Issue No. 74  May 2015
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Nino Munoz shoots key art for TV Series - Good Witch

NYC Photographer Nino Munoz was in Toronto to photograph the gallery for the TV Series the Good Witch. 
S1 Supplied Lighting, Grip, Expendables, and FX hazers.

Nino Munoz
Good Witch
Michael Williams photographs Elizabeth Hurley @ S1
for Zoomer Magazine

Canadian photographer Michael Williams, represented by Judy Inc., was in town to photograph Elizabeth Hurley for Zoomer Magazine.
The May 2015 issue of Zoomer is about breast cancer awareness campaigns.
S1 Supplied: Studio, Camera, Lighting, and Grip

Michael Williams
Judy Inc
Zoomer Magazine
Gregory Bennett shoots a Music Video for the band Dream Jefferson

DoP & Director Gregory Bennett shot an music video titled
'The Filth'. Check out the link below...
S1 Supplied: Lighting, Doorway Dolly, and Grip

Gregory Bennett
Link to the Music Video
Andrew Soule shoots FLARE Magazine in Nicaragua!

Toronto photographer Andrew Soule represented by Judy Inc. shot a beautiful story for the May issue of Flare Magazine in Nicaragua.

S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip

Andrew Soule
Judy Inc
Flare Magazine
Owen Bruce shoots 'Superhero Makeup' for
Elle Canada Magazine

Elle Canada's may 2015 issue contains a stunning story by Owen Bruce with some Pow! It's a Super Hero make up story!

S1 Supplied: Studio, Lighting and Grip

Owen Bruce
Elle Canada
Behind the scenes video
Christoph Strube shoots Sporting Life - Spring / Summer 2015 Look Book

Toronto's long time Fashion Photographer, Christoph Strube shot the Spring / Summer Sporting Life 2015 magazine.
S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Camera, Lighting, Grip, and Van Services

Christoph Strube
Link to the images
Link to the images
Lex + Jon

Lex and Jon are photographers and filmmakers who have come together to direct commercials and fashion film. From meeting in New York City 3 years ago where Lex studied Film Directing at NYU and Jon worked as a lighting director, the two decided to join forces tackling commercial fashion. Lex and Jon blend the role of the photographer and filmmaker to encompass art direction and the classic art of story-telling.
S1 Supplied: Studio, Para's Lighting and Grip
Lex + Jon
Link to the video
Andrew Soule shoots for The Kit Magazine

Toronto based Andrew Soule shot a stunning beauty story titled 
Spring Skin Special, for The Kit Magazine.
Client: Judy Inc.
S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip

Andrew Soule
Judy Inc
Link to the images
Congratulations S1 Award Of Excellence Winner 2015 - Seneca College

I'm Gerry Jr. Diaz. Born in Canada, raised in Mexico, I was introduced into the photography world while at University in Mexico, and became greatly inspired by photography masters such as Richard Avedon and Ansel Adams.

I want to be a fashion and portrait photographer to see my work published in magazines around the world as well as working for recognized names in the entertainment and fashion industries.
Congratulations S1 Award Of Excellence Winner 2015 - Sheridan College

A fascination with the visual world provided Hassan Mohamed with a close relationship to  photography during his formative years as an artist. Primarily working with black & white color tones to evoke a isolated atmosphere that still contains a presence of intimacy, Hassan has created a body of work which focuses on the dualities of strength and vulnerability found within the human form. Now after graduating from Sheridan College, Hassan intends on utilizing the skills, techniques and perspectives gained to further his work within the photographic industry. Hassan has ambitions to enter the portrait, fine art and commercial world of photography.
Congratulations S1 Award Of Excellence Winner 2015 - Georgian College

Kris Caetano from Barrie Ontario has recently completed her studies at Georgian College. She loves retouching and compositing images, as can be seen in her creative portraiture. She hopes to work in commercial and fashion photography but has been enjoying assisting other photographers as well.
Licensing Images In Perpetuity Is A Huge Mistake

Good example of not giving your rights away when liecensing your images.

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How Costume Designers Make Magic Happen on an Independent Film Budget

Three costume designers with projects at the Tribeca Film Festival walk us through their methods.

