Issue No. 56  November 2013
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Genevieve Charbonneau shoots Hayden Christensen for
Lou Lou Magazine

Stuffy dress codes are so passť! Take a fun approach to festive dressing with the help of Canadian movie star and newly minted RW&CO. Guest designer Hayden Christensen.

Photographer Genevieve Charbonneau based in Montreal shot this cool piece in our Double Studio, and of course S1 supplied Lighting, Grip, Capture Rig, and Set Walls.

Genevieve Charbonneau
Lou Lou Magazine
Matthew Lyn shoots Daniel Radcliffe for Sharp Magazine

Photographer Matthew Lyn, based in Toronto, photographed the Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe for the very smart cover of Sharp Magazine during Toronto International Film Festival.
Client: Contempo Media
S1 Supplied: Studio, Lighting and Grip

Matthew Lyn
Sharp Magazine
Photographer Trevor Brady shoots for Audi Magazine

Globe trotting photographer Trevor Brady, photographed a classic Black & White story recently for Audi Magazine. Audi Magazine is a quarterly luxury lifestyle publication for Audi Canada's exclusive customers produced by Contempo Media.

S1 Supplied: Studio, Camera, Lighting and Grip

Trevor Brady
Audi Magazine
Erik Tanner shoots for Vogue Japan

Erik Tanner shot Director Hitoshi Matsumoto during TIFF for Vogue Japan. Erik chose Zinc Production Toronto, to produce this shoot during TIFF 2013.

Photographer: Eric Tanner
Client: Zinc Production Toronto
S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip

Erik Tanner
Zinc Production
Tom Feiler shoots NHL Mascots for Scotia Bank

Toronto Based Tom Feiler directed these hilarious videos for Scotiabank. Each video features six NHL mascots -- Fin, Sparky, Carlton the Bear, Slapshot, Stinger, and S.J. Sharkie -- out on the town spending money, which they can now do with their fancy new cards.

Client: Kith & Kin Productions
S1 Supplied: Van Video Package service with van operator/assistant

Click here to see the videos
Tom Feiler
Kith and Kin
Stella McCartney - Retouching by Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

Stella McCartney new ad campaign features models from her Winter runway show Suvi Koponen and Chiharu Okunugi photographed in London by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot for her Winter 2013 Ad Campaign.
Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital did the beautiful retouching on these images. If you have special project, call S1 and have them set up a meet with Jeff!

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Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
David LaChapelle Offers His Dark Twist on 'The Red Shoes' in NSFW Happy Socks Short

When it comes to LaChapelle's work, expect the unexpected, which perhaps makes him an unusual choice for Happy Socks, a Scandinavian sock brand that approached LaChapelle and commissioned him to photograph a campaign and make an advertisement for their product, with predictably unusual results.

Click here to see the video
Low Budget, High Scale - Incredible Action Sequence With BTS

Whether you're a photographer or you focus on video, this article highlights the high octane visual set piece created by Slaughterhouse Pictures, who successfully combined principles of both stills and motion work to create high impact visual media with zero budget and very limited resources.

Click here to see the video
John Huet on Applying Motion Lighting to His Still Work

As a beginning director, Huet applied the techniques of framing and composition that he had used in still photography to his motion work. Now, however, he applies techniques and lighting from his film work to shooting stills.

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Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season

This season, the most successful fashion films broke away from the old template, embracing the unexpected plots, quirky music and bursts of humour that resonate with online audiences.

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Profoto unveils a powerful but portable NEW  B1 Light,
a Battery-Powered, Cordless Flash with TTL Functionality

Profoto has just unveiled a very interesting new concept in portable lighting: a powerful, battery powered flash with TTL functionality - called the B1. Looks like a D1 self contained head, but with a battery and TTL. Who would of thought of this one? It has created quite a stir, and managed to crash the Profoto web site when launched because of the incredible traffic.

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The Film Look - Anamorphic Lenses

With this guide you will enter the world of anamorphic lenses. Before beginning, ask yourself - do I want my footage to look like everybody else's? Would I feel satisfied if my footage was shot with lenses anyone could buy, from a normal online shop? If the answer is 'no' - choose anamorphic.

Click here to see the video
Anamorphic Shooter's guide
Phase One IQ260 - 1 hour exposure in exceptional quality capturing The City That Never Sleeps

Photographer Marc Koegel from Bulb Exposures, a recognized blog dedicated long exposure photography, went to Brooklyn to test one of the first IQ260s and its long exposure capabilities.
Marc's verdict in summery:
"So should you get an IQ260? ... for anyone looking to do long exposures, the IQ260 is the clear choice."

