Issue No. 76  November 2015
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Peter Hapak shoots celebrities for People Magazine @ TIFF

Peter Hapak is based in NYC and this year he photographed at TIFF for People Magazine's TIFF Portrait Studio. Agyness Deyn, Bryan Cransworth, John Goodman, Natalie Portman and Sir Patrick Stewart attended, to name a few.

S1 Supplied: Camera, Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies and Props 

Peter Hapak
People Magazine
Meredith Jenks photographs Matt Damon for 
The Hollywood Reporter @ TIFF

Los Angeles based photographer Meredith Jenks traveled to Toronto to photograph Matt Damon for a cover story for The Hollywood Reporter. Damon attended TIFF to promote The Martian. Directed by Ridley Scott, Damon plays a NASA astronaut struggling to survive while stranded on Mars. 

S1 Supplied: Grip, Seamless and Van Service

Meredith Jenks
Justin Bishop shoots for Vanity Fair @ TIFF

Justin Bishop is a Brooklyn based photographer who was back in Toronto for his 2nd year shooting celebrity portraits for Vanity Fair. S1 is always happy to see our international clients return! This year Bishop photographed the likes of Selma Hayak, Idris Elba, Elle Fanning and Kate Winslet. Take a look at the gallery of over 40 portraits on the Vanity Fair website and follow Justin Bishop on Instagram for updates on his work!

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip and Expendables

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Austin Hargrave shoots @ TIFF for The Hollywood Reporter

Austin Hargrave was back in Toronto for TIFF for his 2nd year in a row and S1 was happy to help him out for his on location Portrait Studio set up. With two shoots for The Hollywood Reporter in the same week, it is no doubt that photo editors are also master schedulers, always making the most of the concentrated amount of talent in town.

Austin Hargrave
The Hollywood Reporter

Martien Mulder photographs for Mr. Porter @ TIFF

Martien Mulder photographed a series of celebrities for an online editorial for Mr. Porter at the coveted Soho House. Dutch-born Mulder's photographs combine portraiture with fashion and are easily recognized by their coherent, calm and cool sense of aesthetics

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, 
Special FX Hazer, Stylist Supplies and Expendables  

Jens Langkjaer on location for InStyle Magazine @ TIFF

On Location Studio set-ups near the TIFF Bell Lightbox was a big trend this year! With so many celebrities in Toronto for the festival's 40th year it could be the best way to get everyone in the same room! Danish-born and London based, you can check out his portraits for InStyle Magazine by clicking on the link below.

S1 Provided: Camera Support, Lighting, Grip, Production Supplies, Expendables and Custom Made Soft Silver Reflectors.

Jens Langkjaer
InStyle Magazine
Andrew Soule photographs TIFF's Rising Stars for 
The Globe & Mail 

Toronto's own Andrew Soule worked on a series of portraits for The Globe & Mail showcasing the four up & coming talents in TIFF's Rising Star Program. 

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Monitor, Special FX and Electrical Supplies

Andrew Soule
The Globe & Mail
TIFF Rising Stars Program
Scott McDermott shoots @ TIFF for Beyond Cinema Magazine

Scott McDermott, based in NYC, is back in Toronto for TIFF for his 6th year in a row! S1 helped Beyond Cinema Magazine create an on location Studio with custom Set Walls that make McDermott's portraits really stand out! 

S1 Provided: Lighting, Grip, Set Walls, and Props.

Scott McDermott
Beyond Cinema Magazine
A Photo Editor: Splitting the Cost of an Architectural Shoot

Great Pricing, Negotiating and Quoting advice from Craig Oppenheimer, 
of Wonderful Machine, published on the A Photo Editor website. How to quote when your client is a landscape design company plus four other partners!

A Photo Editor: Environmental Portraits for a Regional Insurer

More helpful Pricing, Negotiating and Quoting advice from the team at 
A Photo Editor and Wonderful Machine! A worthwhile read considering the recent trend toward campaigns that highlight small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Interview with Founder of Pier59 Studios 

Prince Federico Pignatelli Della Leonessa, photographer and founder of 
New York's Pier59 Studios, talks about celebrating 20 years since opening his studio doors and the launch of his new book titled "The Great Beauty".

88 Cinematographers share the best professional advice they've ever received

There is something to be said about looking to a mentor in the DIY era. 
Black and Blue is a community oriented website founded and run by Evan Luzi, a camera assistant, who strives to spread his passion to others who wish to become better at the craft.

Are Medium Format Drones Inbound?

Hasselblad and DJI announced that the drone manufacturer has acquired a minority stake in Hasselblad. The two companies stated that "The partnership will allow opportunities and new ways of combining the technical knowledge and inventive spirit of the two industry leaders in their respective fields." This partnership is leaving some to speculate that it could help DJI fast forward its own camera and optics divisions.

Click here for more info
US Government to Require Drone Registration

NBC News reported that the US federal government is on the verge of requiring customers to register their personal drones in response to stories about drones interfering with commercial flights and even police and firefighting aircraft. The federal government will work with the drone industry to set up a structure to do so. 

