Issue No. 54  September 2013
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S1 adds the NEW line of redesigned HIGH TEMP Broncolor Paras to rentals

Broncolor has completely redesigned their Para line, now that the Briese patent has expired.  We can only say that we would not have purchased the complete line with every accessory if they were not the best new thing.  Not only are they completely differant, they are now truly High Temp for HMI & Tungsten light sources. As S1 has the largest stock of any Photo rental house in Canada of Profoto 8a's, Prodaylight HMI, ProTungsten & K5600 HMI's, naturally the fact that Bron now makes a Profoto adaptor and a K5600 adaptor is important. If you have never shot with one of these, stay tuned for our live Broncolor Para event in October and see the full details in the next newsletter!

Para 88
Para 177
Para 222
Para Press Release
miguel jacob
Miguel Jacob shoots Marlowe Fall/Winter 2013

Photographer Miguel Jacob came to S1 to shoot the Fall/Winter Campaign for Italian fashion line 'Marlowe'. Inspired by the idea of using light painting techniques, the images produced are diverse and unique. S1 was happy to supply Cove studio, Lighting, and Grip for his shoot. Check out more of Miguel's work in the link to his website below!

Miguel Jacob
Into the Light Video!
Andrew Soule shoots Julia Dunstall for Flare Magazine

Albertan model Julia Dunstall in Flare September issue, shot by Andrew Soule in Edmonton.
S1 Supplied: Lighting & Grip Equipment 

Andrew Soule
Flare Magazine
John van der Schilden shoots Shoppers Drug Mart  - retouching by Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

JVDS is shooting incredible beauty everywhere. Check out the latest Shoppers Drugmart campaign, its everywhere too!

S1 Supplied: Studio, Lighting & Grip, Camera, Computer, and retouching by Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital.

John van der Schilden
Shoppers Drug Mart
S1 Digital
Erik Almas shoots video & stills for Credit Suisse

This spot for Credit Suisse inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, was shot in Toronto and S1 supplied: Equipment, Video Crew, Camears, Dollys & Track, built the set walls and produced the large 11ft x 6 ft prints for TNC Productions NYC.

Click here to see the video
Erik Almas
TNC NY Productions
Wayward Arts Magazine - Capsule Music retouching by Adhi Kusuma @ S1 Digital

The latest version of Wayward Arts magazine, the brainchild of Rich Paupitt at Flash Reproductions, was awarded to Up Inc. This is a huge magazine format printed piece that opens up to create posters for your wall. S1 & Craig Samuel worked together to profile Toronto's coolest guitar shop: Capsule Music. Get your copy now from the Wayward Arts site below.
S1 Supplied: Photo Van Package, Camera, Lighting & Grip, and Imaging @ S1 Digital

Wayward Arts
RGD Ontario
Tim McGhie shoots Blue Jays Jose Bautista for Pizza Pizza

Photographer Tim McGhie took our Photo Van Package out for a spin with S1 Assistant Mike MacMurchy to shoot Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista for Pizza Pizza. Check out the links below to see Tim's website.

Tim McGhie
Mola Event - Strobe, HMI & Tungsten - Tues 24 Sept 3-7pm

Visit S1 Studios on Tuesday the 24th Sept between 3 to 7pm and see a full the full range of Mola's set up with Strobe, HMI & Tungsten light sources. Meet the inventor and owner of Mola, who will be at the event to answer your questions. Mola reflectors are in high demand in rental shops all over the world. Designed and owned by one of our own, Canadian photographer Walter Melrose. Now you can use the beauty reflector that you know, for Strobe, HMI and Tungsten lights. S1 modified all our Mola reflectors to accept K5600 HMI's (including the 1600w Joker), Profoto ProDaylight HMI, & Profoto ProTungsten's for your continuous light needs. Don't miss this once in a blue moon event.

Link to S1 Mola Reflector Compatibility Chart
Link to the Event Page
Naked in the House 2013 Winner of the S1 Studios 1st prize

Congratulations to Mike Lewis, 1st prize winner of Naked in the House 2013. Dan Couto brought back Naked in the House this year, and held the event last week. S1 Studios Toronto sponsored a 1st prize that has a  $2500 Value. We look forward to seeing what Mike will shoot next.

