Issue No. 77  December 2015
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NEW LOCATION - 1st February 2016

For the last few years S1 has been looking for a new location, and we have finally found one, and are currently under construction.
Our NEW expanded location will have street frontage, parking,  2 internal Van loading bays, an Expendable store, and an increased Production Rentals Department. The New location is great for accessibility, and is at the foot of the Gardener / Lakeshore / DVP. (Booth Ave & Lakeshore)

The address will be 25 Booth Ave, just across the street from CineSpace, and south of Shin Sugino. Opening there on February 1st. We will not have Studios once we move, but we hope to add them in the near future.

Thank you for all your business and support over the years. We are going to be able to provide even better customer service and support in the new location, and want to invite you for our Grand Opening party once we have a date.  
S1 Studio Sale - 20th January at S1

Yup, moving means selling all sorts of stuff!
Kitchens, C-Stands, carts, Solarfective Window Blinds, Silk Window systems, No Seam hanger systems, Chairs, stools, Tables, Stoves, Catering Fridges, Lighting Equipment, Make up Counters & Lights, TV's, Desks, toasters, Coffee Machines... its a long list!
Interested? Come to the Studio Sale 20th January at S1.

More details on a complete list of items available in January.
Wanted - Senior 'Motion" Customer Service Representative

Expanding means more specialization, and more employee's.
If you have the experience (or know someone who is awesome and does) please contact us.
We are looking for a Senior Customer Service Representative, who has experience on the Video/Motion side, and is interested to work in a growing and dynamic business.
Please send email in confidence to:

Inez & Vinoodh with Kate Moss & Cara DeLevigne for Mango

Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin and Gus & Lo were all in Toronto to photograph Kate Moss & Cara DeLevingne for Mango's Fall 2015 campaign #SOMETHINGINCOMMON. The series of photographs was accompanied by a very inventive video, and of course S1 was ready to supply the equipment for both shoots! 
S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Camera Support and Production Supplies
Harper's BAZAAR, Serena Williams & Douglas Friedman team up on location for the Women Who Dare series

New York based photographer, Douglas Friedman photographed Serena Williams in Toronto for a location shoot downtown. The photographs appeared in the November issue of Harper's Bazaar in an editorial series titled Women Who Dare. 
S1 Supplied: Photo Van Package + Operator / Assistant, Camera, Lighting, Grip, Winnebago, Production Supplies and Expendables

Harper's Bazaar: Women Who Dare
Behind The Scenes
Florian Innerkofler's fashion film Encounter

Austrian born - Toronto based photographer / cinematographer Florian Innerkofler worked with stylist Beth Nicholson Crago, to conceive this light spirited fashion oriented short.
Shot in the Financial District of Toronto, the film features the clothes of
 fashion designers Brit Wacher and Kim Haller.  
S1 Supplied: DJI Ronin and Camera

Gregory Bennett shoots for the Get Out & Vote Commercial for The Broadbent Institute 

Gregory Bennett is a talented Toronto based Director of Photography. He worked on a video for The Broadbent Institute that was released on YouTube 10 days before election day in Canada. It 
shows people dropping absolutely everything to go vote as a motivation to increase voter turnout, and it no doubt inspired many.  Greg, used the ARRI High Speed HMI & Ballasts from S1 to create slow mo footage for this video. 

S1 Supplied: Arri HMI's + High Speed Ballasts, Grip, Special FX and Production Supplies

Gregory Bennett
Andrew Eccles' shoots star soprano for Vanity Fair Magazine

Andrew Eccles flew into Toronto for a photoshoot with esteemed American soprano Sondra Radvanovsky. The portrait appeared in the September 2015 issue of Vanity Fair Magazine, and as always, S1 is happy to see our international clients return. 

S1 Supplied: Camera, Lighting, Grip, Expendables, Production Supplies and Van Services

Vanity Fair
Owen Bruce photographs for Elle Canada 

New York based photographer Owen Bruce photographed at Scarborough Bluffs for the December issue of Elle Canada. Be sure to check out the rest of the shoot as well as the rest of Owen's work! 

S1 Supplied: Photo Exterior Van Package + Operator/Swing, Camera, Computer and Special FX. 

Owen Bruce
Elle Canada

Caitlin Cronenberg & artist Kaws shoot Drake for the cover of W Magazine

Toronto's Caitlin Cronenberg photographed Toronto's Drake in collaboration with visual artist, KAWS, for the cover of the W Magazine's Art Issue. Released only on news stands in the US, the special edition had Drake play muse to a group of 5 artists. 

S1 Supplied: Studios, Capture Service, Lighting, Grip and Expendables

Norman Wong photographs for Flare x Hudson's Bay Collab

Norman Wong's celebrity and fashion photographs have received great attention over the past decade. Based in Toronto, Norman shot this spread for a Flare x Hudson's Bay Collaboration that came as in outsert in a print issue of Flare Magazine.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip and Production Supplies

Rob Popkin photographs Supper with Syria Fundraiser

Photographer and S1 regular Rob Popkin shot a video campaign titled 
"My Syria" for Supper with Syria, a grassroots fundraising effort to bring two Syrian refugee families to Toronto. With an initial goal of 70K the event raised roughly 100K, giving the organization enough to bring a third family, and counting!
This is a very worthwhile cause, and S1 decided to help by sponsoring EQ for Rob.

Supper with Syria Website
My Syria: The More You Eat The More You Love Video 
PPA Survey Finds Widespread Copyright Infringement

67% of photographers questioned by the Professional Photographers of America Association reported having their images used without their permission. Look to this article published by PDN Pulse for tips on how to prevent unauthorized use of images. 

