Issue No. 81  April 2016
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Steve Wilkie shoots Orphan Black Season 3

Toronto based Photographer Steve Wilkie is again shooting provoking Images for BBC America's Orphan Black,  this time Season 3.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Grip, Expendables and Van Services.

Steve Wilkie's Website
Orphan Black Website
Atiba Jefferson returns to Toronto to shoot Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and Drake for SLAM

Just a month after he was in town for the NBA All-Star 2016, LA photographer Atiba Jefferson was back in Toronto. This time, it was to shoot Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Rapters, as well as the Raptors' Global Ambassador, Drake, for the cover of SLAM.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip and Expendables

Atiba Jefferson's Website
SLAM Online
Behind the Scenes Video
Andrew Soule shoots indie singer BØRNS for Holts Men Magazine

Andrew Soule (ex Italy, now TO) shot Garrett Borns, better known by his stage name BØRNS, an indie pop artist from Michigan for the April issue of another Holt Renfrew magazine, Holts Men.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Generator and Van Services.

Holts Men Magazine
Andrew Soule's Website
Florian Bison shoots the new worldwide campaign for FILA

Hamburg, Germany based photographer, Florian Bison, was in Toronto late last fall to shoot part of the new worldwide FILA campaign, "Your Playground".
Together with the film crew and team from Tempomedia, as well as help from local production company Frontier Films while in Toronto, Bison went on a trip from Berlin to New York, Toronto and Tokyo photographing a wide range of athletes.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Computer, Lighting and Grip.

Florian Bison's Website
Noah Fallis came to town to shoot Kyle Lowry

Calgary based commercial and fashion photographer, Noah Fallis, was in town a while back, and while here he shoot a fantastic series of portraits of Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors.

S1 Supplied: Photo Van Package, Computer and Expendables

Noah Fallis' Website 
Gregory Bennett shoots TV ad & stills for the Ontario Nurses' Association

Toronto-based DP Gregory Bennett shot stills and TV ads for the Ontario Nurses' Association's campaign 'Nurses Know'.  (Nurses work hard and are underpaid, always support them, you may need them one day!)

S1 supplied: Video Van Package, Generators

Gregory Bennett's Website
Link to TV Ad
Agency - Compass 360
Andrew Soule shoots for Holts Muse Magazine

Local fashion photographer, Andrew Soule, shot a stunning spread for Holt Renfrew's April issue of their magazine Holts Muse.

S1 Supplied: Camera, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals, Expendables and Van Services.

Holts Muse Magazine
Andrew Soule's Website
Broncolor Event - New HR Paras and FT HMI System
Wednesday May 4th, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

S1 now has in rentals the complete range HR Broncolor Paras (88, 133, 177 & 222) & Bron 1600w FT & 800w FT HMI heads. Whats new you ask? Well these units are designed like a Briese (Light pointing outward, with reflector disk) and you can use up to 1600w HMI in all the sizes from 88 upwards!

SAVE the date 4th May at 6.30pm to 8.30pm - come see and learn about these stunning Briese copy Lights. 
All EQ will be on display. At S1 @ 25 Booth Avenue.

Video - "Testing out the Broncolor FT Lighting System"
Video - "Broncolor Para HR System"
Broncolor FT System
HMI FT1600w Kit Product Page
Georgian College Photography Revue, Wednesday 20th April

Georgian College's Digital Photography Program has been energizing students with the skills required in today's market. In fact they are so dialed in, they are holding an event just for you! Come and join them in their very own portfolio exhibit. Get together over food from Caplansky's and meet tomorrow's photographer or intern.

Where: Zoomerplex, 70 Jefferson Ave. Toronto
When: 5pm - 9pm, Wednesday April 20th

Link to Event Page
Kris Caetano, last year's winner S1 Award of Excellance from Georgian College Graduating year

Kris Caetano is a talent to watch. Check out the portfolio piece she shot using the S1 Award. BEAUTIFUL! 
Kris is also very humble, this is what she had to say.

I have learned a lot from this shoot; before, during and after. I cannot thank S1 enough for the opportunity you have given me and other students who have been receivers of your generous award.

Kris Caetano's Website
Link to Blog and Behind the Scenes Video
Hassan Mohamed, last year's winner S1 Award of Excellence from Sheridan College Graduating Year

Hassan, or Mo as he is casually called, won his award because of his unique view. See the link below to see what he created with the award. Another Talent to watch!
Check out his unique view and beautiful images and film in the links below. 
A true Still & Motion production.

Geminate Full Photo Series
Geminate Film

Studio visit: Nadav Kander

In this video, the artist, photographer and director takes us inside his London studio - discussing death, beauty, and the works that mean most to him.

Click here to watch 
How to Survive Your Portfolio Review

A portfolio review offers the rare chance of meeting with world leading photo directors, gallerists and collectors - professionals that can help photographers advance in their careers. But it can also be a daunting experience.
TIME LightBox asked five photo editors for their best tips on how to succeed at your next portfolio review.

Click here for more info 
Month of Photography: Los Angeles Welcomes Both New and Longtime Galleries

Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA) celebrates its eighth year. Each year during the month of April, galleries all over Los Angeles participate in the annual initiative. This year's theme is Diverse/City. Participating galleries are encouraged to curate exhibitions with this year's theme in mind.

