Issue No. 51  June 2013
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S1 Studios @ Profusion Pro Imaging Expo 2013

If you are going to attend only one trade show in Canada for Still & Motion it should be ProFusion this coming Tuesday & Wednesday.

Visit our Booth #2320 on June 18 & 19 at ProFusion 2013 drop in a say hello, and see S1's latest.
Whether your involved in the industry as an DOP, photographer, producer, lighting director, audio professional, or freelancer, Profusion 2013 is the must attend Canadian Industry event!

Click here for Free Tickets and Information
Profusion 2013 Website
Click here to view map & directions
The S1 Motorcycle Ride - June 23rd

Craig Samuel & Ray Steinke the S1 Original's, are running the first S1 Motorcycle Ride. Starts at 8.00am on Sunday  23rd June, with some nice riding, some nice scenery, good company with a lunch stop in Peterborough, and on the ride home a stop at a competition Go Cart Track to see who is really the fastest.
What is better than getting together with like minded people in your profession, and having a nice ride in the country?

Everyone is welcome. No fees, just enjoyment. You do need to send us a email to register: June 23rd Sunday - email and register:

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Photographer Greg Paubst documents Oprah Winfrey!

Toronto based Photographer Greg Paubst had the opportunity to travel around the country photographing the one, the only, Oprah Winfrey. Of course we were excited when he asked to take our gear along for the ride! S1supplied all of the Lighting, Grip, and Canon Lenses.

Greg Paupst
Oprah's Blog
owen bruce
Photographer Owen Bruce Shoots for Flare Magazine

Photographer Owen Bruce shot a beautifully styled spread for Flare Magazine. The shoot took place amongst greenery and flowers in a garden setting, and was to display new looks for ladies Spring Jackets. Of course S1 Supplied the Lighting and Grip!

Owen Bruce

NY Photographer Michael Williams shoots for Flare at S1!

Photographer Michael Williams shoots Canadian supermodel Liisa Winkler for Flare magazine's June issue. The story shows off this season's hottest hair trends. Click the link below for an exclusive behind the scenes video!

S1 Supplied: Cove Studio, Lighting, and Grip

Michael Williams
Behind the scenes video!

Photographer Mackenzie Duncan shoots Sporting Life Campaign

NY Photographer Mackenzie Duncan recently flew into S1 Studios to shoot  Sporting Life's Spring/Summer campaign! The day brought some beautifully executed photographs that definitely embody the Sporting Life brand. S1 supplied South Studio of course.

Mackenzie Duncan

Miguel Jacob shoots Toronto Life Stylebook - Best Dressed!

Photographer Miguel Jacob shot 38 stunning photographs of the city's best-dressed people celebrating the start of Spring for Toronto Life's Stylebook. Beautifully styled, and intriguingly lit - this edition is definitely an eye pleaser. Check out the issue on stands now!
S1 Supplied: Cove studio, Lighting, Capture, and Grip

Miguel Jacob
 Toronto Life

Christoph Strube shoots for Montauk Furniture Store

Photographer Christoph Strube produces intriguing images at Montauk furniture store. The beautifully lit, and abstract point of view, made for some extremely unique and stunning imagery for the downtown furniture store. Follow the links below to more of Christophe's work and to see more images on the Mens link from this fantastic shoot!
S1 Supplied: Lighting and Grip

Christophe Strube
Montauk's Website

Chris Wahl Feature on 16x9 The Photographer

The infamous Chris Wahl was shooting in our studios a few months back. During this time he was also subject of a special feature on 16x9 The Photographer! This guy is funny! This is an inspirational must see into the life of world renowned Toronto Native, and award winning photographer, Christopher Wahl.
Follow the Links below to watch the exclusive video.

Watch Video Here!
Christopher Wahl
Chris's Blog: The Wahl Post
k 5600
K5600 HMI Joker Rental Promotion - First $100 on Us

The next time you rent Jokers from S1, let K5600 take care of the first $100 of your bill. A bargain for the filming photographer.

