Issue No. 68  November 2014
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Wise Guy Video for S1 Location Services

Check out our new video for S1 Location Services.
This is the first in a series of 4 Promo Videos that S1 is having made to promote our services, and have a bit of motion fun.
Check it out and let us know what you think!

Written, DP'd/Directed by Mike Rybinski. Talent Styling and Stills by Matt Barnes. Production and Post by Spot Cinema. Camera Support, Lighting and Video Van Services supplied by S1.

Link to the video
Spot Cinema
"Schitt's Creek" TV Production Support &
Retouching by Adhi & Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

Over a series of shoots both Unit Stills & Gallery, Toronto based Photographers, Caitlin Cronenberg & Steve Wilkie photographed the cast of the new CBC TV Show "Schitt's Creek". Starring Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, and Dan Levy, expect it soon on TV. Retouching for all photography assets by Adhi & Jeff at S1 Digital.

Link to the images
Link to the story
Link to the trailer
S1 Digital
Andrew Soule shoots Glow Magazine in Ireland
Retouching by Adhi & Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

Toronto based Photographer Andrew Soule, jumped on a flight to Ireland with the team at Glow Magazine to shoot a couple of Editorials in Ireland. Of course they had fun and created some beautiful editorials.
Client: Judy Inc.
S1 Supplied: Capture & Lighting, and Digital Imaging

Andrew Soule
Judy Inc
Link to the photos
S1 Digital
Handsome Brut Sparkling Wine
Retouching by Adhi @ S1 Digital

When Design & Branding Firm Goods & Services, decided to brand a new Canadian Bubbly, called Handsome Brut, they of course came to S1.
Its actually quite tasty...hick.
Retouching: Adhi @ S1 Digital

Handsome Brut
Goods & Services Branding
S1 Digital
Christoph Strube shoots for Sporting Life
Retouching by Adhi & Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

Toronto based Photographer, Christoph Strube, hit it out of the park with his new campaign for Sporting Life. Check it out in the Sporting Life Magazine.

S1 Supplied: Studios, Digital Capture, Camera, Lighting, Grip and Retouching.

Christoph Strube
Sporting Life
Link to the photos
S1 Digital
Second Cup Holiday Campaign
Retouching by Adhi @ S1 Digital

Part of the latest Christmas coffee campaign for Second Cup, Strano & Pettigrew had S1 Retouch all the elements together to get that Cinnamon and Peppermint flavor flowing...
Retouching: Adhi @ S1 Digital

S1 Digital
Link to the photo
New Canadian Club Whiskey Maple Flavour
- Retouching by Adhi @ S1 Digital

When Creative Director, Al Strano of Strano & Pettigrew, needed all the different colored foils to shine on this new Canadian Club Maple Whiskey bottle, he brought it to S1. We deliver shine.
Retouching: Adhi @ S1 Digital

Strano + Pettigrew
Canadian Club
S1 Digital
Join us for a S1 Motion Open House
3pm - 8pm Tuesday 2 December @ S1 Studios Toronto

Join S1 Studios & Pollinator Films for a hands-on, interactive open house. Pollinator will be holding a live demo complete with models, using the ARRI Amira camera system, that they rent with or without a DP. See why its great.

S1 will demo their new offerings in Motion Camera Support incl. Jibs, sliders, dollies, and  ARRI M Series & K5600 HMI lighting from 200w to 4000w, plus BronColor Para Reflectors for HMI's.

See the new 32' Cine Winnebago & the S1 Video Package Van, with Operators on hand to show you around.
Join us for some drink, quality catering & a worthwhile event.
See more details in the link below:
 Click here to register for Free!
Directions & Parking @ S1
Pollinator Films
32 Cine Winnebago
How To Invoice A Client

No matter how you format an invoice, you just need to be organized and present everything in a manner that is easy to comprehend. The following is an example of an invoice that I feel is straightforward, clean and easy to comprehend, to find out more please click the link below to see what aPhotoEditor has put together:

Click here for more info
Usage and Pricing of Photography in Social Media

As usual aPhotoEditor has some great information on Rates for Social Media use. Worth reading.

Click here for more info
Gisele Plays a Convincing Woman Who Has It All in the New Chanel N5 Film

Check out the great production values in this short film for Chanel N5.
Fun fluff for this week.

 Link to the story
David Yellen: From Corporate Offices to the Outdoors

Last spring, corporate portrait photographer David Yellen was so eager to change direction, he says, "that I wished I could have changed my name, because when people think of 'David Yellen,' they think of old white guys on gray seamless, and I was like, 'Oh, God. I'm 41. I'm too young to be that guy."

Link to the story
Surfing @ 1000 Frames per Second w/ Phantom Flex

All images where shot using The Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro M-320S and the new Phantom 4K Flex with Arri Ultra prime lenses. Worth watching!