Click here for more info 
New from Profoto - OCF Beauty Dish

The OCF Beauty Dish is a collapsible and more portable version of the classic Profoto Softlight Reflector. It creates a creamy yet crisp light, often referred to as a "beauty light." When it comes to bringing out the beauty of your subjects, it is second to none.Since it is tailor-made for on-location photography, the OCF Beauty Dish is compact, lightweight and easy to use.

Click here for more info 
See 10 Cinema Cameras Go Head to Head

Radiant Images has tested out 16 cinema cameras and evaluated them for under exposure, over exposure, color rendition and green screen.
They have currently put 10 of those tests online. The cameras tested include the Blackmagic URSA, the ARRI Alexa Mini, the ARRI Amira, the ARRI Alexa Pro, the ARRI Alexa, the RED Weapon, the RED Dragon, the Canon C500, the Canon C300 Mark II.

Click here for more info 
Watt Is Your Lumen Count?

When you first start shooting with LEDs, it's hard to figure out what the light is really going to look like and what the output is. According to Andy Shipsides, comparing the output of LEDs with HMIs and Tungstens can be misleading. In this article, he attempts to explain the photometric data terminology, so people will have a better understanding of what to expect.

Click here for more info 
New Broncolor Para 222 HR Kit!

From the new lineup of Broncolor High Temp Parabolic reflectors, the Para 222 HR is rated to 2000w! This kit includes the new Focusing Tube FT that is used with the Briese style HMI FT lighting system 800w or 1600w. The standard focusing tube is also included to allow Profoto strobe heads as well as K5600 Joker, ProDaylight & ProTungsten fixtures. Try it out on your next shoot!

Para 222 HR Kit
FT1600w HMI Kit
New Broncolor Para 177 HR Kit!

The second largest of the new Para HR reflectors, the Para 177 HR is also rated for 2000w. Kit comes with accessories to run a Broncolor FT HMI, Briese style with the light pointing forward, as well as mounting for strobe heads and other fixtures. S1 is the only rental hour is Canada to carry the complete range and all accessories for the Broncolor HR Para's and FT HMI's!

Para 177 HR Kit
FT1600w HMI Kit
New Broncolor Para 133 HR Kit!

If you have wanted to have a higher output light in the smaller two para's, now you can! The new Para 133 HR kit is also rated for up to 2000w, includes the Focusing Tube FT133 to work with the new Broncolour HMI FT 800w & 1600w lights, and includes the standard Focusing Tube for use with your favorite strobe heads.

Para 133 HR Kit
FT1600w HMI Kit
New Broncolor Para 88 HR Kit!

The smallest of the Paras, the new Para 88 HR can, you guessed it, take up to 2000w! No longer are you limited to a 400w HMI. Paired with the new Broncolor FT800w HMI or FT1600w HMI kit you have a whole lot of output in a small package. Try it out on your next rental!

Para 88 HR Kit
FT1600w HMI Kit
New Broncolor HMI FT1600w Kit!

The new 1600w FT HMI lighting system by Broncolour for use in all four new HR Paras is a Briese style lighting system where the lamp faces outward with a counter reflector creating a very beautiful light. Dimmable by 1 stop and with Flicker Free output, this is the perfect light for both stills and motion shooting! Can only be used with the new HR Paras.

FT1600w HMI Kit
New Broncolor HMI FT800w Kit!

The same as the above mentioned, this new FT800w HMI light from Broncolor works with all the HR Paras, is dimmable by 1 stop, is flicker free and is Briese style designed with the light pointing outwards. Add it to your next Para HR rental! Can only be used with the new HR Paras.

FT800w HMI Kit
New 12' Fiberglass A-Frame Ladders

Need more height then what a 10' ladder can offer? Well we have 12' ladders in Rentals for just such times! Add one to your next rental to reach those tough spots.

12' Ladder
More 10', 8' & 6' Fiberglass A-Frame Ladders

We have 10', 8', and 6' ladders in abundance so one is always available for your shoot. Don't forget to add one to your next rental!

6' Ladder
8' Ladder
10' Ladder
New McCourt Folding chairs

These folding chairs fold up to a slim profile, taking up less space then other folding chairs. Add some to your next rental so everyone has somewhere to sit for lunch!

Folding Chair
New 5-Channel Electrical Cable Mats

These heavy duty cable mats will keep your cables from being walked on and driven over while on set. Creates safe points to cross over cables when cables cross paths.

Cable mat
New Traffic Cones

Whether used by production to block off parking spaces, or by crew to keep a safe distance around rigged equipment, traffic cones always have a place on set. Don't forget to add some to your next rental!

Traffic Cone
Spike Lee's 95 films every aspiring director should see

Renowned director, Spike Lee, is also a professor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. A while back, he wrote up a list of "essential" films for students wanting to embark on a career in cinema. How many have you seen?

Click here for more info 
Google's Nik Collection Just Dropped from $150 Down to FREE!

The Nik Collection of photo editing plug-ins from Google is now free. The software suite once sold for $500. Once Google acquired it, the price dropped down to $150. Now, they are just giving it away!

Click here for more info 
Going Beyond GoPro: 6 Purpose-Built Action Cameras to Complement (and Compete with) a GoPro

In this article on, Dave Sniadak talks about six action cameras built for specific purposes. From golf cameras to dash cams, seems there is a camera for every situation.

Click here for more info