Issue No. 84  July 2016
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Nino Munoz shoots Matt Damon for GQ Australia

Matt Damon was in town shooting the latest Jason Bourne Movie, and and the highly in demand photographer Nino Munoz flew into TO to photograph him for GQ Australia.

S1 supplied: Camera, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Expendables and Van Services

Nino Munoz Website
GQ Australia
Marco Grob shoots the first look at Pennywise from the 'It' remake for Entertainment Weekly

The  Movie "It" is currently being shot in Toronto, and is based on the Stephen King story "It".  This is the first look at the evil clown, and Marco Grob with his mastery of lighting and intense style, flew into TO to shoot this for Entertainment Weekly.

S1 Supplied: Capture, Lighting, Grip and Van Services

Marco Grob website
Entertainment Weekly
Producit Inc.
Andrew Soule shoots Autumn/Winter 2016 campaign for Italian label Pomandère

The Talented Andrew Soule, ex Italy and now based in Toronto, recently flew to Iceland to shoot this beautiful series for the Italian label Pomandere.

S1 Supplied: Lenses, Computer Accessories, Grip

Andrew Soule website
Juan Algarin shoots for Winners

Juan Algarin, based in NYC, recently shot a beautiful series at Allen gardens, for a Winners Campaign produced by Shannon McConnell Inc.

S1 Supplied: Winnebago, Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies and Van Services

Juan Algarin website
Winners - The Spirit of Summer
Tolleson Design works with Teknion to create a new furniture brand identity

Tolleson Design a San Francisco based ad agency, sent a team up to TO, for a week long shoot to photograph a new Brand Identity for Teknion.

S1 supplies: Capture Service, Camera, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies, Van Services

Tolleson Design
Studio TK
Nino Munoz shoots international publicity for Jason Bourne movie

Nino Munoz based in NYC, when in town for GQ Australia, also shot the Publicity for the new Jason Bourne movie starring Matt Damon.

S1 supplied: Camera, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Expendables and Van Services

Nino Munoz website
The Red Bulletin
Greg Swales shoots for CF Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre

Based in NYC now, Canadian Greg Swales, flew in to shoot the very lovely campaign for CF Sherway Gardens.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies, Van Services

Greg Swales website
Tristan Tran Productions
CF Sherway Gardens
S1 invests in a range of the latest LED - Drop by...
- starting August 2nd, for 2 weeks, they will be on display in our gallery space. Touch them, test them, rent them.

LED is finally of age, and you should visit our gallery space starting Aug 2nd, where for 2 weeks we will display what is new in LED's now in rentals. They may be perfect for lighting your next shoot. 
The Sufa Bullet is equivalent to a 4k HMI, but only draws 7 amps, which means 2 can run on one household circuit. The latest Mole-Richardson Fresnel and twennie LED's, and the New Kino Flo Selects 20 & 30 DMX lights and more!

Georgian College S1 Award winner of Excellence 2016
- Jeff Buchanan

Jeff's talented work, won him the S1 Award of Excellance and a $3000 prize to aid in shooting his latest work.
When asked, Jeff had this to say:

"I was  first drawn to photography at the end of my 24 year Military career.
I loved being able to freeze time and capture the the emotion of the scene.
My goal is to continue to learn and grow as a photographer.
I hope to eventually make a living as a creative portrait photographer and professional retoucher." - Jeff Buchanan

Jeff's Website
S1 Sponsors Toronto Film Industry Networking Group

S1 sponsored a get together with people working in the Film industry and provided a door prize for a $1200 rental of Camera Support equipment or the rental of the recently launched K5600 Kurve Parabolic Reflectors. The winner, pictured here, was Vince Genuardi, screenwriter and Film Producer with Genkles Film. Congrats Vince for winning the prize!

Ansel Adams Most Famous Photograph
- Moon Over Hernandez

Get inspired as a photographer by hearing Ansel Adams' story of the making of his most famous photograph, Moon Over Hernandez, New Mexico - from Ansel directly and from his son Michael who was in the car with him!

Sent in by Peter Bradshaw of K5600

Click here to watch 
Film is dead. Except that it's not. All but written off as extinct, analog photography and film making is staging a surprising comeback, according to a number of recent articles. David Schonauer discusses the recent return to film in this article for Pro Photo Daily.

Click here for more info 
The great Peggy Moffitt features prominently in this 1967 fashion film, Basic Black, often considered the first fashion film. Conceived and shot over a weekend at the Algonquin Hotel in New York, and filmed by her husband William Claxton, it was intended to be a promotional reel, but quickly propelled hair stylist Vidal Sassoon and designer Rudi Gernreich into the spotlight.

Sent in by Peter Bradshaw of K5600

Click here to watch

Phase One introduces first Schneider Kreuznach 'Blue Ring' zooms

Phase One has announced two Schneider Kreuznach 'Blue Ring' lenses designed with the XF system in mind, the first zooms in the series. The Schneider Kreuznach 40-80mm LS F4.0-5.6 and the Schneider Kreuznach 75-150mm LS F4.0-5.6 are optimized for the company's full frame (53.7 x 40.4mm) medium-format system.