Mike Lewis Website
Naked in the House 2013
Double Bill: Léa Seydoux

Glen Luchford's short films for NY fashion house rag & bone are as beautiful and elegant as they are real. Starring actors Palme d'Or winner Léa Seydoux and Michael Pitt, and set to a yearning Sparklehorse soundtrack, Luchford's signature is a combination of dramatic understatement and modern nostalgia for the craft of shooting on film.

Click here to see the video
Canon Student CPS Program

Canon's Student CPS Program is designed to offer an unrivaled level of sales and service support for studying Photographers, Videographers, and New Media Artists. By becoming a member of Student CPS, you will be eligible for a host of real world benefits designed to help and assist post-secondary Visual Arts, Fine Arts, and Applied Arts students in mastering their craft and achieving their career aspirations.

Sent in by Freddie at Aden Camera

 Click here for more info
Ilse Crawford x Georg Jensen

Filmmaker Justin Anderson follows a water jug, metallic bowl and candleholder through a choreographed series of daily rituals in this whimsical short showcasing the new Ilse Collection by Georg Jensen. British designer Ilse Crawford is behind the namesake collection, which looks to transform everyday objects into beautiful, experiential items that add elegance to routine.

Click here to see the video
Theater of the Streets, Shot On Google Glass

Today, "I finally feel like my eye is a camera," says Richard Koci Hernandez, an Emmy award-winning multimedia producer, photojournalist and professor of New Media. Earlier this year, Hernandez, known for his popular @koci Instagram account featuring noir-style street photos taken with an iPhone, entered Google's #ifihadglass competition. He won, and began posting his wearable camera-made photos to his new account, @koci_glass.

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Building a Better GIF

Cinemagraphs, Postal says, answer the question: "How do you captivate people using motion in a way that entices them to go into the brand more, to go into the scene more, or stop and actually notice? Because that is the toughest thing to do in the ad world now: to get people not just to look but to actually see something."

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New Algorithm Can Pick Out Photo Fakes by Looking at Shadows

As post-production software continues to become more and more powerful, researchers are doing their best to keep up by developing new methods of spotting digital photo fakes. In the past, we've seen that noise patterns and even Twitter trends can help spot fakes, but a new method out of UC Berkeley is taking a look at something else entirely: the shadows.

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Photogs Aren't Good With Money- 9 Tips for Sticking to Your Photo + Video Production Budget

Tips for staying on that all important budget during your production.

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MORE Reel eFX Fans!

Clients asked for them, so we have added more!

 Click here to see it in Rentals
MORE Profoto XL Umbrellas and Front Diffusers!

These extra large umbrellas are getting popular so to keep up, we've put more in rentals.

Click here to see it in Rentals
MORE Avenger A5012 Low Rollers!

Busy, busy, busy! S1 has added a bunch of new grip to rentals. Small stands, big stands, small booms, big booms, clamps and more. Take a look here and below.

Click here to see it in Rentals
MORE Wind Up Stands!

3 Section wind ups, with 13' height, and a high centre of gravity. Rocky Mountain leg, and wheels.

Click here to see it in Rentals
MORE Super Clamps!

 Click here to see it in Rentals
8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives now in Expendables

Now in Expendables, Kingston 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives. Specially for those clients with the New Apple laptops with no optical drives.

 Click here to see it in Expendables
My New Photo Sundial App Gives You the Sun, the Stars, the Moon - and more!

Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial is an interactive app loaded with features that help you find the best light - sunlight, starlight and moonlight. What's more, it includes 25 of my favorite sunrise/sunset/moonrise pictures, along with photo advice.

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Hasselnuts is an Adapter that Turns Your iPhone into a Medium Format Digital Back

Hasselnuts is built to work specifically with the Hasselblad V-System cameras. It looks exactly like any other digital back, only it allows for you to slide in your iPhone and use the accompanying Hasselnuts app to take digital photos using the phone instead of ponying up the dough for a full-fledged digital back.

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Sony Cyber-shot QX100 and QX10 Smartphone Lenses Officially Unveiled

Sony has finally taken the official wraps off what has been perhaps the worst-kept secret in recent camera launches - the QX100 and QX10 smartphone lenses.

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