Issue No. 58  January 2014
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Katy Perry - Much Music Video "That Much Closer"

Singer Katy Perry was in town for a Much Music event and video titled 'That Much Closer'. Shot in Toronto by a talented team of professionals, the S1 Video Van package with Van Operator was chosen by the client as it has the best set up and equipment for the job.
Think of S1 Van packages next time you need to feel like a superstar!

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Much Music
Mark Seliger shot 'Best Man Holiday' movie images in TO

Celebrity photographer Mark Seliger of NYC, was in Toronto last year shooting the gallery images for the movie 'Best Man Holiday'. Many van loads of equipment were required to shoot this multi set shoot with a large cast.

S1 Supplied Lighting, Grip, Expendables, production help, and Van Services

Mark Seliger
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John van der Schilden shoots Jenna Talackova for Elle

She was kicked out of the Miss Universe contest when it surfaced she was born a man -- but Jenna Talackova doesn't back down. She's an advocate for transgender rights and signed a new reality-TV show Brave New Girls. We say Go Jenna!
S1 Supplied Camera, Lighting, Grip, and Van Service

John Van Der Schilden
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Elle Canada
Christopher Wahl shoots David Clarkson
for Men's Fashion Magazine

Toronto based celebrity portraitist Christopher Wahl shot the Holiday 2013 Cover for Men's Fashion magazine. Well known Hockey Player David Clarkson
filled the model role for this dashing cover.

S1 Supplied: Studio, Grip, and lots of laughter to Chris's witty banter.

Link to the photo
Christopher Wahl
Photographer Christoph Strube shoots for Audi Magazine

Reclusive Fashion Photographer Christoph Strube, has totally come out of hiding and been busting out some stunning shoots. This latest shoot for the high quality Audi Magazine, was shot at a mysterious Toronto location, for Contempo Media. Check out the beautiful work, and see the well know model  Phil Macaulay gracing the pages.
S1 Supplied Camera, Computer, Lighting, Grip, and Van Service.

Christoph Strube
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Contempo Media
Gregory Bennett DP, shoots Short Film "Snowblind"

DP Gregory Bennett, based in Toronto recently rented our HMI's and some really tall stands to shoot this gorgeous short Film titled "Snowblind".
Although Film DP's have been using HMI's as part of there every day lighting, Still Photographers are seeing the advantages of HMI's and using them as part of their lighting package.
S1 Supplied HMI Lighting and Grip.

Gregory Bennett
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10 Tips on How to Creatively Use a Slider

Own or use a Cine Slider? Are you getting the most out of your gear? In this short video, videographer Jordy Vandeput demonstrates 10 different ways to manipulate your camera angles with a slider and tripod.

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Trends In Sight - What's New & What's Next in Photography

A series of creative research reports showcasing new photography collections shot with emerging cultural and societal trends in mind.

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Making of The Badass Changing Lens on Sony A7R Like You've Never Seen it Before

Watch this amazing behind the scene of Sony A7R Skydive commercial, this guy is changing lenses when sky diving! Dust on your sensor anyone?

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NEW S1 Instant Online Quotes

Working Late and didn't have enough time to call in your quote request for equipment? Just want to know how much stuff costs delivered?
You can now do it ONLINE 24 hours a day!
Go to our web ( the equipment & expendables you want and email yourself a quote, with either pick up or delivery selected. Now that the bugs have been worked out, we are continuing to develop features, such as being able to save your quotes and name them, so you can pull them up again later.
More functionality and service from the Team at S1!

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First Ever Five-Axis Stabilizer Promises to Deliver Rock-Steady Video

Certain indie filmmakers may be all in love with shaky-cam production values, but for the rest of us, nausea still isn't terribly valued as a special effect. So huzzah to the ShadowCam S-5, an upcoming stabilizer for DSLRs and pro series cinema cameras (Red Epic, Canon C models, etc.) that promises to dampen motion like no other stabilizer.

