Issue No. 63  June 2014
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Dexter Quinto shoots Ron White Shoes

Toronto based Photographer Dexter Quinto, created a series of elegant shots on location for the latest Ron White Shoes Ad Campaign for Spring / Summer 2014.

S1 Supplied: Van Photo Package with Van Operator / Assistant

Dexter Quinto
Ron White Shoes
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Photographer Greg Paupst shoots Hillary Rodham Clinton

Globe trotting Toronto Photographer Greg Paubst, shot Hillary Rodham Clinton in Calgary, at on going tour speaking on International Relationships.
The Tour continued to Toronto and Edmonton, and included a talk about her new book "Hard Choices"

S1 Supplied: Lighting Equipment

Greg Paupst
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David Wile directs - Babies tasting Lemons for the first time

Photographers April Maciborka and David Wile directed a video titled "Pucker". It shows adorable toddlers sucking down lemons - and the priceless facial expressions the children make when they instantly learn what sour is. 


Directed by: David Wile and April Maciborka
DOP: Sasha Moric Samo Films
S1 Supplied: HMI Lighting and Grip  


David Wile
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John van der Schilden - Wins at National Magazine Awards - Retouching by S1 Digital - Jeff Brown

Congratulations to Toronto and NYC based photographer John van der Schilden and the team for winning the beauty category of the 37th National Magazine Awards!  Titled Masterpiece Theater, it was shot for Elle Canada.

Retouching by S1 Digital Senior Retoucher Jeff Brown! 
Brittany Eccles, Art Director
Juliana Schiavinatto, Stylist
Vanessa Craft, Beauty Director

National Magazine Awards
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John Van Der Schilden
Alvaro Goveia shoots cover of  Elevate Magazine

The very beautiful image on the cover of the May / June Elevate Magazine was shot by Photographer Alvaro Goveia. As usual he has created very elegant images for this issue.

S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip

Alvaro Goveia
Elevate Magazine
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Miguel Jacob shoots cover of Made for Men Magazine

The talented Miguel Jacob shot Taras Koltun for the cover of Made for Men Magazine for Spring 2014. Nice to see a B&W image on the cover of a magazine!

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Para 133, and Grip

Miguel Jacob

S1 Dual Capture Cart gets complete upgrade

The New Mac Pro dustbins are in, and after our testing we can confirm, they are really fast. We have started to Upgrade our Capture Carts starting with the Dual Capture Cart. With Thunderbolt & USB connectivity we have replaced almost all of the peripherals to take advantage of the connectivity speeds such as Thunderbolt Back up Drives & USB 3 CF card Reader. No more waiting for downloads or back ups. We have also added new Canon Printers, Battery charging for Phase, Canon and Nikon, and a Thunderbolt hub for extra USB 3.

The best Digital Capture Service in town, just got better!

Dual Cart + New Mac Pro

Profoto Light Shaping workshop by Andrea Belluso
Join us Saturday July 5th @ S1 Studios Toronto

Join Italian fashion photographer Andrea Belluso for an exciting Profoto lighting workshop. Andrea is an established fashion and beauty photographer who in his 30-odd years in the business has photographed famous models such as Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. Andrea's pictures have also been published in magazines such as Italian Vogue and Elle. Sign up to attend the seminar on how to create beautiful lighting using Profoto Modifiers.

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Directions and Parking @ S1
Andrea Belluso Website

S1 Award winner of 'Naked in The House' Photo Competition - Mike Lewis

Congratulations to Mike Lewis who won last years Naked in the House Photo competition. S1 sponsored a $3000 production prize to the winning photographer of the competition. This excellent series of images is what Mike shot with his S1 Award. Well done!

Mike Lewis

10 Emerging GIF Artists Who Prove Motion Photography Has No Limits

The world of the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) can be a murky realm, filled with animal outtakes, mind-boggling illusions and never-ending moving portraits of human gaffs. Since the days of Eadweard Muybridge, one of the founding fathers of motion photography, the concept of the dynamic image has morphed and evolved in a thousand different directions, becoming a ubiquitous form of digital interaction as well as an increasingly relevant medium of art.

