Issue No. 70  January 2015
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Max Abadian shoots Hilary Duff for Elle Canada Magazine

Montreal based Photographer Max Abadian, flew into Toronto to shoot this beautiful cover of celebrity Hilary Duff, for the December issue of Elle Canada magazine.

S1 Supplied: Double Studio, Lighting, Computer and Grip

Max Abadian
Elle Canada
Behind the scenes photos
Behind the scenes video
12 Monkeys TV Show gallery shoot for SyFy Chanel

NBC-Universal's new TV Show for the SyFy Chanel, called 12 Monkeys, was shot in Toronto, and S1 provided services for both Photographers, Gavin Bond and Rodolfo Martinez in simultaneous photo shoots.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Distro, Computer, Crew, & Van Service

Gavind Bond Photography
Rodolfo Martinez
Syfy - 12 Monkeys
NBC Universal
Patrick Randak & Jeff Riedel shoots Helix
for Syfy in Montreal

The TV Series, Helix (Season 2), had 2 different Gallery shoots, shot in Montreal. S1 loaded the trucks and moved everything up to Montreal for NBC Universal's SyFy Chanel, so Photographers Patrick Randak and Jeff Riedel had everything they needed to create the stunning images for the show.

S1 Supplied:  Lighting, Grip, Crew, Expendables & Truck Services

Patrick Randak
Jeff Riedel
Syfy - Helix
NBC Universal
Andrew Soule shoots Glow Magazine in Dublin, Ireland
Retouching by Adhi @ S1 Digital

Toronto based Photographer Andrew Soule, recently went to our favorite country Ireland; where you get the best Guinness & the red heads rule. He shoot a beautiful editorial for the latest issue of Glow Magazine.
Client: Judy Inc.
S1 Supplied: Capture & Lighting, and Digital Imaging.

Andrew Soule
Judy Inc
Link to the photos
S1 Digital
Photographer Jim Fiscus shoots Christina Ricci in Halifax

Lifetime Television produced a TV mini-series in Halifax titled, Lizzie Borden Chronicles. S1 was on the road again, with a complete package for USA based Photographer, Jim Fiscus, who shot the star Christina Ricci, for this scary mini-series.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Distro, Crew, Expendables and Truck services to Halifax

Jim Fiscus
Lizzie Borden Took An Ax
Steve Wilkie shoots TV Series - Saving Hope

Toronto based Photographer Steve Wilkie, shot the gallery for the latest season of TV Series, Saving Hope Season 3. Steve, one of Canada's top shooters, created some classic images for the show.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting, Grip and Van Service

Steve Wilkie
Saving Hope
Second Cup Winter Whites Campaign
Retouching by Adhi @ S1 Digital

S1 retoucher, Adhi did some elegant work on the latest Second Cup Campaign, Winter Whites. S1 also supplied: Studios, Digital Capture, Camera, Lighting, Grip, studios, and of course Retouching.
Think of S1 for your complete start to finish productions.

S1 Digital
Link to the photo
New Staff @ S1

The S1 team is growing again, with the addition of another great employee to better serve our clients and expand our services.
We welcome Levi Verzyden as Equipment Specialist-Rentals to the S1 Team.
Levi brings a lot of Motion support background to our growing Motion department.

Go Team S1!
Save the Date Jan 29th 2015 - SIM Digital Toronto

SIM Group Technology Showcase is running again this year at the SIM location, on Jan 25th. S1 will be exhibiting there this year, so come on down and visit us there and see what new in the Motion world.

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Sim Digital Website
Pricing & Negotiating: Motion Shoot For Small Business Service Company

If you have been wondering how to quote a Motion shoot for multiple streams, the folks at aPhotoEditor have posted a great example of a real job.

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The Ansel Adams Act Is Necessary and Overdue

As freedom of expression yielded bloodshed in Paris and sent ripples through the worldwide media, the U.S. Congress appears to be one step closer to strengthening First Amendment rights for American citizens. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) introduced the Ansel Adams Act on January 2, one day before he left office.

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The Best DPs of 2014 on Their Biggest Shooting Challenges

Indiewire asked some of this year's best cinematographers about the biggest challenges they faced while shooting films in 2014. Here's what they had to say.

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Erotic Shop Fits Every Visual Metaphor for Sex Into 60 Seconds

It's not easy to advertise X-rated products in a PG way. But Jung von Matt/Elbe does so in outlandish style with this spot for a German erotic retailer.

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Roundup: 9 Cool Black-and-White Photo Apps

It wouldn't be an article about black-and-white photography tools without the obligatory reference to the master of the genre, Ansel Adams, so here goes: "You don't take a photograph: You make it." While the process of taking monochrome images may have changed from Adams's day, modern technology still leaves plenty of latitude for creativity and craftsmanship when it comes to making monochrome images.

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Vincent Laforet: If You Want to Stand Out in the Filmmaking Crowd, Focus on the Evolution of Your Craft - Not the Tools

Many of you may have noticed how somewhat "quiet" this blog has been this year. I thought I would share some of the reasons why, because I think that they have far reaching implications far beyond this little blog...