Click here for more info 
TetherBoost Pro Lets Photogs Tether at 65 Feet Without Signal Loss

Tether Tools has announced TetherBoost Pro, a product that lets photographers shoot with a tethered USB 3.0 connection of up to 65 feet without any frustrating signal drops.

Click here for more info 
WD's Wireless Pro Drive Comes with Built-in WiFi, an SD Slot, and USB 3.0

For photographers, the Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro is a hard drive that's actually worth getting excited over. With built-in WiFi, an SD slot, and a USB connection so you can hook up any card reader, it's a powerful on-the-go backup solution for photographers shooting on-location.

Click here for more info 
Cinemills Sufa Bullet LED

The Sufa Bullet has a comparable output to a 4K HMI, and when tested outside at S1 with the Sun overhead and a bright Blue sky, it overpowered daylight!
LED for exterior location is finally here.
Even though it has a high output,  it only draws 7amps, and two can be powered from one household circuit. It's weatherproof so it can be left outside without worry or added protection. The included wireless remote, allows you to turn on, or dim the light. Output is 5600K or 3200K with included filters.
Sufa Bullet
Mole-Richardson 400w Vari-Studio Junior LED

These new Bi-Colour LED lights are a form factor we know, and are Fresnel,
with a variable Colour from 2700K to 5600K. They have a comparable output to a 575w HMI. The Fresnel focusing lens allows focusing from 10 to 55 degrees. Fully dim-able from 0% to 100%, these are also DMX ready. Drawing only 4amps, you can have multiple lights on one household circuit!

400w Vari-Studio Junior LED
Mole-Richardson 200w Vari-Mole LED 2 Light Kit

This two light kit comes with 200w LEDs that are bi-colour from 2700K to 5600K, and each has a comparable output to a 650W Tungsten. The Fresnel lens has a fixed 60 degree beam spread, and with a CRI rating of 93 daylight and 95 tungsten the light can be dimmed from 100% brightness down to 0% without flicker and with only minimal color shift. These fixtures are also DMX ready and with only 2 amp draw each.

200w Vari-Mole LED 2 Light Kit
Kino Flo Select 30 LED DMX (2 Light Gaffer Kit)

This latest offering from Kino Flo - Select 30 LED - has the same form factor as the older 4ft - 4 bulb units, and has a higher output than a Celeb. It features include temperature control from 2700K to 6500K, Magenta/Green control, built in DMX/DMX wireless capability, and a removable ballast to place it away from the fixture if needed. They will soon have battery power options too.

Select 30 LED DMX Gaffer Kit
Kino Flo Select 20 LED DMX

This latest Kino Flo Select 20 LED has a higher output than a Celeb. It has the same output as a Select 30, as it has the same number of Diodes, but smaller overall dimension. Its features include temperature control from 2700K to 6500K, Magenta/Green control, built in DMX/DMX wireless capability, and a removable ballast to place it away from the fixture if needed. They will soon have battery power options too.

Select 20 LED DMX
Fiilex 3-Light Kit P360EX LED Lighting Battery Kit

This small three light Fiilex kit, just got a lot more versatile. Three Anton Bauer G190 batteries & charger come with the kit to power the lights through the 8' P-Tap cables. A fully charged G190 battery will last for 2 hours and 20 minutes on full power daylight!
Try it out on your next rental to get off the grid!

Fiilex 3-Light Battery Kit
American Grip BlackBird 220 Tall Crank Stand Kit w/ Cart

The King of Tall high payload cranking stands. This stand can raise a payload of 220Lbs up to 17' 10".  For when you need to get a large fixture up high. The stand comes as a kit with a cart, to transport & a safety guy line kit when you need the height. Great paired with the Sufa Bullet LED light, or other large fixture.

BlackBird 220 Stand Kit
DJI Announce Their First Drone Zoom Camera - Zenmuse Z3

DJI just announced the introduction of a drone zoom camera called the DJI Zenmuse Z3. The Zenmuse Z3 will offer a zoom of up to 7x. That is a 3.5x optical zoom with a digital scaler doing the rest. Although the press release indicates this zoom camera is aimed mainly at industrial applications such as inspection and surveying, it certainly also gives filmmakers interesting new possibilities.

Click here for more info 
Bentley used NASA technology to take this 53-billion-pixel picture of a car

Look at the image to the left. Pretty nice picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, huh? Well, WRONG. It's actually a pretty nice picture of a $330,000 car, the Bentley Mulsanne. You can't see the vehicle at this distance, but you can click the link below and zoom in yourself. It goes from panoramic view of the bridge, all the way down to a close-up of stitching of the Bentley logo on the passenger headrest.

Click here for more info 
In Defense of the World's Ugliest Color, "Opaque Couché"

And the title of "World's Ugliest Color" goes to: Pantone 448C! Also known as "opaque couché," the drab hue of greenish brown has drawn endless comparisons to baby poop. However, a brief tour through art history yields countless examples of famous artworks that make heavy use of opaque couché and its close relatives.

Click here for more info