Issue No. 75  June 2015
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Steve Wilkie shoots Killjoys TV Show Gallery

Toronto based Feature Film Photographer, Steve Wilkie shot the dramatic gallery shoot for the new sci-fi TV Show Killjoys, being shot here in the Toronto area.
S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Digital Capture service

Steve Wilkie
Syfy - Killjoys
Caitlin Cronenberg shoots Sarah Gadon
for New York Post Magazine

Caitlin Cronenberg is a Toronto based Celebrity Photographer shooting up a storm in many international publications, including this beautiful shoot of Sarah Gadon for the New York Post Magazine.
S1 Supplied: Digital Capture Service, Lighting & Grip

Caitlin Cronenberg
Link to the photos
Andrew Soule shoots Glow Magazine in Tahiti

Toronto based Photographer (ex Milan) Andrew Soule (Repped by Judy Inc.)
recently went to Tahiti to shoot this beautiful spread for Glow Magazine.

S1 Supplied: Camera support & Grip Equipment

Andrew Soule
Judy Inc
Link to the Images
Moo shoots Liisa Winkler for Elle Canada Magazine

Toronto / New York Photographer Moo, shot this sick spread for Elle Canada with Canadian model Liisa Winkler. Stunning!

S1 Supplied: Studio, Capture Service, Lighting, and Grip

Elle Canada
Photographer Nelson Simoneau shoots for Flare Magazine

Montreal based Photographer Nelson Simoneau (Repped by Judy Inc.) shot this elegant spread for Flare Magazine. Go Nelson!

S1 Supplied: Studio, Lighting, and Grip

Nelson Simoneau
 Flare Magazine
Photographer Riley Stewart shoots League

New York based Photographer Riley Stewart shot the League recently at S1 Studios Toronto. The League is a service and a App to find and book the best Health Professionals and services.

S1 Supplied: Studio & Equipment

Riley Stewart
John van der Schilden shoots Shoppers Drug Mart  - retouching by Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

New York & Toronto Photographer John van der Schilden (or JVDS if you are a buddy) continually shoots the iconic beauty images for Shoppers Drug Mart. Jeff Brown from S1 Digital was helping out in the back ground getting these beauty images just like the client wants.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Camera, Grip, and
retouching by Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

John Van Der Schilden
Shoppers Drug Mart
S1 Digital
Do You Need Release Forms for Passers-by in the Background of Shots?

At one point or another, every filmmaker on location will have to decide just how diligent they need to be when getting release forms from backgrounders and passers-by. After all, unless you have the budget to cordon off the entire area you're shooting in (and let's face it, you probably don't), you're going to have people walking through your shot.

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10 Helpful Websites for Protecting Your Photography Copyrights

Ever wondered how to track your images on the web? Or looking for novel ways to protect your images? Well click the link!

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When You Should Be Posting Your Photography to Social Media

Social currency is an exceedingly important metric when it comes to promoting your brand. Your likes, followers, pins, and posts all say a lot about your success, and the more engagement on your social platforms, the more likely you are to pull in clients. But how do you maximize engagement and get the most people to see your content? While there is no perfect answer, there are a few things you can do to optimize your social media strategy

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19 Daily Habits Of Artists That Can Help Unlock Your Creativity

Behold, 19 daily habits of artists that can help unlock your creativity.

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Okay we put a lot of iPhone stories in the newsletter, some tongue in cheek, and some just to make sure everyone is noticing where photography is heading in the popular market... but this little camera you add onto your iPhone 6 looks like a real winner. Check it out.

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Using the Tether Tools Look Lock to Create Point of View Behind-the-Scenes Videos

The Look Lock is a simple little contraption that allows you to mount items to a small boom arm extending out from your camera. While the selling point on their website is to use iPhones to get the attention of small children, it also works brilliantly for holding a GoPro. The result is that you can get some really great POV video footage throughout the day.

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Audio Editing Software Buyer's Guide

Ever wanted to know what the most popular audio editing programs are, but were too embarrassed to ask... well this is a good article.

