Issue No. 65  August 2014
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Todd Fraser shoots - The Amazing Race Canada 2

Toronto Photographer, (and a really nice thoughtful guy) Todd Fraser recently shot the promo for the new series of  'The Amazing Race Canada 2'.
Todd has been shooting up a storm and creating striking images for Bell Media Inc. who is the client on this project.
S1 Supplied: Van Photo Package and additional Van, Lightning, Para 222, Grip, & crew members

Bell Media Inc.
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Andrew Soule shoots for Chatelaine Magazine

Hot Toronto based Photographer, Andrew Soule, (repped by Judy Inc.) brings his superb style to Chatelaine Magazine for this stylish retro story.

S1 Supplied: HMI, 7K Generator, Grip, Van with driver / assistant

Andrew Soule
Judy Inc
Chatelaine Magazine
OPC TV shoots Koodo Mobile's New Experiential Campaign

Koodo Mobile has created the Mobile Mobile Charging Station, a walking battery charger that irreverently promises to redefine mobility in Toronto.
The experiential marketing campaign, lets people plug their phones into a person wearing a suit that looks like a battery. The station is equipped with multiple cables that are compatible with the most popular phones in Canada.

The Client for this Koodo TV Ad was OPC TV Inc, with Producer Paul Matthews.
S1 Supplied: Video Van Package, Van operator  and additional grip.
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Dexter Quinto shoots Jane Iredale Cosmetics Campaign

Toronto / Vancouver Photographer Dexter Quinto, repped by They Representation & Gina Hole (vancouver) recently shot this ethereal Beauty campaign for Jane Iredale Cosmetics as a Bridal Season ad campaign, for the August/September issue of Brides Magazine. Way to go Dexter!
S1 Supplied: Studio, Lighting and Grip.

Dexter Quinto
They Representation
Malina Corpadean shoots for The Bay

Montreal based Photographer Malina Corpadean beautifully photographed
the Bay Furs campaign at S1 Studios. Check out the stunning images in the link below.
S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Studio, Lighting, Grip, and Para 88

Malina Corpadean
Zinc Production
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John van der Schilden shoots Shoppers Drug Mart  - retouching by Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

Toronto / NYC based John van der Schilden (or JVDS if you know him well enough) has been kicking ass with really gorgeous beauty campaign shots for
Shoppers Drug Mart. This is just another one in a series of excellence.
S1 Supplied: Studio, Capture Service, Camera, Lighting, Grip, and Retouching by S1 Digital

John Van Der Schilden
Shoppers Drug Mart
S1 Digital
How Lexus Created This Complex Stop-Motion-Like Video Using Practical Effects

Lexus and ad agency CHI&Partners hired acrobats and marshal arts experts to act as the 'Light Man' seen in the video while suspended from cranes and rooftops. Though they could have easily create such a video in CGI and green screens, by doing it the old fashioned way using practical effects they arguably made a much more interesting video.

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ESPN/ The Body Issue : Karen Frank

Karen Frank interview in The Daily edit about Celebrate the athletic form - in all shapes and sizes. Also a stunning gallery of images of nude Athletes shot by some great Photographers. A true inspiration of form, photography and timing.

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International Motion Art Awards: Paul Wolfe

Conceived by New York-based creative director Paul Wolfe as a promotion for the website of a start-up ad agency, the video was animated by Stefanie Augustine and directed by Adam Gault with stark graphical power that underscores the frightening prospects of change. Worth watching.

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Extreme Close-Ups Reveal Remarkable Elegance Of Insects

A first glance these images are fascinating, but the addition of the irreverent subtitles really makes you smile. The photos, taken by Sauw at his home in Banten, Indonesia, can be challenging to look at for those of us that find bugs terrifying, but there is something enchanting about getting close like this. Looking into their big, weird eyes, we see that they are so much more than stings and bites.

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Pricing And Negotiating: Executive Portraits For A Large Agency

A great 'a Photo Editor' article about the process of quoting, pricing and executing a large portrait shoot. The Shoot Concept: Create executive portraits and corporate lifestyle images of employees at work in their corporate headquarters and on-site at one client location. Some great tips

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What Happens When a Supermodel Violates Your Copyright

Rachel Scroggins is a NYC based fashion and portrait photographer. A former magazine photo editor, she has produced celebrity photo shoots, and photographed over 300 fashion shows for some of the world's most prestigious designers.
This post is something she struggled with for months, and debated even writing. But she shares her story and how copyright and the internet are complicated for copyright.
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Wikipedia refuses to take famous Monkey selfies off site because the Monkey owns Copyright, not Photographer

The series of "self portraits" of a crested black macaque monkey were shared around the world over the Internet and on social media.

