniques now sample and store data at each ground station. This has improved data quality and resolution, and decreased equipment volumes and complexity.

Goals include a presentation on hydrocarbon exploration and the role of seismic acquisition. A case history from Belize is used to illustrate the where's, what's, why's and how's of locating oil and gas. It starts with pointing to a location on a map, and ends with producing 5000 barrels of oils per day.

Development provides a review of the steps used to achieve the goal. Steps are covered starting with a brain-storming session where the initial ideas are formed, through to the point where only lawyers and accountants remain. This includes patenting ideas, five generations of hardware, plus a lot of software!

Results include both lessons learned and the projects effects on the industry. Several initial assumptions on the future price of memory were correct, but not on the eventual cost of GPS chips. While the initial company is gone, there are many more that now offer versions of the system to the seismic industry. 


Scott has invested over twenty years providing quality control services for Oil and Gas Exploration companies. The last ten years he has been designing, constructing, testing and using wireless data recording systems. Over his career, Scott has gained experience in every aspect of seismic data acquisition from designing projects, operating field equipment, and processing data through data interpretation.

Scott has partnered in founding two seismic technology companies, authored four patents relating to wireless and nodal seismograph design and implementations, and has spent the past six years as Chief Geophysicist for acquisition instrumentation companies. He received his BS in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and is a member of SEG and EAGE.

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