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Keep It Safe: 16 Storage Solutions for Preserving Your Photos

Back it up... Back it UP.... cant say it enough.

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With the miniaturization of cameras (example Go Pro) many developments have been happening in the world of drones as customers just cant get enough. More drones with better designs and features continue to be launched on the market.

Check out the new Tank Drone that also fly's! See link below:

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 New 50 MP Canon 5Ds R in Rentals!

Canon's new flagship pro camera is here! With a 50.6 MP Full-Frame sensor, with some pretty sweet large files that will compete with medium format systems when budgets are tight. But faster lenses, ISO and 5 frames a second! With a Low-Pass Filter Effect Cancellation, these large files will also be incredibly sharp. Try it out on your next rental!

Canon 5Ds R Body
Canon 5Ds R with Battery Grip

GoPro HERO 4 Black - in Rentals

GoPro has a new action camera in their lineup, and now so do we in rentals! This GoPro shoots 4k at 30fps, and will shoot slowmo up to 240fps at 720p. Its Ultra-sharp image quality / Ultra-wide angle all-glass lens with reduced distortion with Ultra Wide, Medium, Narrow Field of View. WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity standard, this little guy will be a great addition to your next shoot.

GoPro Hero 4 Black
MORE 42" x 72" Scrim Jim kits & Expanded Fabrics

With location season here, we've added to our inventory of Scrim Jim & expanded the fabrics available for our Scrim Jim kits. Available now are 1/4 stop, 3/4 stop, 1 stop, 1 1/4 stop, solid and silver/white. Our expanded kits will focus on "scrimming" and will include all four stops of diffusion. Add it to your next location rental!

Scrim Jim 42" x 72" Basic Kit
Scrim Jim 42" x 72" Extended Kit
MORE 72" x 72" Scrim Jim Kits & Expanded Fabrics

You asked for it, so we added to our inventory & expanded our 72" x 72" Scrim Jim kits. Also featuring 1/4 stop, 3/4 stop, 1 stop, 1 1/4 stop, solid and silver/white fabrics. Our expanded kits will focus on "scrimming" and will include all four stops of diffusion.

Scrim Jim 72" x 72" Basic Kit
Scrim Jim 72" x 72" Extended Kit
MORE California Sunbounce Pro & Expanded Fabrics

The best reflector for bounce, these Sunbounce kits will focus on "Bouncing / reflecting". We have added to our California Sunbounce Pro kits and they now have a Gold/White fabric available along with Zebra/White and Silver/White. Add it to your next rental!

California Sunbounce Pro Basic Kit
California Sunbounce Pro Extended Kit
4' x 8' Black 2" Crash Mats

Crash mats now added to production rentals. No need worry about injury to the talent if they fall, these crash mats will help cushion the impact of short falls and drops. With 2" thick foam, you can fake a fall and still get up each time. Give them a try on your next rental!

Crash mats
Manfrotto Background Holder Crossbar 9'

For all those clients that wanted something lighter or more portable for small jobs. These expanding support bars can go from a compact 3.7' to 9' in seconds. With holes one either end to mount on a stand, add a couple stands and you have a nice light-duty background crossbar!

Manfrotto Crossbar
Large Golf Umbrellas 68"

Weather looking a bit wet? Just added to production rentals, we'll have you covered with our new large Golf umbrellas! With a open diameter of 68" you can stay cool & dry.

Golf Umbrella
Aerial Photography Without a Drone - the old fashioned way!

There are many types of drones to use for overhead shots, but it gets complicated with permission, and you need a 12 year old to fly it unless you are a skilled pilot...

Try and really big stand with some wires.

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Explore and Experience the Photos of Richard Avedon on Your iPad

Richard Avedon is a Photo God, so always have those Avedon Photos available for your discussion or inspiration.
Get the app!

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How to Make DSLR Footage Look Like an Old VHS

In order to achieve an 80's look, make your sharp DSLR footage (well sort of right?)  look like it was filmed with an old-school over the shoulder RCA camera.
Try this for kicks.

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