Issue No. 53  August 2013
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Mark Seliger shoots Kiefer Sutherland for Jose Cuervo TV Ad
The one and only Mark Seliger recently visited Toronto to shoot an TV Ad for Jose Cuervo. Starring Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland! The Ad is a 60 second commercial that takes place in various parts of the city - the most recognizable being Toronto's streetcar! Mark and his team rented our Video Van Package to successfully get the job done! Check out the full length commercial in the links below!
John van der Schilden shoots top Canadian model Dauphine for Elle Canada

Toronto Fashion Photographer John van der Schilden recently shot the cover of this month's ELLE Canada Magazine. New and upcoming Canadian model Dauphine Mckee graces the cover, and shows off her skills in a lengthy spread inside! S1 was excited to supply the Studio space, and all of the  lighting, capture, and grip. Check out the exclusive behind the scenes video below!

John van der Schilden
Behind The Scenes!!
Elle Canada
Genevieve Caron shoots for Glassbook

Photographer Genevieve Caron recently shot some stunning images for Glassbook. The fashion series is titled "Frozen Light", and the images are a must see! We were so thrilled to provide her with the lighting tools necessary to complete this project. Please check out the full spread in the links below, as well as her work.

Genevieve Caron
Drake graces the cover of XXL Magazine - S1 supplies gear!

Drake was back home in Toronto for a shoot with New York Photographer Jonathan Mannion. It's XXL's 150th issue and the 16th anniversary issue of Drake's first solo cover. S1 was of course happy to supply all of lighting, grip, and capture equipment!

Jonathan Mannion
XXL Magazine

Photographer Jason Kim shoots for Flare Magazine

Photographer Jason Kim was recently in the studio shooting for Flare magazine. Together with a great styling and makeup team they set out to recreate the 90's "grunge" look. S1 was of course excited to supply the Studio, Lighting, and Grip necessary to shoot this spread. Check out the behind the scenes video below.

 Jason Kim
 Behind the Scenes!
Elle Canada Beauty Shoot by John van der Schilden - Retouching by Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital

For its August issue, Elle Canada worked with renowned hair stylist Sam McKnight on a story featuring luxe punk style. With art direction by Brittany Eccles, John Van Der Schilden captures models Jenna Earle and Zoe Colivas in sleek autumn designs from the likes of Michael Kors, Maison Martin Margiela and Calvin Klein.
Jeff Brown @ S1 Digital did all the retouching and B&W conversions follwing John's direction.

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Elle Canada
John van der Schilden
Dan Couto presents: Naked In The House

Naked in the house, the Gemini Award-winning photo competition, is back! And on Septemer 12th, you can see for yourself what this year's photographers have created. One camera. One Lens. One nude model. One chance. Get your tickets here!
S1 Studios Toronto has donated a $2500 production prize of Studios and Equipment for the winner.

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Ad of the Day: Penélope Cruz's Directorial Debut, for Agent Provocateur, Is a Sleaze-Fest

Forget about casting calls. Booty calls may have been the order of the day for this five-minute film written and directed by Oscar-winning actress Penélope Cruz for L'Agent-the lingerie line she and her sister Mónica designed for Agent Provocateur.

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Which Online Services Are The Best For Photographers?

This post is designed to give a fair look at all of the services and compare head to head some of the features of the accounts. Each portal is going to have unique tools and upgrades that others do not.

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Exploding Fragrances from Chris Turner

How do you visualize smell? Chris Turner does it beautifully in this promotional video for Harrods, using a high speed camera and creative editing to blend slo-mo explosions of flowers with the fragrances they are in.

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Recreating the Shot: a Lesson in Lighting Through 'Blade Runner'

You can learn a tremendous amount by simply watching great films - paying attention to the details, breaking down a scene, concentrating on how elements come together. But if you really want to start making movies, learning a specific cinematic craft, it's not enough. You have to get hands on.

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Canon 44.7MP DSLR Due at End of August?

Canon will launch a DSLR with a 44.7MP sensor (8192 x 5462) that provides 4K cinema capability without bayer artifacts, and can do UHDTV with a slight crop.

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Could 'Copy' Dropkick Dropbox Out Of The Lead?

If you've used Dropbox, then you're probably going to love Copy! Ultimately, it's an almost identical product, but with a few features that will have you ready to switch by half way through this article.

