Issue No. 66  September 2014
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Mark Mann shoots TIFF for Awardsline Magazine

NY Photographer Mark Mann shot during TIFF for Awardsline Magazine.
In this photo Mark shot Chris Evans, of 'Before We Go'

The Captain America star's directorial debut, which follows two strangers forming an unlikely bond in New York City. See the other great Photos in the link below.  


S1 supplied: Profoto Lighting, Grip, and Van Services

Mark Mann
Link to the photos
Behind the Scenes!
Yu Tsai shoots TIFF for Variety

LA Photographer Yu Tsai was at TIFF shooting for Variety Magazine, produced by our client 88 Phases. This shot of Jennifer Aniston is just a sample of the of Celebrities photographed in the temporary studio at Holts.

S1 supplied: Lighting, Grip, Van Services, and Eric Brazier as Capture Tech.

Yu Tsai
Link to the photos
Austin Hargrave shoots celebrities for The Hollywood Reporter

Ex British Newspaper Photographer, now a LA Celebrity Photographer, Austin Hargrave was shooting at TIFF for The Hollywood Reporter.
This shot of Elizabeth Banks who stars in the Brian Wilson biopic, was shot at the temporary studio put together in the Brassai Bistro.

S1 supplied: Lighting, Grip, and Van Services

Austin Hargrave
The Hollywood Reporter
Link to the photos
Behind the scene video
Justin Bishop shoots TIFF for Vanity Fair

NY Photographer, Justin Bishop was shooting TIFF for Vanity Fair Magazine.
This photo of  Benedict Cumberbatch who stars in the Imitation Game, is one of many celebrity photos from the link below.

S1 supplied: Lighting, Grip, and Van Services

Justin Bishop
Vanity Fair
Link to the photos
Jerome Corpuz shoots for InStyle's TIFF 2014 Portrait Studio

NY Photographer, Jerome Corpuz shot this TIFF for InStyle magazine.
The photo of KATE BOSWORTH OF 'STILL ALICE' is one of many in the link below.

S1 supplied: Lighting, Grip, and Van Services

Jerome Corpuz
Link to the photos
Photographer Eric Ray Davidson shoots TIFF for People Magazine

NY Photographer and nice guy, Eric Ray Davidson shot for a week all over the city during TIFF for People Magazine. The photo of Keira Knightly is one of many stories appearing in People Magazine issues.

S1 supplied: Camera, Lighting and Grip, Van, and ex S1 Assistant "Alexei Toponov"

Eric Ray Davidson
People Magazine
Scott McDermott shoots TIFF for Beyond Cinema Media

NY Photographer, Scott McDermott, a long time TIFF shooter, was shooting this year at TIFF for Beyond Cinema Magazine.
This photo of ROSE BYRNE OF 'ADULT BEGINNERS', is one of many to come.

S1 supplied: HMI / Kino Flo, & Para 133 Lighting, Grip, and Van Services

Scott McDermott
Beyond Cinema
S1 Studios @ Profusion Expo 15-16 Oct

This years Profusion Expo should be the best yet, as its later in the year and has a new downtown TO location at the Convention Centre.
S1 is upping its game with a bigger booth and launching new lines of equipment. Come down and see us at our booth and say hello!

Click here for Free Tickets and Information
ProFusion 2014 Website
Click here to view map & directions
Pricing And Negotiating: Directing Video For A TV Commercial

A great 'a Photo Editor' article about the process of quoting, pricing and executing a large video shoot. Some great tips

Click here for more info
Eyemazing: Macro Photos of Animals' Eyes

Under a macro lens, the eye takes on new dimensions of intricate detail reminiscent of surreal landscapes and otherworldly surfaces. In Animal Eyes, Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan's extreme close-ups offer a glimpse into an unseen reality in the eyes of animals, both domestic and exotic.

 Link to the images
Matt Granger Reviews the ZEISS Otus 85mm, and It's Absolutely Astounding (S1 just bought this lens for rentals)

Matt Granger, one of our favorite photographers/photography educators, was one of the fortunate souls who got to spend the last 4 months putting the newly announced ZEISS Otus 85mm f/1.4 through its paces, and he's created a video review to show you just why this lens is worth every penny of the $4,490 asking price.