Click here to see the photos
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Child Models Under the Current Laws of New York

Effective November 20, 2013, child models who live or work in New York State will be covered by Labor Law and regulations as Child Performers. On June 9th, 2013, Canadian and top model Coco Rocha, who is an Advisory Board Member of the Model Alliance, was present at the Model Alliance press conference at the Lincoln Center to announce legislation that would afford child models the same protections as other child performers in New York.

Sent in by: Peter Bradshaw of K5600

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Child Model Legislation: Coco Rocha
K5600 1600w Joker with ZOOM Beamer

We've added the  latest K5600 1600w HMI light to complete our line of Jokers in rentals. This 1600w HMI comes as a kit, but with the much large diameter  Zoom Beamer. No lenses necessary as it has a focus lever on the side of the reflector, similar to the Arri 1800. This focus-able beamer gives 15 to 65 degrees of even light output.
Joy and Seaway Cable - Distro

S1 is expanding to include Distro to the electrical section in rentals. We now have 25' and 50' Joy cables, as well as 25' Seaway cable. More to come soon!
Elinchrom Rotalux "Deep Throat" Octa 100

We have added another Elinchrom Octa! The narrow shaped Deep Octa reduces the spread of light and offers sharper shadows compared to standard sized octagonal softboxes. They provide a very even diffuse light over the front screen and are an excellent crisp and direct light when used without diffusers to give a beauty dish look.

XXS Video Pro Plus Softbox and Grid

This is really small, and unavailable anywhere in TO, so we added them to rentals. The smallest (and cutest) Chimera Video Pro Plus Softbox is now available to rent, along with the Soft Egg Crates (grids)  from Lighttools.
New CF, SD and Micro SD cards

Not only have we added 32GB Micro SD cards for the GoPro cameras and a bunch of 32GB Extreme Pro SD cards, but we have also added the brand new Extreme Pro Compact Flash cards that have transfer speeds of up to 160MB/s! These CF cards are designed for pros and are optimized for 4K video capture.
Manfrotto 055XB Tripods

These tripods are ideal when you need something light and compact. Excellent for use with the Laptop iWorkCase Kits, or when trekking gear around!
Manfrotto 057 Ball Head

This ball head by Manfrotto is extremely precise and compact. It is made of lightweight magnesium making it super durable but still very light, and it supports up to 33lbs (15kg). That is a whole lotta camera!
Sachtler Ace Video Tripod Kit

This tripod provides broadcast-style performance while using lightweight components, keeping the overall weight down. It has a total weight of only 8.6 pounds and supports up to 13.2 pounds!  If you need to carry a small and lightweight unit, but with Sachtler quality, then this is the one to rent.
Kino Flo replacement bulbs for Daylight & Tungsten           26W Fluorescent Lamps in Expendables

When shooting on location these are amazing to replace the bulbs in lamps (also know as practicals) to match the light sources in your shot. With legendary colour correctness and low power draw, these Kinoflo True Match compact fluorescent lamps come balanced to either daylight or tungsten. They screw into a standard E26 base, and the output is equivalent to a 100w household bulb.
1/2" Manila Rope and 1/4" Sash Cord in Expendables

1/2" Manila rope for rigging? No problem! 600ft Rolls, or 50ft cuts available in expendables. 1/4" black sash cord now available too. 500ft Rolls or 50ft cuts. This smaller sash cord is great for silks and frames, or for lighter weight applications such as making ties for AC cords.
USB 3 Cables and Repeaters

S1 now carries the newest USB 3 cables and repeaters in both Rentals and Expendables. These cables come in TetherTools' 'High-Visibility Orange" so no one on set breaks their leg! They also have a 5 GB/s signaling rate, 10x better than USB 2. Buy em, or rent them. Work with those Nikons too!
The Lion City - very cool timelapse

One of the coolest Timelapses we have seen in a while. Sure there are lots of them, but this one is shot with Tilt Shift lenses and of a unusually high quality. Shot in and around Singapore the achitecture and urban design lends itself to the comic toy town look.

Click here to see the video
Neurocam uses brainwaves to trigger hands-free photos, straps an iPhone to your head

Neurocam uses brainwave sensors similar we've already seen in moving cat ears and TV navigation, but this time hooks up with your smartphone camera. iPhone mania to a whole new level!

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Dogs Shaking Off Water, Captured in Super Slow Motion

Carli Davidson's high-speed photographs of dogs making hilarious faces while shaking off water have been released in book form, accompanied by the super slow motion video of the puppies in action.

Click here to see the video

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