Issue No. 64  July 2014
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Steam Films Shoots for Grand Marnier

Steam Films, one of the top TV Commercial Production Houses in Toronto, shot this evocative piece for Grand Marnier.
The Director John Cullen, created a very stylized and natural feel for this summer get together.
S1 Supplied our fabulous Video Van Package

Steam Films INC.
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Frank Hoedl shoots Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid

Toronto Photographer Frank Hoedl, part of the Westside group, shot this very clever ad for the versatility of the new Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid.
Westside of course produced the shoot.

S1 Supplied: B4's, Lighting and Grip

Westside Studio
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MTV Originals - Kastor & Pollux Promo

Director Eli Schwanz, a regular at S1, created this promo spot of Kastor & Pollux for MTV Originals sponsored by Canon. Eli created a fast, hip, and of the moment vibe.

S1 Supplied: South Studio, HMI Lighting, Grip, Dolly and Tracks

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Eli Schwanz
Natasha Nicholson Shoots Motion & Print for KFC

Toronto based Natasha Nicholson, Photographer and now Director, shot the motion piece of delicious looking sandwiches, fries and cokes for KFC.
Using a Red Epic and a great Motion crew, Natasha is creating great motion pieces for KFC, with more to come!

S1 Supplied: HMI Lighting

Natasha Nicholson
Andrew Soule shoots for King West Magazine

Toronto based Photographer, Andrew Soule, repped and produced by Judy Inc. recently shot another very successful Toronto location editorial for King West Magazine.

S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip

Andrew Soule
Judy Inc
King West Magazine
Ian Campbell shoot for Medipac, retouching by S1 Digital

Toronto based Photographer Ian Campbell recently shot Medipac Travel Insurance Ads. Art Director Clarke Smith's concept was to create a visual that would illustrate the headline, "Luck Isn't Enough", with a color X-ray of a suitcase taken at airport customs.
This was a challenging and different sort of project, creating a composite image from a number of photographs and then giving them the look of a real X-ray.

S1 Supplied: Retouching by Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

Ian Campbell
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S1 Digital
Congratulations S1 Award winner of Naked in The House Photo Competition 2013 - Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis was the S1 Award winner for the Naked in the House Competition last year. S1 gave out a $3000 value prize of Studios, Equipment, Production etc to the Photographer we felt created the strongest image for the competition. This is the project that Mike shot with his S1 Award! Way to go Mike!

Mike Lewis
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Tiny Sidney

A short tilt-shift film showing the city of Sydney. Tilt-shift effect applied in post-production. Shot from Bondi Beach, Sydney Tower Eye, Pylon Lookout, Dudley Page Reserve.

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Blurb collaborates with Amazon to distribute self-published photo books

Blurb, an online self-publishing platform for photo books, is announcing a new program that will allow books created with its online tools to be sold on Amazon. Once a book is created through Blurb, authors may choose to create an ISBN, name a price and list the book for sale with the online retailer.

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Blurb to Amazon
Dreamwalking Barcelona

Wandering through a dreamland Spain. Filmed during the Feast of St. Joan, an annual celebration in which the locals (and tourists) light fireworks and party on the beach until dawn.

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Hi-Tech Studio: It's Time For A New Hybrid Camera

4K is here, and it's available and affordable for your backup, motion-dedicated camera.

Sent in by Peter Bradshaw of K5600

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Understanding Golden Hour, Blue Hour and Twilights

We all know that light is the crucial element in photography. Understanding how it behaves and the factors that influence it is mandatory.

For sunlight, we can distinguish the following light phases depending on the elevation of the sun: golden hour, blue hour, twilights, daytime and nighttime.


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Learn How to Use Reflectors to Double-Bounce Natural Light into Your Scene

The Slanted Lens recently pulled off a little bit of cinematography acrobatics for a shoot they did inside a cave at the L.A. Zoo, and they've shared a tutorial to teach us how to use two reflectors to double-bounce natural light around a corner. We rent all sorts of Shiny Boards, 4 x 4's Shiny & Soft, California Sunbounce, and Profoto Collapsible reflectors, perfect for those summer location shoots!

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Adobe's Major CC Update Puts The Photography Mobile Workflow Front And Center

Adobe is branching out from the desktop application market that they have dominated for years with regards to photo editing software and stepping into mobile devices. Having listened to their customers, they see that mobile technologies are a massive part of the industry.

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NEW Intel-A-Jib LITE Complete Kit

Need a low cost, easy to set up Jib for your next shoot?
The Intel-A-Jib LITE Kit can be use in two lengths, either 52" (132cm) for which the payload is 45lbs (20Kg) or 96" (244cm) for which the payload is 20 lbs (9kg). The Kit includes enough weights to balance either lengths as well as a tuning weights for fine adjustment.
The tripod included with this has a payload suitable for both configurations. The Jib takes about 2 minutes to set up, and you are going to love it!

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NEW Flanders 10 bit 17" Video Monitor Kit

What a great 10 bit Monitor with lots of features! This monitor is great in the edit suite or in the field, it delivers high level performance, and offers wide gamut RGB LED edge lit LCD panel, 14 scopes and audio meters. It can also do side by side viewing of 2 live signals.
Includes: MSE adjustable bracket to mount on a stand (5/8" baby pin receiver), 50' BNC cable, Hoodman Snap on hood, and an Anton Bauer battery (gold) mount for when you don't have AC power and want to run from battery.

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MORE Profoto Pro B4 Air Packs

Our Clients love them, and so do we. These are the most popular battery pack in Canada, so we added more to our rental inventory, as not only are they popular, they are reliable and really fast to charge!

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Man Flies Drone Through Fireworks, The Results Are Spectacular

Videographer Jos Stiglingh flies a DJI Phantom 2 drone with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver through the heart of a fireworks show and the results are worth the risk of his drone being blasted out of the sky.

** Footnote I read that the FAA is looking into charging this videographer.

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Sony to Unveil a Full Frame RX1 w/ Black & White Sensor

COOL! New rumors suggest that Sony will release a version of the RX1 full frame camera with a black and white sensor selling for approx $3000. Such a camera immediately brings to mind the Leica M Monochrom, which runs $8000.

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GoPro Teams Up with BMW, In-Car GoPro Control Coming to a Bimmer Near You

In a very strange partnership, it's been announced that GoPro and BMW have teamed up to add the ability to control GoPro cameras right from within the dashboard of BMW vehicles. Hmmmnnnnn.

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RØDE Microphones Releases Better-Performing smartLav+

RØDE has a pretty cheap solution that lets you use your smartphone like you would a high-end lavaliere receiver. The original smartLav was a hit, but they've made it even better with the smartLav+.

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