Link to the story
Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season

In the world of fashion films, strong visual appeal is the price of entry. But this season's best films went further than this, attracting audiences with surreal storylines and unexpected plot twists.

Link to the videos
Son Lux's Awesome Stop Motion Music Video Proves It's About Creativity, Not Budget

Son Lux's music video, Change Is Everything, is a perfect example of what can be created using extremely low-budget materials - as long as you're willing to put in the time and sweat.

Keep reading a behind-the-scenes video; you'll be surprised how painful this project was to create. 


Link to the video
Broncolor Goes Into Motion

Broncolor introduced a new Para designed specifically for continuous hot lights. This new Para HR uses the Para FT (Focusing Tube) system for fast setup and adjustment and allows you to use tungsten and HMI light sources.

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Johnny Hardstaff Slows Down Time for Honda Spot

Director Johnny Hardstaff harnessed the power of slow-motion beauty shots to create the 60-second spot for Honda, "Feeling."

Link to the video
My 7 Favourite Sony A7S Accessories

As working professionals we at cinema5D are occasionally being asked about "our favorite working gear", so I've decided to compile a list of my "must have" Sony a7S accessories which I frequently use in the field.

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Nikon D810

Now in rentals...D810 is Nikon's flagship high resolution camera. The D810 features a 36.3MP Sensor and with no Optical Low Pass Filter, so it's much sharper. With it's improved video recording, you can now shoot Full HD 1080p Video at 60/30/24 fps! Awesome!

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Makita Hair (leaf) Cordless Blowers

The tool of choice for blowing hair on set in NYC and LA, and we've added a couple to rentals here in Canada at S1! Powerful, long-lasting and precise, this is the perfect option for flowing hair. Try it out on your next rental!

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Anton/Bauer G190 Gold Mount Digital Lithium-Ion Batteries

The 190 is the largest of Anton/Bauer's new Digital Battery Series, and these Gold Mount Lithium-Ion batteries are powerful, charge fast and last longer. An LCD display let you know how much power you have left.These batteries can be used on our Astra 1x1 Bi-Colour LED Panels, K5600 Joker 200w HMI and also our 17" Flanders Monitor! Go cordless on your next rental!

Astra 1x1 Bi-Colour LED Panel
K5600 Joker 200w HMI
17" Flanders Monitor
Anton/Bauer Performance DUAL Charger

This dual charger will intelligently and efficiently charge your Anton/Bauer Gold mount batteries quickly. Nearly 40% more efficient then traditional chargers this dual charger will make sure you always have a full battery ready!

Anton/Bauer Performance QUAD Charger

This quad charger is able to charge 4 Gold Mount batteries while simultaneously providing an XLR power output so your camera and devices are never without power! The touch screen display keeps you up to date on the charging progress which is lightning quick. Try it out on your next rental!

More Sound Blankets

Whether you need to block some noise, protect some gear during shipping or need a good knee pad on a hard floor, we've got you covered for sound blankets!

Shipping blankets
Dept of Ideas: Dog + Paint + Slow Mo = Art

A new art campaign called Canismo has given creative freedom to a group of dogs in an effort to raise awareness about the plight of shelter dogs in Brazil. In a video from Canismo, several dogs are seen walking up to hanging canvases before a stream of nontoxic paint pours on top of them and the inevitable shaking ensues.

Link to the story
IndieVice the World's First Universal The Smart Body for The Smart Phone

I guess someone had to make one...The InidieVice is the world's first universal The Smart Body for The Smart Phone. By simply inserting your smartphone into the IndieVice, you instantly have a professional quality camera that fully utilizes the potential of your smartphone and other mobile camera devices.

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A New Quadcopter from 3D Robotics

Solo Quadcopter is the first drone to feature a true aerial imaging-centric autopilot system. Many multi-rotors before it, of course, have had failsafes like return home, hover modes, and orbit modes. But what the Solo adds is a linear tracking mode call Cablecam, and Selfie mode, which starts with the camera tight on the subject, then pulls back for a dramatic reveal. It also features Follow Me, a mode seen already on the IRIS+, but which is still very useful to the videographer.

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