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Frames Per Second: Creating the Illusion of Movement for a Car Campaign

Daniel Hartz, a veteran car photographer based in Germany who created this two-minute video for the European marketing division of Lexus IS, says the car never left the Toyota car studio in Brussels during his three-day video shoot. The prototype, which was shipped via air cargo direct from a factory in Japan, had to remain a closely guarded secret.

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Profoto ProFresnel Spot

Looking for a new modifier to try out? How about the ProFresnel Spot! It has a 30cm lens diameter and can be used with all Profoto flash heads. The light can be focused by moving the flash head forward or backward. It is ideal when you require highly focused light but with a soft edge.

Manfrotto 1004BAC Master Stands

For those jobs that require a compact and easily transportable stand, S1 has added a bunch of these stackable Manfrotto stands to Rentals. They take up a minimum amount of space, but still have a maximum height of 12'.

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GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

If you can believe it, the GoPro Hero3 is smaller and lighter than the Hero2 AND it captures 4k Cinema and 12mp stills! The possibilities are endless with this amazing little camera. It has built-in WiFI which enables you to control it manually, or you can control it using the free GoPro App on your smartphone or tablet. For all the specs, check it out in Rentals.

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Neutral Density Filter for GoPro

The folks over at In Focus HD have developed this handy 4x ND filter that fits on any GoPro camera. A neutral density filter specifically designed for the GoPro line.

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X-Rite Capsure Pantone Edition and Portable Guide Studio

Now you can capture the color of the garment on set while shooting, and make the Pantone swatch available for your retoucher. Use this device to look good to your client and get accurate color every time. The Portable Guide contains the complete set of PANTONE PLUS SERIES Guides, everything you need to select, spec and match solid and process colors.

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LaCie Rugged Hard Drives

S1 now carries 500GB LaCie Rugged Drives in both USB 3.0 and Triple Interface in the Expendables store. Perfect for all your backup needs on set!

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Tether Tools Cables and JerkStopper

Tired of your cables failing or being yanked out of the camera port? S1 now has the solution in Expendables. TetherTools USB cables and USB active repeaters in high visibility orange, low profile casing firewire 800 cables that fit in digital backs, and the JerkStopper which relieves the tension on the cable.

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4' x 4' Lee Gel Sheets

S1 is the only place in the city where you can now purchase 4'x4' gel sheets! Saves you having to buy an entire roll and you can even order your empty frames already gelled! Now available in a large selection in Expendables, including CTO, CTB, ND and numerous diffusions.

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Natural and Bleached Muslin and Commando Cloth

Fabrics in Expendables! Whether you need to make a quick, inexpensive reflector to bounce light or to create some fill, or you need to reduce or block light, S1 now has a selection of fabrics for you to choose from, including commando cloth, natural and bleached muslin.

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Black and White Sash Cord

Now available in Expendables are 50' lengths of black and white sash cord.

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Manila Rope

When you need something heavy duty, 50' lengths of 1/2" Manila Rope are also now available in Expendables.

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Photographer Gets So Close to Lava That His Shoes and Tripod Catch on Fire

Check out photographer Kawika Singson with his shoes and tripod in flames due to the intense heat of lava. It may look too crazy to be true, but Singson insists that it's a genuine photograph: "That's real lava real flames and it was really hot! I could stand the heat only for a few seconds."

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lava photo
Photographer Admits to Faking "Lava Photographer on Fire" Image That Went Viral

The image of a photographer standing on a lava flow with his feet and tripod in flames has gone viral. It quickly spread around the Internet as evidence of a photographer's apparent extreme dedication to his craft, but also because many accused it of being a fraud or faked with Photoshop. Now the photographer behind the image has admitted it's not a case of spontaneous combustion, but says his intent was never to deceive..

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Essential Photo Apps for Your Phone: VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam has built up quite the reputation among photographers so there's a decent chance you've heard of it already. If you haven't you need to rectify that immediately. VSCO Cam is likely responsible for about 80% of the best photos that pop up on your Instagram feed and rightfully so.

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Unplugged and Crowdsourced: The New Age of Wedding Photography

While there has always been the snap-happy friend or family member at the wedding, the hired photographer has pretty much had carte blanche in getting the job done. But in this paparazzi culture, they're having to navigate the obstacle course of guests' smart phones, tablets, and even DSLRs with flashes.

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Impossible Project launches iOS app "to bridge the digital and analog photography worlds"

Launched ahead of the introduction of Impossible's Instant Lab, the iOS application will allow users to create analog, instant photographs from their digital images. The Instant Lab is a film-processing unit that can "take" an instant photo of an iPhone screen.

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