Issue No. 78  January 2016
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S1 Studio Sale! - 11am to 7pm on 21st Jan

The S1 Studio Sale will now be on Thurs 21st Jan @ 11am to 7pm
in Cove Studio at 9 Davies Ave.

There's lots of stuff in the sale, so get there early! Check out the link below for a preliminary list of what will be for sale. More items will be added as we go through everything.
Please note:
- Items can only be purchased at the Sale
- Prices will be listed at the Sale only and be well worth attending!

List of Items for Sale 
Nigel Parry shoots Gallery for Suits Season 5

New York based Photographer & Director Nigel Parry traveled to Toronto to photograph the Gallery for Suits Season 5, which airs on USA Networks. Parry is known for his portraits of celebrities and some of the most influential figures of our time. 

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies and Expendables. 

Nigel Parry
Suits Website

Jeff Riedel photographs Gallery for Heroes Reborn 

Jeff Riedel is a US based photographer who is known for celebrity portraiture. He was in Toronto to photograph the Gallery for Heroes Reborn, which airs on NBC Universal. 

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies, Stylist Supplies and Expendables.   

Jeff Riedel
Heroes Reborn Trailer
Steve Wilkie shoots Gallery for Saving Hope Season 4

Steve Wilkie is a Toronto based photographer who began working as a Unit Photographer in the film industry in the min-90's. He has shot stills and Galleries throughout Canada and S1 is always happy to assist with his productions. 

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Grip and Expendables. 

Steve Wilkie
Finlay Mackay shoots Ryan Guzman for People Magazine's 
The Sexiest Man Alive Issue

Finlay Mackay, born in Scotland and now based in New York, photographed Ryan Guzman on location for People Magazine's annual Sexiest Man Alive Issue. Check out the links below to see who made the 2015 list.

S1 Supplied: Camera, Lighting, Grip and Expendables

Finlay Mackay
Jeff Riedel shoots Gallery for Warrior TV Series

On another trip to Toronto, US based Jeff Riedel photographed the Gallery for the first pilot season of Warrior. Picked up by NBC Universal, the series is about a damaged heroine who works undercover to bring down an international crime lord. 

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies and Expendables

Jeff Riedel
Todd Fraser shoots Gallery for CTV's Master Chef Canada

Todd Fraser is a Toronto based photographer known for his portraiture of celebrities and television personalities. Fraser shot the Gallery for CTV's Master Chef Canada, which offers home cooks the opportunity to demonstrate their skills as they compete for a $100,000 prize and the title of Canada's next Master Chef. 
S1 Supplied: Capture, Lighting, Grip, Van Package Service and Expendables. 

Peter Ash Lee shoots for Flare Magazine

Peter Ash Lee, raised in Toronto, is a fashion photographer who is now based in New York. Lee came up to Toronto to shoot a 6 page spread titled Joyhood for the November 2015 issue of Flare Magazine. 
S1 Supplied: Computer, Lighting, Grip and Expendables 

Peter Ash Lee

S1 New Location! WE are Moving on 29th January

Just a reminder that as of January 29th, S1 will be operating out of it's NEW expanded location, which is way cooler than an Austin Powers mobile volcano lair.
It will be business as usual and there will be no interruptions caused by the move, except for Studios, which wont be available at the current time. 

New address: 25 Booth Avenue @ Lakeshore.
Street Access, Parking Lot & internal Drive In Truck Bays! Awesome!

Stand by for the details for the launch party!

Map of New Location
A Photo Editor: Native Advertising for Major Lifestyle Magazine

Pricing, negotiating and quoting advice and examples from Alex Rudinsky, a producer with Wonderful Machine. Wonderful Machine is a production company with a network of over 700 photographers and videographers worldwide.

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UK Affirms, Photographs of Public Domain Art Are Fair Use

Following a museum in Germany filing a copyright lawsuit against the Wikimedia Foundation for making high-resolution images of public domain artwork from their collection available to download, the UK Intellectual Property Office has clarified that such images of public domain art are still within the public domain.

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Photography and Cinema: A Tale of Two Closer-Than-You-Think Siblings

In this article for TIME's Lightbox blog, Phillip Prodger takes a look at the history of both Photography and Cinema."For two such closely entwined inventions, it is amazing how separate the histories of photography and cinema have been kept." With current technologies, however, he explores how the line separating the two is becoming more and more blurred.

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Combining Still and Video Productions: Josh Rothstein for Cadillac and Esquire

As more photographers move into motion and promote their skills as directors, they can sometimes find themselves pulled in two directions on assignments.
In part three of this three-part series for PDN, Josh Rothstein describes his fashion-focused shoot for Cadillac and Esquire that produced stills and short documentary films.

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Ryan Thomas Anderson was a stills photographer who made the transition into video. This article explores his experience and advice for photographers looking to make the same move.

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Phase One Unveils 100MP XF Medium Format Camera System

Phase One has announced its new IQ3 XF medium format camera system featuring a 100MP CMOS sensor. The new IQ3 XF 100MP back features a sensitivity range of ISO 50-12,800 and has a first curtain electronic shutter to reduce vibrations. It is designed to work hand-in-hand with Capture One Pro 9 for processing those massive 100MP 16-bit images.

