Issue No. 57  December 2013
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Christmas Holiday Closing
- S1 Studios Toronto will be closed from 21st Dec to 1st Jan

Will be open 2nd January 2014. If you need anything for when we are closed please contact us before we close on the 20th of Dec.

Season's Greetings from S1 Studios Toronto to all our Clients and everyone we work with. Wishing you peace, love and eggnog.
Look forward to seeing you in 2014!

S1 Digital - Have you tried us?
Amazing quality work & new lower rates

As we have been operating for 8 years, we thought in line with the New Website, we would overhaul the retouching lab. Its now called S1 Digital, with new services, the same amazing retouching, with new lower rates and...
Editorial rate? No Problem!
Project rate? No problem!
Come and see us for a quote on your next project.

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Marcel Wepper shoots Marion Cotillard for Elle's Women In Hollywood 2013 video

Actress Marion Cotillard is one of the Elle's Women In Hollywood 2013. Shot here in Toronto at S1 Studios. Check out the video link below!

Client: Marcel Wepper
S1 supplied: Studio, Lighting, Grip, Camera, and Video Crew.

Click here to see the video
Marcel Wepper
Elle USA
Venetia Scott shoots William Dafoe & Marina Abramovic
for Muse Magazine
The Venetia Scott, based out of London England, flew into Toronto to create some portraits of William Dafoe and Marina Abramovic for Muse magazine.
Check it out below. 

Client: Camilla Lowther Management UK
S1 supplied: HMI Lighting and Grip

Muse Magazine
Camilla Lowther Management UK
Christopher Wadsworth shoots for P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards video

The talented toronto based Christopher Wadsworth, created some rich and sensous images for theP&G Beauty and Grooming awards. He decided to try the new Para 88 reflector with a K5600 400w HMI as featured in the photo to the left.
So beautiful! Light once, shoot twice (Still & Motion) is the other benefit. As you know we are all about HMI and Paras here at S1, so come to the specialists on your next project.

Christopher Wadsworth
Click here to see the video
Photographer Gabor Jurina shoots Meghan Collison for the cover of Glow Magazine

Meghan Collison is Canada's own international revered model, shot by Torontos own Gabor Jurina for the November 2013 cover. Its going on our wall for sure!
S1 supplied : Studio, Lighting and Grip

Gabor Jurina
Glow Magazine
Miguel Jacob shoots for Bayview Village with HMI lighting

Photographer Miguel Jacob shot the Holiday Lookbook 2013 for Bayveiw Village. All beautifully shot with Profoto Prodaylight 800w HMI Lighting only! Check it out, HMI is so back in fashion. Remember the term wysiwyg? What you see is what you get! Well that is HMI.

S1 supplied: Profoto HMI lighting, Grip, Hazer, and Van Service

Miguel Jacob
Bayview Village Holiday LookBook 2013
Robert Popkin shoots for Nissan Grey Cup Ad Campaign

Robert Popkin shot this very funny series for the Grey Cup for Nissan. It was on location, and this is Roberts comment about S1 Van Package: "The S1 package truck is a very slick service that is virtually a one stop shop for grip and lighting. it's a fantastic deal, and with the driver doubling as an assistant, you really can't lose. The depth of equipment on the van allows you to go into any shoot day with the peace of mind that you'll have everything you need. I've used the truck on a few productions now, and i will definitely continue to use it in the future". Go Robert!

Behind The Scenes!
Robert Popkin
May Truong shoots for Lime Ridge Mall
- Retouching by Adhi Kusuma @ S1 Digital

Toronto photographer May Truong, came to S1 Studios Toronto for the full service package, and walked away with a very happy client, some beautiful shots, and great service the S1 way. Thanks May, we loved having you here, you rock!
S1 supplied: Studio, Camera, Capture Cart, Lighting, Grip and retouching by Adhi Kusuma @ S1 Digital

May Truong
Lime Ridge Mall
S1 Digital
In Conversation With Mario Testino

For his latest exhibition, renowned fashion photographer Mario Testino went home - to Peru.

Trekking repeatedly over five years to Cusco City, once the capital of the Inca Empire, Lima-born Testino discovered, while on assignment for British Vogue, a vast trove of costumes from the region so rich in color and heritage that he found himself delving deeper and deeper into a desire to document them.

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Bil Zelman on Shooting Portraits of Difficult Celebrity Subjects

Celebrities can be skittish and uncooperative in front of a camera, so photographer Bil Zelman sometimes uses psychology to elicit a particular reaction for a compelling portrait. In this video, he describes how he calmed author Isabel Allende, who was self-conscious in front of the camera, and how he got himself out of trouble on a shoot with film director Werner Herzog.