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Drone-mounted LED lights Skier at night so another Camera Drone has enough light to shoot.

Aerial video specialist Simon Sjrn and his crew used two Black Armored Drone hexacopters (six propellers) for a nighttime ski shoot in re, Sweden. What is unusual is that one drone was carrying a LED lighting as they were shooting at night. More creative uses of Drones.

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We've All Seen These Iconic Photos. Here's Film Footage That Brings Them To Life

If pictures are worth 1,000 words, GIFs must be worth millions. This Still & Motion comparison gives you the "fuller picture," and see history come to life.
It illustrates how much more Iconic a great Photo is than the Video of these Historic events.

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Is Visually the Agency Disruptor?

Visually, the visual marketplace, announced the launch of "Visually Campaigns," today. While the site currently connects those who need visual content to those who create it, "Campaigns" takes it to the next level: It allows marketers to plan, create, distribute and track an entire campaign through the Visually platform, without having to go through an agency.

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Fuji Medium Format Digital Camera Coming Soon?

Recent rumors suggest that Fuji will introduce a medium format digital camera this summer - just in time for Photokina 2014. Cool!

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Apple Reveals iCloud Drive: Store, Sync, Access Up to 200 GB Worth of Data (For $4/Mo)

Being described as a "Dropbox-esque" file system, iCloud Drive, of course, stores your stuff on the Cloud for free, but not only has Apple included pay options for upping the amount of data you can store, but they've made that data much more accessible to you when away from the Cloud.

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Freefly Movi M10 Basic and Advanced Tutorials

Magnanimous Media rents camera gear and Movi packages. They have put together a pair of solid tutorial videos the provide a nice intro for the Movi M10.

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Canon Selphy CP910 Printer

These small dye-sub printers are perfect for when you want quick 4x6 prints while on set. Fast and easy, you can print from your computer or directly from a memory card.

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MORE Avenger Foldaway Frames

We have added more 6' x 6', 8' x 8' and 12' x 12' Avenger Foldaway Frames to Rentals. These frames are super fast and easy to assemble. The hinged connection points easily fold to transport the frame from set to set or through doorways without having to remove the fabric.

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MORE Matthews Big Ben Clamps

Also known as "Goal Posts" and "Cheeseboro" Clamps. These clamps serve multiple purposes, usually to hold pipe, such as a crossbar on large stands.

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MORE Matthews Female to Male Stand Adapters

You can never have too many butt plugs! We've added a bunch to Rentals to make sure we never run out.

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Young Digital Geeks are recommending Film Cameras for high quality but low camera costs in this review

Fun to see a Video review of what was in their day some very cool Film Cameras. Think about buying one on eBay?  This video is  really an example of how cameras can come back in vogue. Worth a watch.

Story sent in by Donovan Bond

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Bentley Car Ad Shot with iPhone 5s and Edited with iPad Air

Bentley had a Director & Crew shoot and edit a commercial using only an iPhone 5s and iPad Air. Really? The point of the ad spot was to show off the $300,000 Bentley Mulsanne's in-car connectivity and entertainment platform. The reality is the Director, DP and Crew probably had the same production values as if they shot on a Red or Arri. Worth a watch though.

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This Oculus Rift/DJI Phantom 2 System Offers FPV Monitor & Head-Tracking Cameras

I'm sure most of us have heard of the Oculus Rift by now, the virtual reality headset that could be turning the gaming world on its head. But, it also has a lot of cinematic potential as well, and not just as a headset through which an audience can your film, but as a head-mounted display/motion-tracking system for aerial filmmakers.

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Lomography Just Jumped Into the Instant Camera Game, Filters and All

As of today, there's a new name in the world of instant photography; a name you'll definitely recognize; a name that you probably thought already made instant film cameras you just hadn't heard of; Lomography.

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