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How to Pick the Right Color Grading Software

Choosing a color correction software is not easy if you're a beginner. In its simplest form, the question runs like this: "Which color correction or grading software will give me the best quality for the lowest price?".

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A Guide to Using Consumer LED Bulbs for Photography and Video

Either for video or photography, these light bulbs can be your friends. But you have to choose wisely to get the best experience, both regarding home illumination and the uses in photography and video.

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Cloud Editing: A Final Cut Pro X and Dropbox Collaborative Workflow

Being able to edit video projects where the project elements are in the cloud has seemed like an unrealistic goal for all but very high end productions... until now.

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MSE Doorway Dolly

Matthews builds the strongest platform dollies in the business! For years the Doorway Dolly has proven its versatility on stage and location. The platform is fitted with a recessed camera tie-down and is carpeted for a nonslip surface. It also comes with removable side boards that add an extra 10" per side for increased platform width.

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MSE Doorway Dolly with Lenny Levelers

The Lenny Levelers have been designed to stabilize and level the Doorway Dolly by relocating the load base from the pneumatic tires to provide an increased footprint and more stable platform. This is especially desirable when a jib arm is mounted on the Doorway Dolly, as it effectively increases the center of gravity.

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MSE Doorway Dolly with Seat & Bazooka

This Doorway Dolly Kit includes the Seat and Riser Assembly as well as the Bazooka. The Bazooka adjusts from 24" to 39 1/4" and provides a particularly stable platform for camera packages up to 100 lbs, while the seat provides comfortable seating for the camera operator. It comes with 100mm or Mitchell mount.

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Centipede Wheels for MSE Doorway Dolly

A fast efficient way to achieve a smooth dolly track shot. You don't even have to take of the pneumatic wheels on the dolly, just put the dolly directly onto the Centipede wheels. Capable of supporting weights up to 1500 lb, the wheels are designed to work on old tracks as well as modern precision track systems. Much smoother than Hot Buttons or solid Wheels.

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Filmair Dolly Track

The best dolly track available is Canadian! Filmair Track is constructed of anodized structural aluminum, and designed to carry maximum loads with minimum deflection. This track is light enough to carry to any location but rugged enough to survive the heaviest usage. The load carrying capacity of this track is rated in excess of two tons! We carry differant lengths and corners.

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Polly Dolly Kit

Polly Dolly is an ultra-compact, portable and flexible solution for smooth tracking shots. It is designed to create very smooth camera movements through the use of a momentum flywheel. It can be used as a motorized dolly, or disconnect the Flywheel and you can use it as a slider.
Either way, its an unusual product, and it's great in small spaces where a normal dolly wont fit, or when you have smaller crew / budget. Now you can get that tracking shot you want, even when you have very little space and not a lot of help.

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Polly Dolly Kit with Extended Track Support up to 11ft.

In addition to the Polly Dolly Kit, you can also get the under-track support that mounts to two MSE Slider Stands with two Baby Ballhead Adapters. This is for when you need to get higher off of the floor, and need rock solid and stable movement. A second set is also available, extending the track from 5'6" to 11'. Awesome package.

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MSE Intel-A-Jib

The Intel-A-Jib sets up in less than two minutes without any tools due to the innovative V-Lock component connector locking system. With a reach of up to 10ft, and a payload of up to 120lbs, the Intel-A-Jib can accept virtually any camera package. It comes with a Mitchell Mount Leveling Base, all the counter weights and a Cartoni Tripod. Everything you need all in one package.

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Infrared Heater ( Indoor/Outdoor ) 1500w

This infrared lamp only heats people and objects and does not waste energy heating the air, as its unaffected by wind or drafts  Uses a standard household electrical outlet making it portable and convenient. Ideal when shooting outdoors on a cold winter day, and has a waterproof housing. Use it on your next location shoot, when you need to heat the back of the Cube Truck, or an outdoor area when standing around waiting...

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DJI Inspire 1 Mount is a Handheld 4K Camera Gimbal

At a pre-CES press event tonight, DJI unveiled its new Inspire 1 Mount, which is a handheld grip for the 4K camera and gimbal that are part of the DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter.

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Massive Drone Roundup from CES 2015

Every year at CES, something sticks out as just an over-the-top technology that seemingly everyone is pushing. A few years back, it was 3D TV. Last year, it was 4K TV and wearables. At CES 2015, there is a good case to be made that the drone is the thing.

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Drones are Getting Better Faster Than Anyone Expected

For the past few years, one of the most exciting class of gadgets on display at CES has been drones. But the basic rules of what a drone was, and what it did, were stable. They got cheaper, lighter, and easier to use even as they became more powerful.

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Smartphone Photography Advances at CES 2015

While high-end camera announcements have been few and far between at CES, smartphone vendors kept things exciting with new phones that push the smartphone photography envelope.

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PowerDirector (for Android and PC - Free)

Up until a few weeks ago, the options for editing at any level on an Android tablet were close to zero. With the release of Taiwan-based Cyberlink's PowerDirector, however, that's no longer the case.

Link to the App

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