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Comparison of U.S. and Canada Copyright Law

Despite the similarities, there are distinctions between copyright law in the United States and other countries. To help identify these differences with the law in Canada, Dan Pollack, an intellectual property lawyer in Toronto, and the Photo Attorney have prepared the chart. Kudos to CAPIC & Andre Cornellier for the good fight, to help make Photographers Copyright so good in Canada.

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NEW High Temp Broncolor Para 133

Its finally here! The 4th member of the new Broncolor High Temp Para line up.
This is the newest version of Para and it works w/ Profoto & Broncolor Strobe, Profoto ProDaylight HMI 800w, Profoto ProTungsten 1000w, and K5600 200w, 400w + 800w HMI's.
S1 Studios Toronto is the only rental house to carry this complete line of HT Para's, and they are completely different from previous versions.

This kit includes adapters for different lights sources, 3 different diffusers,
a Soft Eggcrate, stand and case.

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HOTTEST 15" MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display

We just replaced all our laptops with the latest  hottest MacBook Pro. It is a powerful laptop computer with an ultra-thin and ultra portable aluminum design. With all of the newest technology, this laptop has everything you need to work easily on and off set, capture with speed and reliability.

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Profoto D4 Air 2400 Pack

Clients asked for them so we put them in rentals! Our newest addition to our Profoto Strobe selection. With the D4, you can program the time between flashes (Interval), how many flashes in a row (Sequence) and when the flashes begin (Delay). You can also store 3 different power settings so you can go back to a previous set up easily. It also has 4 outlets for heads, each of which can be controlled separately. Also works with the Air Remote system.

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Nikon D800

Increasing our Nikon offerings, we now carry the D800 as well as the D800E. Stand by for some side by side tests coming soon. An excellent alternative to a medium format digital back for when you are working with a smaller budget. This 36.3MP camera is ideal for anyone who requires end results of the highest quality.

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Nikon MC-36A Multi-Function Remote Cable

The MC-36A is a remote shutter release cable that also functions as a timer remote and an intervalometer for doing time-lapse. It can also be used for long exposures by activating the camera's bulb function. Works w/ Nikon D800 & D800E and others.

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NEW line of Profoto Umbrellas & Diffusers

3 Different umbrellas in Shallow & Deep, all with optional diffuser.
Profoto has revamped all of their umbrella line, and the brand new deep umbrellas give you a better control of the light spread. One of the best things is Profoto offer diffusers for all sizes of the new umbrellas.
S1 Studios purchased the complete line up, and have them in rentals.

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NEW Profoto Collapsible Reflectors

There are so many brands of reflector, and it seems strange for Profoto to enter this market. But wow did they do it right!
Silver-White, Gold-White, Silver Gold (zebra)-White, Black-White, and Translucent (yes thats right!) offered in a large and a medium. They are almost square which gives them much more surface area, and have real handles any assistant will appreciate, as they are in the right place!
S1 Studios purchased the complete line in all sizes for Rentals.

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Gobo Set for Profoto Spot Small

Clients have asked for Gobo's to be able to create out of focus light patterns. We added these to work w/ the Profoto Modifier Profoto Spot Small Link here. it comes as a set ,and includes 7 different gobos.

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Phillip Bloom Shoots with a Barbie Camera in Latest Cheap Camera Challenge

Okay the Fun Stuff section of the newsletter is where we put the fun stuff, or just plain funny & silly. In Digital Rev's latest Cheap Camera Challenge, Kai puts Phillip Bloom up against a Barbie video girl.

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iOgrapher Filmmaking Case Now Available for the iPad 3 & 4

Okay more silly stuff!  Or in our brave new digital world is this sick?
Laugh, cry ,or buy one? The iOgrapher iPad case for turning your iPad into a filmmaking machine is now available for the iPad 3 and iPad 4.

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The Panasonic Toughpad 4K UT-MB5 Tablet - The World's First 20-Inch 4K Tablet

Now this is actually sick. Panasonic just announced a new 4K tablet. Although the tablet can be used for different applications (architecture, design, healthcare, etc.), with UHD 3840 x 2560 resolution, this could be a game-changing product for filmmakers and photographers who would like to see their work out in the field in ultra high resolution.

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