Issue No. 60  March 2014
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Yorkdale re-brands with Portraits by Bryan Adams

Yorkdale Shopping Centre marks its 50th Anniversary with a photoshoot of Toronto's Style Makers by Canadian Musician & photographer Bryan Adams. He flew in specially to shoot the portraits for the launch. Tristran Tran Productions produced the shoot and made sure everything ran smoothly for the shoot at S1 Studios Toronto.
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S1 Supplied: Studios, Capture Cart, Lighting & Grip

Bryan Adams
Tristan Tran Productions
Behind the Scenes!
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Steve Wilkie Photographs the Cast of "Working The Engels" - Retouching by S1 Digital

Toronto Feature Film Photographer Steve Wilkie photographed the cast of the new Global TV / Universal TV Show "Working The Engels". Starring longtime Canadian favorite Andrea Martin, expect it soon on TV. Retouching by Adhi & Jeff at S1 Digital.
S1 Supplied: Capture Service, Lighting and Grip, Van Services, S1 Digital - Retouching Services.

Steve Wilkie
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S1 Digital
Finn O'Hara shoots Canadian Men's Olympic Hockey for Nike

Toronto sports action Photographer Finn O'Hara recently shot the Canadian Men's Olympic Hockey team for Nike.
Producers Kith and Kin, put together a comprehensive team to help make this project a sucess. Check out the dynamic images below.
S1 Supplied: Van Photo Package, Distro

Finn O'Hara
Kith and Kin
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Miguel Jacob shoot for Marlowe Spring - Summer 2014 Collection

Miguel Jacob, regular Toronto based photographer and regular with the Marlowe team, photographed the stylish new Marlowe Spring / Summer 2014 collection. Another great series of photographs for Marlowe.
S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip Equipment

Miguel Jacob
Gregory Bennett DP, shoots Short Film "One"

As S1 Studios Toronto adds more motion equipment and services to our roster, we have the pleasure of meeting new creative clients such as Videographer Gregory Bennett. Greg brings a level of style, technique and finished product to the recent short film titled "ONE".
S1 Supplied: HMI lighting and Grip

Gregory Bennett
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Photographer Dexter Quinto Shot Olympic Gold Medalist Hockey Player Meghan Agosta-Marciano

Months before the Olympics, TO photo teams are busy shooting so many of the Olympic athletes.  Talented photographer Dexter Quinto, represented by They Representation, recently shot Procter and Gamble's 'Thank you Mom' campaign, starring Olympic Gold Medalist Hockey Player Meghan Agosta-Marciano.
S1 Supplied: Van Photo Package with Van Operator / Assistant

Dexter Quinto
They Representation
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Georgian Photography 2014 Graduates Portfolio Event, sponsored by S1 Studios Toronto

Save the Date! Exquisite Food, Creative Images & More!

Georgian College's Digital Photography Program has been energizing students with the skills required in today's market. In fact they are so dialed in, they are holding an event just for you! Come and join them at S1 Studios Toronto for their very own Portfolio Preview. Get together over phenomenal Food by Pepper & Sprout catering, and meet tomorrow's Photographer or Intern.

Save the Date & Time: Tuesday April 15 from 5:30 to 9 PM

Directions & Parking @ S1
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Annual Equipment Sale @ S1 continued

This year we extended our sale, and offer equipment that has been replaced by a new model or is overstock.  Anyone that has bought from us in past sales, knows our Sale Equipment is in great shape & service, and quite often has the original packaging.

See what still available on the link below, and then come in and see it, test it, and buy it! First come, first serve.
Call 416-466-3024 or Email social@s1group with questions.

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Direction to S1
Congratulations S1 Award Of Excellence Winner 2013 - Catherine Simone - Georgian College

Catherine used her $3000 production award and created a series of images for a new portfolio project. This is what she had to say of the experience...

As a winner of the S1 award of excellence, I was thrilled to shoot a fashion editorial and beauty story at S1 Studio's in Toronto, It was incredible to work in such an amazing studio that goes above and beyond industry standard. Craig Samuel, the owner of S1, was so generous with this award and his advice and input was incredibly helpful. I learned so much from this experience, from timing and preparation to using the best of the best in capture rigs, lighting and camera's.  This award really enabled me to experience the best that the industry has to offer and gain important knowledge right out of college.  A huge thank you to the S1 team, this truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Catherine's Website
Catherine's Blog
K WOMAN by KOCCA with Eniko Mihalik & Andres Velencoso

As part of our inspirations section we like to include image creators you may not know.The talented HUNTER & GATTI duo based out of Spain, directed this new piece. We love what these guys get up too, and have enjoyed providing services to them in the past.