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Leica M Edition 60 is a Digital Camera with No Menu or LCD

Leica has taken the retro idea to the extreme in the new M Edition 60. The camera is the barebones of what is needed to shoot images with a digital camera. There will be no chimping on the Leica M Edition 60 because there is no LCD on which to preview images.

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Photokina 2014: Leica Reveals 4K-Recording Medium Format Camera

The newest member of the Leica S-series of medium format cameras, introduced at Photokina 2014, has a fairly novel trick: it can record 4K video.

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How To Archive - Tips & advice to store & archive your data

One of the best places on the web to find the info, tips, tricks and advice you need to protect, store and archive your data safely and reliably.

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Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art Lens for Nikon

Sigma isn't a brand name that is often thought of in professional photography, but their new line of Art Lenses are pretty great. We've added a couple of them to Rentals to offer our Nikon using clients a sharper option than the standard Nikon lenses. Note: This Sigma lens rates very highly under test reviews and is said to be better than anything else available, making the 37mp Nikon D800E a contender for Phase One, when budget is an issue . Auto Focus too!

 Click here to see it in Rentals
Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Lens for Nikon

Although not on the same level as the Zeiss Otus lenses, the new Sigma Art Lenses are an excellent auto-focus option for Nikon shooters, and probably the best option. Note: This Sigma lens rates very highly under test reviews and is said to be almost as good as the Zeiss Otus 55mm, making the 37mp Nikon D800E a contender for Phase One, when budget is an issue . Auto Focus too!

Click here to see it in Rentals
Zeiss Otus 85mm f/1.4 Lens for Nikon

This lens is said to be the best performing 85mm lens available. Combine this lens with the Nikon D800E, and not only will you get a file size comparable to a medium format system, but you will get comparable image quality too. Autofocus is not for everyone, but if you are looking for quality, rent this on your next shoot.

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Eizo ColorEdge CG247 Monitor

New to Rentals are the brand new Eizo ColorEdge CG247 24" Monitors. The LED Backlit IPS monitor has a built-in calibration sensor and 99% Adobe RGB coverage. You can't get much better than this. Rent them as a package with rolling stand and 25ft extension.

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iPad 4 with Retina Display

Having an iPad on set allows you or your client to wirelessly and remotely view, tag and rate images as they are captured, without everyone hovering around the computer. The newest Retina Display version has a 9.7" screen and comes loaded with all the apps you would ever need, including remote viewing of Capture One. Similair to our other iPads, just a better screen.

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Floor Mats

Whether you need to protect the floors on location, or you need to cut down ambient sound, these floor mats are the perfect solution. The 3' x 8' size conveniently covers a substantial area while remaining easy to transport.

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MORE Posing Tables and Stools

In an effort to beef up the Props + Furniture section, we have added more of the ever popular Photogenic Posing Tables and Stools. Both are adjustable in height, and are perfect for portraits, fashion and beauty.

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MORE Nikon MB-D12 Battery Grips for Nikon

Now all of our Nikon bodies have the option of a convenient battery / vertical grip. Ideal for when shooting in portrait mode or when you need to have twice the battery length.

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MORE Avenger A5012 Low Rollers

You can never have too many of these amazing little stands. Perfect for fans, Remote Viewing Monitors and everything in between.

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Moments In Asia - iPhone 5s 120fps on Vimeo

I spent 35 days exploring 11 different cities in Japan, China and Southeast Asia as a work assignment. I had chance to see new places, meet new people and experience new things I had never done before. This is my visual diary of the journey shot entirely on iPhone 5s.

Click here to see the video
Apple's iPhone 6 Adds Super Slow Motion Video, Optical Image Stabilization

Apple finally revealed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with capability of 240fps slow motion video, and that means one thing: Super slow motion video is about to be ubiquitous.

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New Algorithm Uses Text Commands to Change the Weather in Pictures

Efficiency and speed both play a big role in how technology moves forward. As simple as it is to type in a password to buy an app, we replaced it with a fingerprint sensor. And as efficient as it is to Photoshop your pictures to change the weather, we've now found a way to let an algorithm do the job for us.

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