But the now famous images are at the centre of a bizarre dispute over who owns the pictures.

David Slater, the British nature photographer whose camera captured the picture, has asked Wikimedia, the organization behind Wikipedia, to remove the image from its pages.

He claims its inclusion in a media library that allows other websites to use it free of charge is harming his ability to make a living.

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7 Great handheld Camera Rigs

To capture crisp, steady clips, you'll need to attach your camera to a rig or stabilizer. Rigs have come a long way from those clumsy, cumbersome setups of just a few years ago. Here are our current favorites for a range of cameras and assignments by PDN

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Get Unique Stabilized Low Angle Camera Shots with the Freefly Tero Remote Controlled Car

Freefly is continually pushing things forward, and they've now come up with their own custom remote controlled car that you can actually mount a MōVI to, which opens up all sorts of new possibilities for camera positions and angles, and gives you super smooth footage in the process.

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New BMPCC Owners, Here's How to Get Snappy, Vibrant Color from Your Flat Footage

Fantastic tutorial that will show you how to get snappy color from both your BMPCC ProRes and RAW files inside of DaVinci Resolve.

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Kino Flo 4ft - 2 bulb - Double fixture Kit

For those shots when you need less light light than a 4 ft / 4 bank Kino, or have less space. The fixture has 2 four foot bulbs, and the kits comes with 2 of each of these fixtures with a lollipop mounts for a grip arm.

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Kino Flo 2ft - 2 bulb - Double Fixture Kit

For those shots when you need a shorter and smaller Kino fixture. The fixture has 2 two foot bulbs, and the kits comes with 2 of each of these fixtures with a lollipop mounts for a grip arm.

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Arri 150w Fresnel's

For those shots when you need a really small Tungsten Fresnel!
Comes with Barn doors and a set of scrims.

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MORE Arri 300w Fresnel's

We added more of the Arri 300w Fresnel's, because you asked for them!
Great small tungsten Fresnel fixture with barn doors and a scrim skit.

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MORE Arri 650w Fresnel's

A popular small medium sized Arri tungsten Fresnel fixture, that we were asked for more of.
Comes with barn doors and a scrim kit.

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MSE Superflex Arms

This articulated arm snaps into a super clamp and has a 5/8" pin on one end. The only arm of it's kind that is strong enough to hold a small light fixture securely. Perfect for odd angles and tight spaces.

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Baby Pipe Clamps

For when you need to attach to pipe in a small space, so you can mount to a Baby Pin.

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MSE Preemie Stands

The newest addition to the stand family. Heavy duty and rugged, this aluminum stand can withstand the rigors of location shooting. Perfect for when you need a tough, low light weight portable stand.

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MORE Profoto Octa 5'

The heat-resistant Profoto 5' Octas are so popular, we had to add more! Perfect whether shooting with strobes, ProDaylight HMI or ProTungsten. We rent the soft eggcrate grid for it as well.

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Winners of First Drone Aerial Photo Contest Announced

The winners of the first National Geographic France / Dronestagram contest for aerial photographs made with the use of drones.

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"The Greatest Car Film Event" and You Can Get Involved!

Our friends at the automotive website Jalopnik have announced their second transportation-focused film festival, and it is great news for car lovers and creatives alike for a few reasons. First, you can attend an awesome film festival in New York City later this year and watch great car movie shorts. Second, you can submit your work and possibly win awards just as you would in any festival.

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New Rode iXY Mic Features Lightning Connector for iPhone 5, 5s and 5c

Rode has announced a new iXY mic that features a lightning connector. Turn your iPhone 5 into a recording device.

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Pentax Unveils XG-1 with 52x Optical Zoom

Just had to show this. The Pentax XG-1 is a new superzoom camera with a 52x optical zoom lens (24-1248mm equivalent) and a 16MP sensor. It has built-in Sensor Shake Reduction in order to handle the telephoto reach of the lens.

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