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November, 2010 - Vol 3, Issue 8


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Society News
IEEE Signal Processing Society

Please join us at our annual social event at the Dark Horse.

When: Monday, November 15, 2010 6:00 PM

Where: Dark Horse 2922 Baseline Rd, Boulder

RSVP: No need, just show up and ask for IEEE!

Click for more information about the IEEE SPS.

Circuit Analysis with Excel

Microsoft Excel  has features that make it handy for analog circuit analysis.  These include complex mathematics, cell labeling and the ability to overlay plots. An example of analysis of a 6th order LC bandpass filter using Excel is available on our website engineering calculators page.

excel plot2

Digital Radio Computer

CEPD's new Digital Radio Computer (DRC) provides a high speed platform to aid in the development and test of algorithms and signal processing applications including:

  • Digital radio, modulator/demodulator development
  • Software defined radio
  • High speed data acquisition and signal processing
  • Audio data acquisition and signal processing

The system combines a small PC platform, PCI card, FPGA signal processing card, and a down conversion IF card. All four components are integrated to complete the digital radio computer. With all the features of a PC you can transfer the data through RS232, Ethernet, and USB interfaces. 

The DRC will be available for purchase on our website soon.

If you would like help developing a new product or if you find your project understaffed, CEPD can help you meet your deadlines. Our staff draws on years of diverse product design experience to provide creative and timely solutions for your product needs. Some of our specialties include:
  • DSP
  • Embedded Systems Hardware and Software
  • Data Acquisition
  • Wireless Sensor and Telemetry Systems (Zigbee, Cellular, VHF, Bluetooth, ANT+, etc.)
  • Control Systems
  • Programmable Logic: FPGA / CPLD / EPLD
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Switching Power Supply Design
  • Battery charging (all chemistries)
  • PCB Design and Layout
  • Analysis and Documentation
Our goal is to provide cost effective and expedient design options for our clients. Our services range from an hour of consultation to large turn-key product development projects. We provide detailed proposals, accurate estimates and time schedules to help you manage each phase of the project. We can offer fixed cost or time and materials proposals to suit your specific needs. There is no cost to you for the initial proposal we create and the initial discussion required! 
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