Zeiss Launches Full Frame Primes for Canon & Nikon DSLRs

Zeiss has launched its new line of six full frame prime lenses for Canon and Nikon DSLRs. The Milvus line of lenses offer high contrast rendition, uniform colour characteristics and low level of stray light and they are said to be ideal for HDR videos and resolutions of 6K and above.

Dana Dolly Basic Kit

A quick and simple portable dolly system, this basic kit has what you need to get some great movement. Requires a camera head with a Mitchell, 75mm bowl, 100mm bowl, or 150mm bowl. If you have your own stands and pipe, this is the kit for you.

Dana Dolly with Straight Pipe Kit

This kit comes with the Basic Dana Dolly kit as well as 3x MSE Slider stands for support, and your choice of 6', 10' or 12' straight pipe to get you rolling. Add one of our fluid heads to your order and you're ready to go! 

Dana Dolly with Curved Pipe Kit

Great for interviews, this kit comes with 8' of curved track that allows you to get a nice wrap around movement. With 3x MSE Slider Stands for support all you need is a camera head and you're done! 

MSE 70" Slider

The Matthews-Slider gives you many options for incredibly solid, and quiet camera movement. It is sturdy and lightweight, has levelling legs for uneven terrain and it can work upside down for low angle shots. Payload is up to 175lbs (80kg).

Link to item
MSE 70" Slider with Slider Stands Kit

Intended to help get a higher vantage point with the MSE 70" Slider, 
this kit includes 3x MSE Baby Ball Head Adapters and 3x MSE Slider Stands, which have a maximum height of 46". 

Red Rock One Man Crew Director Slider

This 36" motorized parabolic slider has smooth controlled parabolic movements with up to a 22 lb load capacity. There is also speed and ramp controls. The Redrock Heavy Load Tilt Head is included.

Link to item
Red Rock One Man Crew Director kit with Slider Stands

Same as above, this kit comes with 3x MSE Slider Stands, which have a maximum height of 46". 

Red Rock One Man Crew Director kit w/ Anton Bauer Battery

This kit comes with the Anton Bauer G190 battery that lasts for 100 hours, making your B Cam ready for the even longest interviews!  

Link to item 
MSE Mitchell Low-hat

Designed to provide stable support placed on the ground or just about anywhere. Load a few sandbags on the base and your done.  Just add a Mitchell mount fluid head and get great footage without shakes and vibrations at an extremely low camera angle.

Lacie Rugged Mini HD 500GB

This 500GB lightweight hard drive is USB 3 (can run USB) spins at 7200 rpm, has a transfer rate up to 5GB/s and is shock resistant.

Lacie Rugged 1TB Thunderbolt HD

This Thunderbolt drive has an integrated Thunderbolt cable and is also USB 3.0 compatible. It has a speed of 5400 rpm and a transfer rate of 10GB/s using Thunderbolt. 

Link to item
G-Technology G-Drive EV RAW 1TB USB3

This USB 3 drive can be used as a standalone device, inside the All Terrain case or with the G-Dock for ultra-fast transfers. As a standalone device, it has a speed of 7200 rpm and a transfer rate of up to 5GB/s.

 Link to item
G-Technology G-Drive EV ATC Thunderbolt 1TB

The GDRIVE Thunderbolt drive has a water tight drive compartment, which can be dropped in up to 1ft of water for 30 seconds without damaging the drive. It has a speed of 7200 rpm and 10GB/s transfer rate when using Thunderbolt. Also works with USB 3.0.

 Link to item
USB3 16GB Flash Drive

Kingston 16GB USB 2 Flash Drive for easily transferring files on set.

 Link to item
Vlogging Camera from the Future

The DJI Osmo just went on sale with its integrated 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal. Vlogger extraordinaire, Casey Neistat declares it a vlogging camera from the future! Check out his first impressions below:

100 Years: A film by John Malkovich, Robert Rodriguez and Louis XIII de Remy Martin 

Robert Rodriguez and John Malkovich have made a film that no one currently alive may ever see. Financed by Louis XIII, officially known as Louis XIII de Remy Martin, was inspired by their crafting of a cognac that will be ready in 2115. The film, titled 100 Years, is available on YouTube...but only in the form of an exclusive trailer and three teasers. 

100 Years Trailer
The Future Camera: Light's L16 

The Light L16 features 16 camera modules inside the camera body thanks to folded optics. Up to 10 of these cameras shoot simultaneously to make the final image that can be as big as 52MP. Thanks to available data from the different on-board cameras used you can adjust the depth of field after the fact in post.
The Light L16 is planned to ship in the summer 2016 for $1,699US but interested buyers can be pre-ordered in limited quantity through November 6 for $1,299 on Light's website.
The Alpha Lab: A Mobile Motion Picture Film Laboratory

Created by John Tadros, the Alpha Lab is a state-of-the-art full-service film processing facility entirely housed in a 44-foot-long mobile trailer. Rather than directors shipping movie film to a brick and mortar film lab, the Alpha Lab is on location and can begin post-production without delay.