Issue No. 69  December 2014
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Christmas Holiday Closing - S1 Studios Toronto
we close from 12 noon 24th of Dec and reopen on Jan 5th

Will be open 5th January 2015. If you need anything for when we are closed please contact us before we close on the 24th of Dec.

Season's Greetings from S1 Studios Toronto to all our Clients and everyone we work with. Wishing you peace, love and eggnog.
Look forward to seeing you in 2015!
Donation to Doctors Without Borders /
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

We appreciate your business at S1, and we like to reward that.
This year, instead in lieu of gifts, we have made a sizable donation to
"Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors without Borders"
to support their work with the Ebola Virus in West Africa.
We make this donation in all our Clients Names.

Happy Holidays & thank you for your business in 2014!
Doctors Without Borders
Ruven Afanador shoots Mean Girls reunion for Entertainment Weekly Magazine

NY based Ruven Afanador was in Toronto for a Entertainment Weekly photoshoot for the Reunions 2014 issue. The cast of Mean Girls got together for this shoot.
S1 Supplied: Lighting, Distro, Grip and Van services

Entertainment Weekly
Link to the photos
Ruven Afanador shoots Ghostbusters reunion for Entertainment Weekly Magazine

NY based Ruven Afanador was in Toronto for a Entertainment Weekly photoshoot for the Reunions 2014 issue. The cast of Ghost Busters got together for this shoot.
S1 Supplied for both shoots: Lighting, Distro, Grip and Van services

Entertainment Weekly
Link to the photos
Photographer Fabrizio Maltese shot for Studio Cine Live Magazine at TIFF

Italian based Photographer Fabrizio Maltese, was at TIFF to shoot for Studio Cine Live a story about actors Omar Sy and Charlotte Gainsbourg, in promotion of the Movie 'Samba'.
S1 supplied: Van Service, Assistant and Grip

Fabrizio Maltese
Studio Cine Live
Photographer Dexter Quinto shoots Ron White A/W 2014

Photographer Dexter Quinto shot the current advertising campaign for Ron White Autumn/Winter 2014 collection.
Client: Dexter Quinto
S1 Supplied: Van Photo Package with Van Operator / Assistant, and Location supplies

Dexter Quinto
Ron White
Link to the photos
Raina + Wilson shoots for Canadian Nurses Association

Top Toronto Photographers Raina Kirn and Wilson Barry of RW Photographic
Photographed a project for the Canadian Nurses Association.
S1 Supplied: Van Video Package with Van Operator/Swing, and Strobe lighting

Raina + Wilson
Canadian Nurses Association
Link to the photos
Photographer Aaron Warkov shoots Max & Shred TV Show

LA Photographer Aaron Warkov and his team, flew into Toronto to photograph the Gallery for the TV Show Max & Shred.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Distro, Grip, Van service + Assistants

Aaron Warkov
Max & Shred
Making Videos Clients Will Love With Budgets You Don't

One of the challenges of shooting motion is squaring clients' high expectations for production value with their tight budgets. Many clients still see motion as an add-on to a still shoot, with little understanding of what motion production requires. "We hear over and over that motion is secondary," says photographer Jim Hughes. "Clients tell us, 'Just shoot me a bunch of [video] and we'll figure something out."

Link to the story
Pricing & Negotiating: Studio Portraits Of Spokesmen For Social Media

From the peeps over at aPhotoEditor another great example of pricing for a Portraiture job.

Click here for more info
UK Orphan Works Law Takes Effect: Similar US Law Is Increasingly Unlikely

A controversial "orphan works" law, making it legal under certain conditions to use photos and other creative works belonging to copyright owners who cannot be located, took effect took effect October 29 in the United Kingdom. Efforts to enact a similar law in the US continue to languish.

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Light Shaping by Mark Seliger sponsored by ProFoto

Mark talked about some of his most iconic images, revealed how the portraits of the rock star were created, and was also kind enough to share some of the knowledge he has acquired over the years.
Sign up for a chance to win one of signed Mark Seliger book. Contest open until January 5, 2015.

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Guy Bourdin, One of the Photographic Greats of the 20th Century, Gets a Major Retrospective

French photographer Guy Bourdin's influence on fashion imagery is almost impossible to overstate. His darkly humorous, color-drenched, proto-Pop magazine images throughout much of the 20th century have given rise to David LaChapelle, Nick Knight, Tim Walker, and a host of similarly high-impact lensmen for whom the product is secondary to story.