Digital cameras deliver incredible image quality at ever higher speeds. This means photographers need far less power, but their photos need just as many light sources as ever. Jokers -- 200, 400, 800 & 1600W HMIs -- provide flash-style light for stills, and all the light your clients want for motion capture -- light once, shoot twice. Check out the promo below:

Link to Jokers Promotions
Link to Jokers on S1 Website
Two Pretty Amazing shots with the MōVI and the RED Epic Infra Red in 5K

You'll see two Infra Red shots in the link below - the first one is a long tracking shot made at 48fps at 5K on a modified RED Epic - note that not a single one of the shots in this piece have been post-stabilized whatsoever. What you are seeing is straight out of the camera and the MōVI with the exception of a little grading (contrast/saturation/neutralization of greys).

Click here to see the video
Advice for Photo Assistants: Getting in with Production Companies

Advice on how to get hired at a major production company and what producers are looking for.

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The Master Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Known for films as thrilling and complicated as they are disparate, the director has developed a style all of his own. Beneath the surface, what they all have in common is an unrelenting drive to tell the truth.

Click here to see the photos
Behind the Scenes with Michael Grecco for Mens Health

Pro commercial and celebrity photographer Michael Grecco takes us on the set of his 2-day shoot for Men's Health and Procter & Gamble in this high end behind the scenes video.

Click here to see the video
First CF card to have a built in RAID option

Here is the situation. Shooting on a HDSLR and no computer around to back up your video? Here is a good "in the field solution" as if you lose or physically damage your card nothing will help.....

Wise, a Japanese CF card manufacturer is about to introduce to the market their solution, a UDMA CF card with a built in RAID option.


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Which Canon DSLR's can do RAW with Magic Lantern?

It has been a crazy few weeks since Magic Lantern enabled the RAW functionality for Canon DSLR's. Due to its fast card interface the Canon EOS 5D mark III is the most popular RAW shooting DSLR reaching resolutions of 1080p and beyond.
But other Canon DSLR's can shoot RAW too! Even the non-video capable Canon EOS 50D released in 2008 is now a RAW monster. Incredible.

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Scrim Jim Kit 72" x 72"

Location season is upon us! We've added a 72"x72" Scrim Jim kit for those who are looking for something lighter and more portable than your standard 6'x6' frame and stands. The kit includes a silver bounce and a 3/4 stop diffusion, and you can add other fabrics.

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HyperJuice 2 External Battery

This super powerful battery can power a MacBook and any 2 USB devices at the same time! The new version also has an LED screen with detailed info like remaining power, temperature and recharge time. Perfect for all your location shoots.

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K5600 Joker 400w HMI adaptor for Source 4

Now you can use the K5600 JokerBug 400w HMI in the Source Four Zoom 15-30 Degree Spotlight. The Bug-a-Beam Adapter allows you to mount the 400w Joker into the Source Four to combine high output with crisp focusing abilities. Now you can choose between the 800w & 400w when renting the Source 4 fixture to create a clean pattern of light.

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'The Google Glass Photographer' Parody Video Shows Just How Ridiculous Serious Photography Can Be With Google Glass

What would it be like if you took Google Glass on a serious photography outing?
Macro shots? Timelapse? Weddings? Fashion?

We get answers these questions in the new parody video, 'The Google Glass Photographer". Check out this comical video on the link below.

Click here to see the video
Joe McNally Climbed the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa - would you do this for a shot?

There are few things more satisfying to a photographer than taking a camera where few professionals have been before. But there aren't many places like that left on Earth.

Joe McNally seeks out these rare spaces. Recently, he made it to the very top of the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 


Click here to see the video
Daylight Viewfinder for iPhone Photography

Okay, more ridiculous stuff you dont need. Have you ever tried to take pictures with your iPhone outside on a sunny day? It's hard to see what is on the display because the sun washes it out. The Daylight Viewfinder changes that. The Daylight Viewfinder is a viewfinder eyepiece for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that blocks out external light to make taking photos in bright sunlight easier. Ha ha ha.

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Handlebar and Tube Mounts for Hitcase Makes the iPhone More Adventurous

Okay we know some people actually shoot with iPhones... The Hitcase adventure-video case for the iPhone now has a new handlebar and tube mounts available, the MotoR and RollR. The new mount allows you to mount the iPhone on bike handlebars, luggage racks and other types of tubing...

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