Issue No. 61  April 2014
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Photographer Ruven Afanador shoots Orphan Black star
for cover of Entertainment Weekly

NYC based Photographer Ruven Afanador, shot the star of the successful BBC America TV Show Orphan Black for Entertainment Weekly Magazine.
Actor Tatiana Maslany, is getting a lot of the buzz at the moment, and was in TO with her doppelgangers for this shoot.
S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, and Van Service

Ruven Afanador
Entertainment Weekly
 Link to Orphan Black
John van der Schilden shoots Milla Jovovich for
Vogue Mexico

Toronto's own, John van der Schilden shooting in NYC, shot (as usual) beautiful images of celebrity Milla Jovovich for Vogue Mexico. The retouching was done by head retoucher, Jeff Brown of S1 Digital.

John Van Der Schilden
Vogue Mexico
Moo shoots for Elle Canada

Photographer Moo knocks it out of the park again with make up story with wet & crazy colour. Celebrity makeup artist and global artistic director for Revlon, Gucci Westman, explains her thoughts about the make up in the Behind the scenes below.
S1 supplied: Camera, Lighting, Studio, and Grip.

Behind The Scenes!
Elle Canada
Andrew Soule shoots Canadian supermodel Liisa Winkler for Flare Magazine

Photographer Andrew Soule, ex Milano and now based in TO, did another fabulous shoot for Flare Magazine with the talented and well known Liisa Winkler. Check out the great Behind the scenes video below.

S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip

Andrew Soule
Behind The Scenes
Flare Magazine
Photographer Al Quintero shoots for Fight To End Cancer
Event Promo

Photographer Al Quintero photographed the fighters in this years Fight to End Cancer Event. Way to go Al, great shots. The fighters are not Professional fighters, but Business people who train just for this event dreamed up Jennifer Huggins, Founder & Executive Director for the Fight To End Cancer.
BTW, if you like the fights, you can attend on May 31st, see the link below.
S1 Sponsored: Grip Equipment

Al Quintero
Fight To End Cancer
Award Winning publication, retouching by S1 Digital

Wayward Arts issue #5 designed by Goods & Services, printed by Flash Reproductions, and photographed by Craig Samuel, has won many awards for Photography, Design & Printing.
All the retouching was done at S1 Digital by the talented Adhi Kusuma.
The Title "921 Queen Street West"  won 3 Photography awards  so far:
Graphis Silver, One Eyeland Bronze, & Applied Arts.

Need some award winning retouching? Come to S1, and have your style applied, or create a new style! Drop in & ask to see the Publication.

2014 Applied Arts Photography Awards (not yet posted)
Graphis Photography Annual 2014
One Eyeland Awards 2013
New additions to Capture Carts for S1 Digital Capture
- iPad (Calibrated) w/ mounts & Profoto Air USB

The addition of the Profoto Air USB dongle allows our Digital Techs the ability to make adjustments on all our Profoto Strobe, Battery, HMI, and Tungsten Equipment through the Capture One Software plugin.
The iPad (Calibrated) + rubber case + desk mount + stand mount, allow clients the ability to remote view the shoot.  iPad comes with apps including Capture Pilot with Camera Control for Capture One Pro.

Profoto Air USB
iPad with smart cover
 YouTube Capture Pilot with Camera Control
USB 3.0 Card now added to Capture Cart Towers

Now save time and money at the end of the day when you are making a copy of your shoot. Apple MacPro towers only came with USB 2 which is very slow with the now very popular USB 3 drives. We have added USB 3 functionality to the Towers on our Capture Carts, and now you can back up your data to a USB 3.0 Drive Fast! Save a bundle on crew time.
Vistek Phase One IQ 250 Open House Event
1pm - 7pm Wednesday 16 April, hosted by S1 Studios

Join Wayne Sandmeyer from Phase One and Vistek on this Wednesday, April 16  at S1 Studios Toronto, as he demonstrates why the Phase One IQ250 is so versatile, and fast.
See for yourself how the Phase One IQ 250 delivers faster frame rates and a better high ISO at full resolution. Register below to attend:

Click here to register for Free!
Directions & Parking @ S1
Georgian Photography 2014 Graduates Portfolio Event, hosted by S1 Studios Toronto

This Tuesday 15th April at S1 Studios, come and experience exquisite food, and the new Talent from Georgian College Photography Program.

Georgian College's Digital Photography Program has been energizing students with the skills required in today's market. In fact they are so dialed in, they are holding an event just for you! Come and join them for their very own Portfolio Preview. Get together over phenomenal Food by Pepper & Sprout catering, and meet tomorrow's Photographer or Intern.

Tuesday April 15 from 5:30 to 9 PM

Click here for more info
Directions and Parking @ S1
Heli Wakeboarding

New POV's for stills & Motion just keep coming with new ways to use Aerial Drones (Remote Camera Platforms) Great use of a drone for a video!

Click here to see the video
A Girl Named Elastika - award winning animation

This Award Winning Animation " A girl Named Elastika" proves that you dont need a budget to win an award! It won many awards including Jury, grand prize/ Very Short Int'l Film Fest. 2013, Paris. It was made with pins and rubber bands and a great imagination. Check it out!