You Must Register Your Drone in the US by Feb. 2016, and There's a $5 Fee

For all you drone hobbyists and recreational flyers out there in the US, you will officially need to register your drone. Registration will be available starting 21 December 2015.

Click here for more info
Photographer Discovers ISIS Has Stolen His Artwork

It's one thing to have your work stolen by some company trying to sell something, but it's an entirely different thing when your work is stolen by ISIS. Read about photographer Brian McCarty's experience when he discovered his work, that was made to explore the effect of war on children, was used to promote war instead.

 Click here for more info 
The Year in Creative: 24 Trends That Drove Some of the Best Advertising in 2015

The folks over at AdWeek take a look at this year's trends that lead to some of the best ads of the year.

Click here for more info
31 of the Most Beautiful Movie Shots of 2015

Check out this Buzzfeed list of some of the most intriguing shots from movies released this past year.

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Yorkdale's 'Fashion Santa' is a hit on the Internet

Canadian model, Paul Mason, has been transformed this holiday season into 'Fashion Santa' to promote Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. This local campaign, which includes a charity component, has created a lot of buzz on the internet, including with publications like TIME Magazine. Even Justin Bieber took a selfie with him! Go Fashion Santa!

 Yorkdale Campaign
TIME Magazine Article
Capture One Pro 9 is out now! 

Capture One Pro 9 has many new image quality precision tools, a completely updated contrast engine as well as new asset management capabilities with a sort by keyword feature. To top, Capture One Pro 9 now gives customers 3 Activations for each standard license to support on-location activation management. Check out the Promo Video below! 

Capture One Pro 9 Promo Video 
Capture One Pro 9 
Small Portable POV Cameras Enhance Imaging Options

The newest generation of Point of View camera models are all quite small, but each has a different set of features that allow for a wide range of options. Have a look at this article for a run-down on some of the best cameras on the market today.

RED Announces the New 5K Scarlet-W

RED has announced a new addition to their camera line-up with the Scarlet-W. It will be capable of shooting 5K at 60fps, 4K at 15fps and 2K at 300fps, plus tons of other features. The Scarlet-W will start shipping in February.

Click here for more info 
Canon C300 kit

A work horse of the film world, the Canon C300 Mk1 is now available in Rentals at S1! With a Super 35mm-Size CMOS Sensor and 1080/60 shooting, this camera is ready to work. Comes complete with LCD screen, 3 batteries and all standard accessories in a solid rolling case. Rent it with some EF lenses for your next job!

Canon C300
Prime Lens Kit
Fillex 3 light Bi-Colour LED kit

This Bi-Colour LED kit comes with stands, a softbox and 3 heads altogether in a small rolling case. Great for interviews and accent lights, the Bi-Colour allows you to dial in the exact colour temperature you're looking for. Try them out on your next rental!

Fillex 3 Light Kit
Chimera Small Pancake Lantern

Creating a soft central light source, this small pancake lantern will accept up to a 400w continuous light as well as strobe.

Small Pancake Lantern
Chimera Large Pancake Lantern

Increasing our Chimera lineup in Rentals, we've added Large Pancake Lanterns to the list! This lantern is able to take up to a 2000w continuous light as well as strobe.

Large Pancake Lantern
Chimera 20" Lantern

More Chimera! We've added the 20" Lantern to rentals now in addition to the 30". Try it out on your next rental!

20" Lantern
TetherTools TetherBoost USB3 Core Controller & Power Bank

Looking to tether your USB3 camera over 15'? This little device will allow you to add those extensions, up to 45', and keep your signal strong and clean! The Core Controller receives power from the Power Bank and can be seamlessly integrated into the tether line with no plugging into the wall. Try it out with your next camera rental! (We can also sell you all the components needed.)

More Rotalux Deep Octa 100 for Profoto

Since these Rotaluxes have been so popular, we've added more to rentals!

Rotalux Deep 100
More Rotalux Deep Octa 70 for Profoto

Same thing.... more of these.

Rotalux Deep 70
More Profoto HR 3' Octa

More and more photographers are using Octa's so we've increased our inventory!

Profoto 3' Octa
More Profoto HR 5' Octa

Love 5' Octas? Look no further then S1 as we have even more than before!
Need a whole gaggle of Octa's? We have them.

Profoto 5' Octa
2" Matte Black Tape (Pinhole Free)

When you need Black Masking Tape, but need a matte surface so it does not show the shine, or have any pinhole bleed. This is the one.

1" Matte Black Tape (Pinhole Free)

Same as above, but in one inch. Ask for it on your next order.

72"w x 60' long - Roll Tracing Paper

Need a large area of diffusion on windows at a budget price? This is the ticket. 72" wide and 60 ft long. Now in expendables.

54"w x 60'long -  Roll Tracing Paper

Same as above, but only 54" wide.
54" wide and 60 ft long. Now in expendables.

Floome for the Holidays! 

Floome measures your blood alcohol concentration just like the breathalyzers used by law enforcement. Plug it into your smartphone via a standard audio jack, open the mouthpiece and blow - no batteries required. If you cannot get behind the wheel, Floome's app will help you find and call a taxi, contact a friend or help you find a restaurant while you wait for your blood alcohol concentration to get back down to the legal limit in your jurisdiction.

Ever wanted a mouth mount for your GoPro?

This crazy contraption, made by SP Gadgets, allows you to hold your GoPro between your teeth while still being able to breathe. Wow, who knew we needed this?

Click here for more info 
World's First Drone Light Painting Rings In
the Holidays with Style

German drone company, Ascending Technologies, has created the world's first "light painting by drone" video. Their technicians programmed the entire flight path as well as the changing of the light colours to create this Holiday treat.

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