Link to the story
The Good Old 'Mad Men' Days of Photographer William Helburn

In the days when Madison Avenue ruled Manhattan, photographer William Helburn was an advertising king who embraced the true spirit of the day - he gave up fame in order to make more money. Check out the great new coffee table photo book titled Seventh & Madison. Its a wonderful time capsule of the day.

Link to the photos
Profoto Presents Iconic Mary Ellen Mark

Profoto is proud to present an interview with one of photography's greatest artists, Mary Ellen Mark.

Link to the video
Apple iMac Retina 5K vs Mac Pro: Weighing the Benefits & Drawbacks For Video Professionals

Which Computer to choose for video work?

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Compare and Contrast: LUT Software That Makes the Grade

Color look-up tables, known as LUTs, have long been used to convert one color space to another, but they are increasingly being used for creative purposes, including film stock emulation. This is a good review of the software choices.

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Storage Stories: Managing Media with Other World Computing and G-Technology Systems

The production world marches steadily toward 4K distribution. With solid-state recording, shooting ratios are higher than ever. What does this mean? We need storage. Lots of storage that's fast, secure, redundant and reliable. And we need it in a wide price range to accommodate users with widely varying production needs.

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Profoto Small and Medium Deep Umbrellas

Profoto has added six new umbrellas to their line up. Small & Medium - Deep umbrellas - in Silver, White and Translucent. These umbrellas are unique in that they are small and lightweight yet deep and parabolically shaped.

Click here to see them in Rentals
Profoto Umbrella Backpanel

Also new from Profoto is the Backpanel for their Translucent Umbrellas. It has a white interior and a black exterior. This eliminates light leakage, and increase the amount of light coming through the umbrella. They are available in small, medium and large.

Click here to see them in Rentals
MSE 24" x 72" Cutter Flags

New in rentals are the largest of the MSE cutter flags. At 6' long, these cutters can be used for any number of things.

Click here to see it in Rentals
Manfrotto 509HD Fluid Head 100mm Ball

The Manfrotto 509HD Fluid Video Head supports video camera systems weighing up to 29 lb (13.1 kg). It has a 100mm half ball and a 4-Step Counterbalance Mechanism. This head can be used in many different situations including with the Intel-A-Jib Lite, the Polly Dolly or just on a set of sticks.

Click here to see it in Rentals
Manfrotto Short Hi-Hat Locking Handle

Use this short locking handle for when mounting a Manfrotto Fluid Head to a Hi-Hat or to the Bazooka on the Doorway Dolly, where the standard handle is too long.

Click here to see it in Rentals
Manfrotto 325N Video Head Bowl Adapter

This Manfrotto adapter converts any 75mm or 100mm video ball head to a flat base. Allows you to mount a variety of heads to the Polly Dolly, or other flat mount camera support.

Click here to see it in Rentals
MORE Manfrotto 546B Video Tripod / 504HD Head Kit

This popular tripod kit is perfect when you have a small payload and need a lightweight, portable support. They are so popular we've added more!

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Avenger A1045CS Combo Stand with wheels

The newest Avenger medium roller stands have arrived! This heavy-duty, steel stand has a leveling leg for uneven terrain and 3 risers with a maximum height of 14.7'.

 Click here to see it in Rentals
MORE Manfrotto Megabooms

You can never have too many Manfrotto Megabooms. This staple item is the go to boom for almost any situation. It features a 12' maximum extension, junior and baby receptors, and a maximum load of 13 lbs at full extension. 

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What Your Life Looks Like In Thermal

Predator vision.

Link to the video
Adobe's Premiere Clip (for iPhone and iPad - Free)

Clip is a video editor app that allows you to turn the clips you shoot with your iPhone or iPad into videos, essentially doing what you'd expect, but with one exception: Clip has a nice "Edit in Premiere Pro" feature that allows you to push your basic edit straight into your Adobe Creative Cloud account, from which you can rework it further in Premiere Pro.

Link to the App
Cinescope for iPhone & iPad

Invented by cinematographer Rachel Morrison ("Fruitvale Station," "Cake"), Cinescope enables users to compose and shoot photos and video in any aspect ratio 2.39, 16:9, 1.85, 4:3 or any customizable aspect ratio and save directly to camera roll or embed content in a black or white square for Instagram.

Link to the App
Fascinating Online Archive Showcases More Than 10,000 Vintage Analog Cameras

If you are into vintage cameras, Collection Appareils is a fascinating online archive that showcases more than 10,000 different kinds of analog cameras from the history of photography.

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