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Location Scout - Adam Silver, for your next big project

You want that shot. The shot you see in your minds eye. You need someone who has the eye, who can deliver the location and whose strong enough to work with that challenging Director, demanding local authorities and the persnickety landlords. Look no further. Adam Silver a Canadian and great guy, can put his 20+ years of location scouting in the USA & Canada to work to make you look like the hero you are.

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Blink aims to connect photographers with editors

The process of gathering and distributing editorial has changed irrevocably over the past decade. Yet the sourcing of photographers and media workers hasn't. Matthew Craig tells Olivier Laurent how he aims to change that with his new start-up business.

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RED Epic Dragon Dethrones the Nikon D800E as Top Sensor in DxO Mark Tests

The 36MP full frame Nikon D800E has been the top dog sensor according to DxO Mark since the camera was first tested back in February 2012. That is, until DxO Mark put the new 6K RED Epic Dragon sensor to the test. The 19MP APS-H sized sensor from the Epic Dragon was the first to break the 100-point barrier on the DxO Mark score.

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VSCO Releases its Fifth Film Pack

The last four packs VSCO released covered modern, classic, instant, and slide films. In February, they released their consumer film pack collection. You remember those disposable cameras you used to buy at a Walmart? That's the kind of look they're going for with this release. VSCO FILM 05 takes us back through the past twenty years of analog cameras and implements filters that emulate some of the past's most popular rolls of film.

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Commercial Drones Are Completely Legal, a Federal Judge Ruled

For the moment, commercial drones are, unequivocally, legal in American skies after a federal judge has ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration has not made any legally binding rules against it.

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Photoshop for beauty? The Ultimate Guide To The Frequency Separation Technique

Chances are you have already learned what Frequency Separation (FS) technique is, as it became mainstream in the past few years. However, many FS technique users actually know very little theory behind it, thus have little control over its implementation. Julia Kuzmenko set out to research and collect all the important and useful information, and put it in this great web article.

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Zoom H6 Handy Digital Recorder Kit

The Zoom H6 is the world's first portable six-track recorder and the most versatile! The kit not only comes with the standard X/Y Mic, it also includes a Mid-Side mic and a Shotgun mic, wind shields, remote, and has four mic/line inputs for additional external mics, making it ideal in any situation you find yourself in. There are so many amazing things about this new recorder, and we bought all the accessories and out them in one comprehensive kit.

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MORE Profoto ProGlobes

Yup more of these, you asked for them!

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MORE Manfrotto 405 Geared Tripod Heads

These have become very popular.

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MORE Manfrotto 502HD Video Heads

Popular when you want to use a tripod head on a photo tripod.

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MORE Manfrotto 504HD Video Heads

Popular as a low cost rental for a video (bowl) tripod.

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More Gitzo Aluminum Systematic Tripods

Everyone loves the Gitzo tripods, and we managed to buy up the most recent aluminum model that is no longer available, but clients ask for.

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GoPro Video Of The Day - just crazy stuff

Roberta Mancino expresses her passion for fashion and her love of base jumping in this truly extraordinary "High Fashion" GoPro video. Watch them jump from Italy's Monte Brento looking fresh and stylish in Roberto Cavalli high end clothing. If you're going to base-jump off a perfectly good cliff, you might as well look spectacular doing it.

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GoldBug - 18 Carat Cameras, okay somebody buys these...

Goldbug was born through a love of film photography and an appreciation for the beauty and simplicity of the 35mm camera. All Goldbugs cameras are plated with 18 carat gold.

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Adam Selman: Gorgeous! Just plain funny.

A gaggle of models find themselves upstaged by comedian Amy Sedaris in this mockumentary filmed at Adam Selman's debut fashion show at New York Fashion Week, Spring-Summer 2014.

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Polaroid's Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera Arrives Fall 2014 for $299

The Polaroid Socialmatic has been on every hipster's wishlist since the camera was first teased. It should finally be a reality when it launches later this year. Another camera that I never saw coming!

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