Click here to see the video
Thou Shalt Not Steal: There's a Plagiarism Epidemic in the Photography Industry

Acts of plagiarism are tearing through our industry at an astounding pace. Image theft is HUGE and, to be honest, it's kind of bewildering. With websites such as Tineye and Google's Image Search, anyone can easily check on images to gauge ownership.

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City Rising (Toronto Timelapse)

Thus is really worth watching, this photographer is really good at what he does.  Time-lapse of Toronto by Tom Ryaboi.

Sent in by Peter Bradshaw of K5600

Click here to see the video
How To Turn Your Photos Into Animated Clips

Through a process known as the parallax effect, in which single frame photos are layered to create the illusion of third-dimensionality (3D), UK-based motion graphics artist and director Joe Fellows is able to turn a static shot into a multidimensional image.

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Give Your GoPro HERO3 Interchangeable Lenses with the Back-Bone Ribcage

We've already seen the GoPro HERO3 get some interchangeable lens abilities. Now there's much cheaper solution that you can actually own, the Ribcage from Back-Bone - will be available in a fully-modded camera with C-mount, or a DIY mod kit for a camera you already own.

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240+ Filmmaking Links, Tutorials & Knowledge

If you're a total beginner, or an advanced filmmaker - the list on this website should provide an overview of what is out there, and hopefully supplement your already existing knowledge.

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Profoto HR 7' Octa

The Profoto Octa Softbox family is now complete. We have 3ft, 5ft and now 7ft! This heat resistant octa can be used, not only with all Profoto strobe heads, but with the ProDaylight HMI and ProTungsten 1000w lights as well. Cool... well kinda hot!

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Eggcrate Grids for Profoto 3' and 5' Octas

The largest selection of Eggcrate Grids in Toronto is now even larger. S1 has added Profoto grids for the 3' and 5' Octa Softboxes. Eliminates spill and adds direction to the light.

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Elinchrom Rotalux 'Deep Throat' 70

The Elinchrom Modifier section is growing, and the newest addition is the smaller 70cm (27.5") 'Deep Throat' Octa. Because of the deepness of this octa, the light is more directional than other octas, while remaining soft.

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All new High Temp Softboxes and Eggcrate Grids

Our collection of Eggcrate Grids is complete! Not only have we added a bunch of new Chimera Video Pro Plus (Hightemp... think HMI)  softboxes and strips, but we now have Eggcrate Grids for all of them. We have every shape and size of Softbox, Strip box and every soft eggcrate grid to match. We are crazy the Crazy Larry of High Temp Boxes, Strips & Soft Eggcrates!

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Eizo CG246 Remote Viewing Monitor kit

The very popular Remote Viewing Monitor has now been upgraded to the Eizo CG246 Self-Calibrating Monitor. Easily calibrate this monitor wherever you are, it takes just 5 mintues from the keyboard to calibrate for the ambient light where ever you are shooting! Love it, no more setting up calibration devices, its all built in.

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GoPro Hero3+ Black edition

Amazingly, the GoPro Hero3+ Black edition captures 4k Cinema and 12mp stills! The possibilities are endless with this amazing little camera. It has built-in WiFI which enables you to control it manually, or you can control it using the free GoPro App on your smartphone or tablet. For all the specs, check it out in Rentals. This latest version is smaller, lighter, faster WiFi and longer lasting battery. Add one to your next shoot for stop motion, video, or even underwater!

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GoPro - Lions, The New Endangered Species?

Okay, you have to see this footage to believe it. I was chewing my fingers when I watched it.
The GoPro production crew journeys to Africa to explore the danger and beauty of Kevin Richardson's passions for lions and their future.

 Click here to see the video
"Car-L" meets the Lions

This NZ Photographer is really talented, but this is just plain funny and worth a watch. "Car L" meets the lions. The remote controlled 4x4 camera buggy gets up close and personal as it is stalked by this curious pride of lions in Botswana. DSLR up close and personal.

 Click here to see the video
How'd They Do That? Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'Epic Split'

Let's all take a minute to watch one of the latest viral videos:

Movie tough guy Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'Epic Split' between two moving Volvo trucks.

Naturally, it's got folks asking questions:

a) Whether it's real?

b) How did they do that?


Click here to found out the answer
Epic Self-Promotion: Photographer Has 400 Action Figures of Himself Made

Now, as the photography market is becoming more and more saturated, the name of the game is "make an impression." There are tens if not hundreds of photographers available pitching your client... how are you going to stand out?

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