Link to the video
Will Video Kill Photography's Stars?

High-end video camera manufacturers are continuing to engineer innovative products that may one day change the way photographers take photographs, particularly in portrait, fashion and glamour circles.

Link to the story
Trouble Connecting Nikon D800, D800e, D810 to Mac when Tethering?

Are you having trouble connecting your Nikon D800 D800e or D810 DSLR USB 3.0 camera to your computer using a tethering software such as Lightroom, Capture One or other tethering software programs?

Click here for more info
How to Touch up Skin on Video w/ Mikey

This is pretty good. The process of touching up skin in Adobe After Effects.

Link to the video
Coco Rocha & Steven Sebring create
Interactive Book Of 1000 Poses

Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha and photographer Steven Sebring have teamed up to release an interactive book, The Study Of Pose, chronicling over 1000 poses captured from 100 different angles in an experimental 360 degree rig. Cool!

Click here for more info
Winnebago - 32' J-Class in rentals

Need a Winnebago for your next production that is clean and organized and has a make up room and hanging space? Look no further, just add it to your next production or take is separately. See details in the link below regarding Generator, Washroom, Internet, & Winnebago Operator etc.

Works as a nice combo with our Sprinter Van Package.

Click here to see it in Rentals
Motion Camera Cart - Inovativ Ranger 36"

This cart is designed to mount a Mitchell or 100mm ball head & Camera, as well as hang a Tripod (sticks) from the mount. The bottom shelf can hold your camera cases, while the adjustable height top shelf, with 1.5" lip all the way around prevents your lenses from rolling off. It is equipped with a set of steering handles and a disk brake lever for when you are on the move, as well as a separate parking brake so it wont roll away when you are parked.

Click here to see it in Rentals
Inovativ Ranger 36" EQ Cart

This cart is designed to carry Equipment on the bottom shelf, while the adjustable height top shelf, with a 1.5" lip all the way around prevents items from falling off. It is equipped with a set of steering handles and a disk brake lever for when you are on the move, as well as a separate parking brake so it wont roll away when you are parked.

Click here to see it in Rentals
Inovativ Echo 36" Capture Cart

This cart is designed to work as a Capture cart. The adjustable height top shelf, has a rolled edge on one side so your wrists are comfortable when working a keyboard or tablet. It has 2 Cord hangers, as well as 2 locking drawers to hold the small stuff. It is equipped with a set of steering handles and a disk brake lever for when you are on the move, as well as a separate parking brake so it wont roll away when you are parked.

Click here to see it in Rentals

MSE MIni Combos & Mombo Combos

Mombo Combo, the tallest stand available, are so popular we ordered more. We also added Mini Mombos' to rentals, same style just a little smaller and lighter.
They all have 4.5" grip heads, so great for frames and 4x4 flags etc.
We even bought them with Wheels for those that just love them.

MSE Mombo Combo
MSE Mini Mombo Combo w/ Wheels
MSE Mini Mombo Combo
MSE Slider Stand

The Slider Stand meets the demand for a strong, wide-based stand with a low working height for those using camera sliders and Sliders or Systems like the Polly Dolly.
Lowest stand made, with 2 Rocky mountain legs and welded collar to prevent movement.
Capacity: 80lbs (36kg), Maximum Height: 46" (117cm), Minimum Height: 24" (61cm).

Click here to see it in Rentals
Baby Ball Head Adapter

Baby Ball head (used with Slider stands to mount Sliders or the Polly Dolly Track support). Converts any 5/8" baby pin or 1-1/8" junior receiver into a 3/8-16" threaded spud.

Click here to see it in Rentals
Set of Stand Wheels

Converts Mini Mombos, Hollywood Combos, Slider Stands, or any stand with a 1" square legs, to you know, a wheeled stand.

Click here to see it in Rentals
BOA Sandbags

How many times have you needed a small shot bag to balance a camera, slider small boom etc? While S1 now rents Boa Shot Bags in 5, 10 & 15lb weights.
BOA Sandbag 5lb
BOA Sandbag 10lb
BOA Sandbag 15lb
MegaMast 27.5' Camera Stand

The MegaMast will give your camera an "aerial" perspective from 27.5" (8.4m) in the air without the need to fly expensive drones.

Click here for more info
How to Create Professional-Looking Video Previews Specifically for Instagram

Since Instagram is a square format, it's a little bit more complicated to create something that looks professional if you're shooting videos in 16:9, but Kraig Adams from Wedding Film School shows us how.

Click here for more info
The Macropod is a $20,000+ Rig That Makes Macro Photography Stupidly Easy to Do

Macro photography is a wonderful tool for scientists and researchers, but the complex nature of capturing detailed, focus-stacked macro images of everything from insects to the human tongue puts the tool out of reach of many.

Click here for more info

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