Issue No. 82  May 2016
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K5600 Kurve - New Product Launch 24th of June

Most have heard of the legendary Briese Parabolic umbrella HMI motion & still lighting systems as used in NYC, LA and Europe for the ultimate Beauty, Celebrity and Fashion Lighting. 
Good news! K5600 has launched a new product line - The Kurve - a parabolic umbrella system with focusable light and flexible output. Much more durable, and more economical to rent.
The line will be exclusively available for a period of time from S1, and they use the standard K5600 HMI Jokers. They are focusable, and because of the Parabolic design they have a high light output.

To support this Product line we are hosting a product & technical event at S1, and we have a top US lighting director booked for this interactive event demonstrating and discussing the tech and examples of use.

Hold the Date!
RSVP for full event details -

24th June 7pm to 9pm.
Complete details of event coming soon.
Caitlin Cronenberg shoots the Album cover for Drake's new album, Views

Caitlin Cronenberg shot the much talked about cover and album artwork for Drake's newly release album, Views, with production by Arthouse. From shooting out of a helicopter, to rural and urban locations, this multiple day shoot turned out amazingly.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Camera + Lenses, Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies, Expendables and Van Services

Arthouse Website
Drake "VIEWS" Digital Booklet
12 Monkeys Season 2 gallery shoot for SyFy Channel

Rodolfo Martinez and Kurt Iswarienko were back in Toronto to shoot the gallery for the second season of the SyFy channel's 12 Monkeys. Season 2 is currently playing on Showcase in Canada.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Electrical, Expendables, Crew and Van Services

Rodolfo Martinez Website
Kurt Iswarienko Website
SyFy - 12 Monkeys
Jon W Johnson shoots Raptor DeMar DeRozan for Spalding

Jon W Johnson was in Toronto a while back to shoot Spalding Ambassador DeMar DeRozan, of the Toronto Raptors, for the Spalding True Believers campaign. The shoot was produced by Goldie Productions.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Electrical, Expendables, Crew and Van Services

Jon W Johnson's Website
Goldie Productions
Spalding - True Believers
Steve Wilkie shoots unit stills for The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Fox remake of the 1975 classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, scheduled to air on Halloween of this year, is currently shooting in Toronto. Steve Wilkie's unit stills are some of the first glimpses of what things are going to look like.

Steve Wilkie Website
Matthias Clamer shoots gallery for Man Seeking Woman Season 2

Matthias Clamer shot the gallery for season 2 of the FX show, Man Seeking Woman, which is shot in Toronto.

S1 Supplied: Camera + Lenses, Photo Van Package, Lighting, Grip and Expendables

Matthias Clamer Website
FX Networks - Man Seeking Woman

River Jordan shoots Raptor Kyle Lowry and Adidas for Finish Line

Los Angeles based photographer River Jordan was in town to shoot another Toronto Raptor, this time Kyle Lowry, for US clothing retailer Finish Line.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Camera + Lenses, Lighting and Grip

River Jordan's Website
Waypoint Films
King Of The Six: Kyle Lowry and Adidas Create The Epic Finish
Pixsy Copyright and Image Protection

Pixsy is one of the leading reverse image search platforms that helps photographers get compensation for their stolen work.

Click here for more info 
Cindy Sherman Takes On Aging (Her Own)

This article in the New York Times explores Cindy Sherman's new work, which is displayed now at the Metro Pictures gallery in New York. In her new work, Sherman "plays the veteran leading ladies of cinema's Golden Age, turning herself into avatars of Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo and others in their twilight years."

Click here for more info 
Meet the L.A. director who helped make Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

Kahlil Joseph was one of the directors who helmed "Lemonade," Beyoncé's visual concept album that premiered on HBO. The artist spoke to the Los Angeles Times' Carolina Miranda about his work and where he gets his inspiration.

Click here for more info 
Sky Magic Live at Mt.Fuji : Drone Ballet Show by MicroAd, Inc.

The beautiful backdrop of the world heritage site Mt. Fuji was used to stage the first Live performance using MIDI controlled LED flying machines, accompanied by Shamisens, the Japanese traditional guitars.

