Issue No. 72  March 2015
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Caitlin Cronenberg shoots Flare Magazine
- Tatiana Maslany, star of Orphan Black

Photographer Caitin Cronenberg, based in TO, shot 3 different covers for April's Flare Magazine. The 3 different covers, were a homage to the Orphan Black TV series, that actor Tatiana Maslany stars in.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting and Grip.

Caitlin Cronenberg
Link to the images
Matthias Clamer shoots Gallery for Man Seeking Woman

Photographer Matthias Clamer, based NYC, was in Toronto to shoot some sensational images for the Gallery of the FX TV Series, 'Man Seeking Woman'.

S1 Supplied: Van Photo Package, Crew, Lighting, Grip & Distro

Matthias Clamer
Link to the images
FX - Man Seeking Woman
Beno & Wolf shoots for Mazda Canada

Beno & Wolf managed to shoot this very funny video for Mazda Canada, on one of the coldest days of the year.
The Video, titled Mazda "Driverless", is a play on one of the great Sci Fi movies. Beno & Wolf said "Veal Bee Bauk"!

S1 Supplied: Video Van Package service with Van Operator/Swing

Beno & Wolf
Link to the Ad video
Todd Fraser shoots MasterChef Canada

Photographer Todd Fraser, based in TO, over numerous shoots, did all the stunning Gallery & Promo shots for the TV Show, Master Chef Canada.

S1 Supplied: Van Photo Packages w/ operators, Capture Service w/ Digital Tech, Camera, Lighting and Grip

Todd Fraser
MasterChef Canada
Photographer Maude Arsenault shoots for Flare Magazine

This January, Photographer Maude Arsenault, based in Quebec,
shot the edgy Beauty story 'Future Tense' for the April issue of Flare Magazine.

S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip, Van Service

Maude Arsenault
Flare Magazine
Steve Wilkie shoots Haven TV Show Gallery

The great gallery shots for Season 5 of the SyFy TV Series, 'Haven' were shot by Toronto based Photographer, Steve Wilkie.
Steve is one of the very few Canadian based Photographers shooting TV & Feature Film Galleries. Go Steve!

S1 Supplied: Computer, Lighting and Grip, Van services

Steve Wilkie
SyFy - Haven
Guff Prop Furniture & Dark Horse

Need some Vintage or Antique props for your next shoot at S1?
Guff has just moved into the building, and has a large showroom of furniture, and is available as a rental for your shoot. Most of it is on their web below.

Also for the Coffee purists, Dark Horse Cafe has moved in next to S1.
How much better can it get?

Guff Furniture
S1 Sponsors 'The Fight To End Cancer' Photoshoot

'The Fight To End Cancer' is a wonderful organization, and the brainchild of International Boxing Referee, Jennifer Huggins.  FTEC hosts a charity boxing gala each year to raise funds for Cancer Research with proceeds going directly to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Photographer Al Quintero photographed the fighters for this years Fight to End Cancer Gala, and all the promotional photos. Way to go Al!

If you like the fights, its a great Black Tie night out, and some tickets still available for May 30th, see the link below!
S1 provided Studios, Capture Stations, Lighting & Grip for the still & motion shoot.

Al Quintero
Fight To End Cancer
S1 Sponsors 'Compassionate Eye Foundation' 
- "Advanced Style" Stock Photo Shoot

Recently, the team from Compassionate Eye Foundation, had a Photo Shoot at S1 titled Advanced Style. CEF produces stock photo shoots, to create images, that are sold by Getty Images. A percentage of the royalties from the sales go to fund the CEF foundation's mission in Cambodia, Africa and other places.

S1 provided Studio, Capture, Lighting & Grip
Compassionate Eye Foundation
Pricing & Negotiating: International Hospitality Shoot For A Luxury Hotel Chain

If you are interested in what you should or could be charging for those Hotel Chains, its a must read!

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Top Instagram Users Making Thousands Per Photo by Promoting Products

It pays to have a lot of Instagram followers - literally. Top users on the photo-sharing service these days are finding that their simple picture snapping can be turned into real dollars, and a lot of them at that. Not for everyone, but in a world where Profesional jobs are lost to Amateurs every day, maybe take the fight to where the money is?

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Getty Images' Outlook Blurs as Photo Rivalry Triggers Price War

Getty Images Inc., the photographic archive under pressure from low-cost competitors, is caught in a price war that's sapping profits and undermining investors' confidence in its finances.

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Here Are the Films That Won the 1st Annual NYC Drone Film Festival

The first-ever NYC Drone Film Festival wrapped this weekend. Check out the amazing films and videos which won.