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Nikon D5 Unveiled with 4K Video and Over 3-Million ISO

Nikon has officially unveiled the D5 at CES 2016. The new Nikon D5 features a 20.8MP FX-format CMOS sensor that will also capture 4K video at 30fps. The Nikon D5 features a native ISO range of ISO 100-102,400 and is expandable from 50 (Lo-1) to 3,280,000 (Hi-5), offering near-night vision capability well beyond the visibility of the human eye.

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Western Digital unveils world's first helium-filled 10TB hard drive

Not only has Western Digital increased the capacity in it's new 10TB hard drive, they have chosen to fill it with helium instead of air. They claim this will create 56% more efficiency and make it far less likely to fail. This may become the new standard for all of you shooting in 4K.

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XRite's new ColorChecker Video is designed for better exposure and balance

XRite's newly released ColorChecker Video charts are aimed at users of the latest generation of cameras. Along with the standard yellow, red, magenta, blue, cyan and green patches, they have added additional ones to represent common skintones.

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SmallHD 502 - Sidefinder Production Kit

Whether as a small 1080p camera monitor or the highest resolution Electronic View Finder, this monitor packs a lot of features. Not only able to mount onto your camera in multiple configurations, this HDMI & SDI monitor is great for handheld gimbals and anywhere weight is a factor. Try it out on your next rental!

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SmallHD DP7 Director's Kit

Shooting outdoors in the sun? This High Bright 720p IPS LCD monitor is 3x brighter than traditional LCD display. With a set of handles, neck strap and Sunhood, you're ready for viewing in broad daylight. An Anton Bauer Gold Mount plate on the back allows for a larger battery to be used for longer run time. Try it out!

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SmallHD DP7 Director's Kit w/ Wireless Kit and Batteries

Coupling the Paralinx Arrow-X wireless SDI system with the SmallHD DP7 and Anton Bauer Digital Series batteries makes this a solid wireless director's monitor. Powered through a single AB battery, power passes through the receiver to the monitor without cables making for a slick, unobtrusive package. Go truly wireless with this kit on your next rental!

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MORE SmallHD AC7 OLED 7" Monitors

A versatile 7" 720p OLED monitor with both HDMI and SDI inputs, we've added more to rentals so they're always available to you!

On Camera Kit
On Jib Kit
MORE Flanders 17" Broadcast Monitors

 You spoke and we heard! We have added more of this popular 17" 10bit 1080p video monitor to rentals. With a 5/8" stand mount on the back, a sunhood and Anton Bauer ready, add one to your next rental today!

Basic Kit
Battery Kit
Wireless + Battery Kit
Wireless + Battery + SmallHD 502 Kit
Flanders 17" Monitor Battery Kit

Can't get power to your monitor on set? This 17" Flanders monitor kit comes with 2x Anton Bauer G190 Gold Mount batteries to keep you running off the grid all day! Charger included.

Flanders 17" Battery Kit
Paralinx Triton Wireless HDMI Monitoring Kit

Look no further for HDMI wireless video monitoring! Whether on a DSLR, a handheld gimbal or aerial drone, this HDMI wireless system will transmit FULL-HD 1080p/60 in REALTIME up to 450 feet to your HMDI monitor! With integrated battery plates for easy powering of the units and 1/4"-20 threads for mounting, this wireless kit will get your monitor up and running in no time. Try it out on your next rental!

Check it out in Rentals!
Paralinx Triton Wireless HDMI Monitoring Kit w/ 2x Receivers

Same item as above only if you need to transmit one HDMI signal to two monitors, this kit is for you! Try it out on your next order!

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Paralinx Arrow-X Wireless Monitoring Kit

This Realtime wireless SDI system from Paralinx transmits full HD 1080p/60 video up to 700 feet. The included Array can increase the signal strength even more! With Anton Bauer Gold Mounts on the receiver, this system can be mounted onto monitors and use Anton Bauer batteries for power!

Check it out in Rentals!
Paralinx Arrow-X Wireless Monitoring Kit w/ 2 Receivers

Same as the above kit, but with an additional receiver for transmitting one SDI signal to two monitors! Try it out on your next order!

Check it out in Rentals!
Parents Are Naming Their Children After Instagram Filters

Have you ever looked at the filters in Instagram and thought, that would be a great name for a baby? Me neither. But apparently some people have! Lux for boys and Juno for girls seems to be the most popular. Click below for more info on this strange trend.

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Someone Made a Selfie Stick for Large Format Cameras

Photographer Jesse Chehak has created a gigantic selfie stick for his large format camera, and it actually works. It is made of a 45 Graflex press camera attached to the end of a thick 8-foot-long pole. A shutter release cord is used to expose a sheet of Polaroid Type 55 film.

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GoPro: Karma Drone, Apple Watch Integration & Apple Buyout Rumors

Latest news in the GoPro world. They have released the name and a promo video for their drone that will be coming out next year. Karma. Also, amid speculation that Apple may acquire GoPro, GoPro has announced updates to it's app for the Apple Watch.

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