Click here to see the video
It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Drones Made Art

Inspired by the 1977 film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," production studio Fiction has created massive light paintings that look like an alien went wild with sparklers in the sky. Painting with light & Drones? Think of the possibilities.

Click here for more info
X-Rite ColorTRUE - Color management app for iPad

ColorTRUE is the free color management app that delivers true desktop colour to your iPad screen! Matching from X-Rite Pantone, the global leader in color calibration and profiling. Download the app and then use your calibrator. We rent a calibrator if you dont have one, or drop in and we can do it for you.
All S1's rental iPads are installed and calibrated using ColorTRUE.

Click here for more info
 Click to see Calibration device in rentals
Hacking the Feature Film: Can You Get Two Shots at Once Using a MōVI?

Having a two-camera set-up can have many great benefits. It can cut down on your production time/cost, streamline your work and make it more efficient, as well as provide much-needed continuity to the final product, which will ultimately raise your film's production value. Filmmaker Rubidium Wu puts this set-up to the test.

Click here for more info
NEW Profoto B1 - self contained battery strobe

Introducing the much awaited Profoto B1 500 AirTTL! This portable, wireless battery powered flash can be taken wherever you need to go. Perfect in situations where you need speed and ease to get that shot. Impressive recycle times, exceptionally short flash duration, LED modelling lamp to reduce battery drainage, and full E-TTL with Canon cameras (Nikon coming soon). This new light can do just about anything. Need a lightweight, fast, battery pack, that's fast to set up?

Click here to see it in Rentals
Check out the features:
NEW Profoto B1 Accessories

The Profoto Air Remote TTL-C allows you to full integrate your Canon camera with the new B1 using TTL.. (A Nikon version will be shipping soon)
The Lithium-ion battery gives you up to 220 full power flashes and only takes 1 hour to charge. You can also monitor your remaining power using the LED display on the battery.
The Quick Charger will charge a dead battery in 1 hour!

 Click here to see it in Rentals
NEW Phase One IQ250 Digital Back

New to Rentals is the Phase One IQ250 Digital Back. This 50MP back is the world's first CMOS-based digital back, providing maximum versatility by increasing the ISO range to 6400. Now you can get the image quality you've come to expect from Phase One, in conditions where you never could before.
This is the most versatile Phase One Camera/ Back combo we have tested yet. It also has the ability to transfer files over wireless.

Click to see it in Rentals
Phase One IQ260 Digital Back

We have also added the Phase One IQ260 Digital Back to Rentals.
This 60MP back has a newly deigned full frame sensor (lens Factor 1:1) that is capable of long exposures up to 1 hour. It also has the ability to transfer files over wireless.

Click to see it in Rentals
New Lighttools Egg Crates with built-in metal frames

No more sagging egg crates or inconvenient to build metal frames!
We have replaced all of our Egg Crate Grids with the new type from LightTools that have tensioning metal frames built-in. These egg crates snap right into shape, something like a circular reflector except rectangular, and will hold that shape regardless of how your softbox is angled. They are available in our rentals in all sizes of Chimera softboxes and strips! You are going to love these.

 Click here to see them in Rentals
'Capture Integration' certified FireWire 800 Cables
in Expendables

New to Expendables are the cables sold by USA Capture Integration certified FireWire 800 cables, specially designed for Phase One Digital Backs. These affordable high quality tethering cables come in 15' and 30'. Finally a high quality and reasonable price firewire 800 cable.

Click here to see them in Expendables
Shoe Covers in Expendables

Tired of trying to keep that seamless or cove pristine, or walking around on set with no shoes on? Well you are in luck! S1 now carries two different sizes of shoe covers in expendables, so stylists & crew can walk on set without worry.
They are waterproof too!

Click here to see them in Expendables
LaCie Rugged 120GB Thunderbolt SSD in expendables

New to Expendables is the LaCie Rugged 120GB Thunderbolt SSD drive.
This SSD with both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces is fast and much less likely to fail. This SSD version has transfer rates up to 385MB/s. Super fast, super reliable. Still a bit more expensive than a spinning drive, but the way to go with new laptops and MacPro Towers.

Click here to see them in Expendables
There will soon be Ray-Ban And Oakley Versions
of Google Glass

Google has teamed up with Ray-Ban maker Luxottica in a bid to turn its Internet-connected Glass spectacles into a widely-available, stylish consumer product. Ha! Now you will have to ask everyone to deposit their phone, watch and sunglasses before they come on your set!
Click here for more info
Phase One iXU 150 Medium Format Camera is Small Enough to Take to The Skies

Looking to take drone photography to new heights, Phase One has announced the iXU 150: a pint-sized CMOS medium format camera that has been designed with aerial photography in mind.

Click here for more info
Adobe brings Lightroom photo editing and sync to the iPad

Adobe is today introducing Lightroom mobile, an iPad version of its powerful desktop photo editing and organizing app. Lightroom mobile can be used on its own, but it's really built to be a portable extension of Lightroom 5.
Just I wanted for the bath tub!

Click here for more info
Lensbaby Unveils LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone

Lensbaby is taking its selective focus lenses to the iPhone for the first time with the new LM-10 Sweet Spot lens. Rrright!

Click here for more info

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