Link to the videos to launch on March 31st is a sharing platform for video that allows you to upload all your source media, work in progress, and assets into private workspaces where you can invite your team and clients to collaborate. It aims to replace the tedious tasks of using programs like Dropbox for file sharing, Vimeo for video review, and Email for communication. aims to combine all these processes into one easy to use application.

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Do You Really Need a High Speed Ballast for HMI lighting? What we learned about 1,000Hz

When shooting at a high frame rate then you may get better results using a high speed (1,000Hz) ballast. Why do we say may? Read on to find out more.

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ARRI ALEXA Mini - Lightweight Carbon Fibre Camera

Camera manufacturer ARRI just surprised us with the announcement of a new cinema camera: The ARRI ALEXA Mini. A small and lightweight, carbon fibre version of their hugely popular ARRI ALEXA cinema camera.

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Sekonic C-700 & C-700R SpectroMaster Spectrometer Gives You Total Control of Color On Set

If you're trying to measure the color output of a light source, you're going to need a spectrometer like the Sekonic C-700 & C-700R SpectroMaster.

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Flying Your Photography Gear Using a Media Rate

This is the single best thing that has ever happened to the traveling photographer. I realize some guys who travel rent everything on location, which is also a very solid way to go, but with a media rate sometimes the cost of flying everything may be lower than the cost of renting. In my case, it just makes the most sense to bring everything with me. That, and I like working with gear I'm familiar with.

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Litepanels Astra 1x1 Bi-Color LED Kit

These brand new 1x1 LED panels are perfect for any number of situations. Colour Temp is teh complete range of Tungsten and Daylight and with ultra smooth dimming. The output is up to four times brighter than the original Litepanel 1x1. The kit comes with snap-on softbox and a set of four nanoptic lenses, as well as a Anton Bauer battery mount! LED is perfect for many things, and uses very little power.

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Sachtler Ace Camera Rig - Tripod Mount

Shooting motion with a DSLR or C300? The Sachtler Ace Camera Rig is perfect for you. It comes complete with the Baseplate, 15mm rods, Follow Focus and Matte Box with filter holders. Super simple to set up and easy to use. A great unit to mount other Bling too as well.

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Sachtler Ace Camera Rig - Shoulder Mount

This Sachtler Shoulder Rig system is perfect for shooting on the go, with DSLR's or C300's. It's super easy to set up and transport and includes everything you need to get that perfect shot, including adjustable handles.

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SmallHD Field Monitor AC7 OLED SDI 7.7" - On-Camera Kit

This high quality & extremely bright 7.7" monitor is the perfect addition to your Camera rig, hitting your focus much easier, and using LUTS to view your style.  This kit includes everything you need for mounting on-camera, incl. cords, batteries, charger, monitor mount, and sun hood.

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SmallHD Field Monitor AC7 OLED SDI 7.7" - Jib Kit

Renting a jib, and actually want to see what you are shooting? This high quality & extremely bright 7.7" monitor made by SmallHD is perfect for getting the shot. Jib Kit includes everything you need for mounting on the jib, incl. cords, batteries, charger, mount bracket, and sun hood for when you are shooting outside.

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Small HD HDMI Splitter

This handy little device allows you to split an HDMI signal, allowing two monitors to receive the signal at the same time. Perfect for when you have a second monitor for your client.

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See the Trailer for the World's First Drone Ballet

Dutch event company Fjuze and the Royal Dutch Air Force present "AIR," what they're dubbing as the world's first drone ballet. The arena show will feature battles, races, lasers and, of course, high-flying drones.

Link to the video
Adobe Updates Photoshop Mix 1.5 for iPad & iPhone

Adobe released Photoshop Mix 1.5 with added support for Adobe Ink and the Cloud Clipboard, allowing users to browse an album of their creative assets that can be pasted into an image in Photoshop Mix with one touch of the stylus. Photoshop Mix also now supports Wacom and Pencil styluses.

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Cindy Sherman Icon

A set of emoticons with Cindy Sherman's myriad of appearances from her self-portraits and films. How much fun is that?

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This Artist Is Using Photoshop To Make Celebrities Look Fat

We are so accustomed to celebrity photos being photoshopped that it becomes a big deal when an authentic image gets leaked.

Singers, models, actresses - you name it, their photos almost always get photoshopped, regardless of the image's final use.

This 20-year-old Spanish artist has been very busy retouching celebrities as well, but not quite as you'd expect. 


Link to the images