Click here to watch 
Combining Photo and Video in a Single Shoot for a Client

Toronto based photographer Dan Bannister recently was tasked with shooting both stills and motion for a client. He talks about his experience in this article on PetaPixel using K5600 HMI lights and accesories. S1 provided the lighting and accessories.

Click here for more info
Final Stills from the Shoot
Behind the Scenes Video
NAB Wrap-Up 2016 - Rounding Up Ten Of The Top New Gear Announcements

The NAB registered attendance topped 103,000 this year, with nearly 2,000 exhibitors covering more than a million square feet of ground. Have a look at ten favorite announcements from the team over at HD Video Pro.

Click here for more info 
SmallHD Goes Big with New SmallHDR Production Monitors

With their new SmallHDR range of production monitors, SmallHD departs from its usual line of portable on-camera solutions. These rugged, full-sized displays come with a whole lot of professional features. Available in 17", 24" and 32". Click the link below to see an interview with Wes Phillips. founder and CEO of SmallHD.

Click here for more info 
Anton Bauer G90 Gold Mount Battery

Part of the new Digital Series of Gold Mount batteries from Anton Bauer, the G90 is perfect for use where weight is a large factor. Lighter then the G190 batteries, this battery is great for handheld monitors, light camera setups and more!

G90 Battery
Ikan Horizontal Cheese Plate w/ Anton Bauer Plate

Need a place on your camera setup for the Gold Mount battery? The over/under cheese plate mounts to 15mm rods. Great also for shoulder rigs for counter weight.

Ikan Horizontal Cheese Plate
Shape Multi Purpose Cheese Plate w/ Anton Bauer Plate

Prefer a vertical mount for your battery? This Cheese Plate by Shape comes with a Gold Mount plate and mounts vertically on 15mm rods. Try it out on your next rental!

Shape Vertical Cheese Plate
IDX V-Mount Battery Plate

Have your own V-Mount batteries that you would like to use? This plate can be used instead of the Gold Mount plates on the above Cheese Plates to accommodate V-Mount batteries. Can also be used on many cinema cameras.

V-Mount Plate
MSE Backdrop Ear - Square

For use with 1" square tubing, these ears allow you to slide in a piece of tubing and offsets it away from the grip head for a more seamless drop. No longer with the grip head push on your fabric. Try it out on your next rental!

MSE Backdrop Ear - Square
MSE Backdrop Ear - Round

Need to raise a fabric with only one stand at the center? These backdrop ears accept 2" pipe have a large mounting area for stability, and are offset so the stand and grip head stay out of the way! No more using goal posts to T-bar solids! Add some onto your next rental to try!

MSE Backdrop ear - Round
JokerBug 200w HMI Battery Kit

Going somewhere with no power to plug into but still want that HMI light? This 200w HMI Joker kit comes with the full light kit, 4x Anton Bauer G190 batteries and a Quad Charger. The 200w Joker uses 2 batteries to create 28.8 DC volts to power the light for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Give it a try on your next rental!

200w HMI with Batteries Kit
Who needs memory cards when you have DNA? A team of scientists has been able to store images within the life-defining molecules then retrieve them perfectly. Researchers from the University of Washington have been working out how to take digital files and convert them into strings of DNA that can be easily read back.

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Leica's New M-D is a Purist's Rangefinder with no LCD

The new Leica M-D is a 24MP full frame digital camera with no LCD screen, no video recording, no support for saving jpegs, no live view, and no scene modes, art filters or color profiles. Stripped to the bones, Leica calls their new camera a "pure experience".

Click here for more info
COVR Photo is an iPhone case that lets you covertly shoot candid photos

One of the most challenging aspects of street photography is trying to capture the candidness of a particular scene. Even with a camera as small as a iPhone, holding it up to take a photo can ruin the moment you're trying to capture. Enter COVR Photo, a new iPhone case that uses a patented sliding mirror and mechanism to let you shoot photos while holding your iPhone like a remote control.

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