Issue No. 49  April 2013
In Focus
Studio & Location Services for Still & Motion
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andrew soule
Photographer Andrew Soule shoots for FLARE magazine

In this month's issue of FLARE magazine, Photographer Andrew Soule produces a beautiful cinematic-styled spread of images inspired by this seasons want-it crop, op art eyes and feathery lashes.
Of course S1 has supplied our Cove Studio, Lighting, Grip, and Capture Services!
Click the link below for the entire spread and an exclusive behind the scenes video.

Behind the Scenes!
Andrew Soule
Brian Doben (NYC) shoots Carrie Underwood for the cover of People Magazine!

Photographer Brian Doben tried out our new Photo Van Packages for a couple of days in Windsor to shoot Country Music Superstar Carrie Underwood for People magazine. Carrie dishes about her sweet & sexy marriage on this weeks cover.
S1 supplied the Photo Van Package including all lighting, grip, & capture services. Brian loved the Van Package,  and says its better than what he can get in NYC!

Brian Doben
People Magazine/Carrie Underwood

John Van Der Schilden shoots Quo cosmetics

Toronto-based Photographer John Van Der Schilden shot the most recent beauty campaign for QUO cosmetics. Beautifully styled, and captured!
S1 of course supplied the Studio, as well as Lighting, and Capture Services.

John Van Der Schilden
The Beauty Blog
malina corpadean
Photographer Malina Corpadean shoots TIP TOP TAILORS Spring style edition

Malina Corpadean photographed some handsome blokes in the Spring style edition for TIP TOP TAILORS. Check it out below.
S1 Supplied the Studio, Lighting, Grip, and Capture... only the best!

Malina Corpadean
Tip Top Tailors

Christopher Wahl turns his lens towards Olivia Chow for Toronto Life Magazine

Toronto based Portrait Photographer Christopher Wahl had the chance to shoot Olivia Chow, late wife of NDP leader Jack Layton, for Toronto Life Magazine.
S1 was pleased to supply the Cove Studio Space, as well as Lighting, and Props. Click the link below to read the full article!

Full Article
Christopher Wahl
Photographer Dexter Quinto shoots Bovado Casino

Photographer Dexter Quinto shot the newly launched advertising campaigns for Bovada Casino. The four day shoot took place on location at Dolce Social Club in Toronto.
S1 Supplied our Photo Van Package including lighting, grip, capture, and our on site assistant/driver. 

Dexter Quinto
Bovado Casino
drew lumen
Congradulations S1 Award Of Excellence Winner 2012 - Sheridan College

This is the project that Drew shot with his S1 Award of Excellence prize.
Drew Patrick Graham

t. 647.924.3093
Congradulations S1 Award of Excellence winner -        Seneca College

This is the project that Anton shot with his S1 Award of Excellence prize.

"Au Noir"
Anton Doudkine
t. 416.473.3918
ken remark
Congradulations S1 Award of Excellence Winner -     Georgian College

This is the project that Drew shot with his S1 Award of Excellence prize.
Ken Remark
t. 647.982.4355
brian bowen
Silencing the Creative Critic by Photographer Brian Bowen Smith

Photographer Brian Bowen Smith has seen it all - he's shot Hilary Swank on a white shag carpet, Gabrielle Union on a fly-covered beach - and heard it all, too.
In this hilarious talk, he shares how to silencing the critics by trusting your gut, leaving your ego at the door, and more.

Click here to see the video

Still & Motion video mix. Joel Compass "Back To Me" Video.

Whats unusual about this is the combo of Still & Motion. You must be living under a rock if you aren't at least thinking of shooting motion, so check out this technique...  music video by Joel Compass performing Back To Me.

Click here to see the video
Brian Atwood Spring 2013 Fashion Film

Brian Atwood Spring 2013 fashion film starring Eva Herzagova shot by Mert & Marcus in London, is a must watch.

Click here to see the video
5D canon
Low Cost Still & Motion shoot w / Canon 5D Mark
Chris Gramly shoots Wilbur Hot Springs
Elegant at low budget.

Here's an example of where a Canon EOS 5D Mark III can help your team be "lean" (small and agile) and still shoot stills and video for your customer quickly.

Click here to see the video
RED is Building 6K Dragon Cameras Live at NAB in a Custom-Built Clean Room

RED has built a ridiculous clean room for its engineers to perform Dragon camera builds on the show floor at NAB 2013 - complete with windows for spectators to watch the magic happen..

Click here for more info
Imgembed Helps You Make Your Photos Easily Embeddable and Monetizable

Freshly launched over at SXSW 2013 in Austin, Texas, Imgembed is a new startup company that aims to promote the legitimate use of photos online. Well, it's actually the latest in a string of companies to tackle the embeddable photo concept. For photo purchasers, it's an easy way to find, pay for, and use images. For photographers, its an easy way to make your images available for purchase.

Click here for more info
Zeiss ZE 85mm f/1.4 Lens for Canon, now in rentals

Photographers have started using these lenses to get sharper and more saturated images. Come in a try it out.
The Zeiss line of lenses for Canon are known for their quality, not only for the fine quality metal construction, but also for the amazing image quality they capture. With the super precise focusing, the 85mm f/1.4 lens is ideal for both stills and motion.

Click here to see it in rentals
Phase One Price Reductions at S1

Now shooting medium format doesn't have to break the bank! All rental rates for Phase One bodies and backs have been reduced considerably. Think about renting Phase One for your next shoot.

Click here to see it in Rentals
This is pretty funny... a hilarious NUDE comparison of Canon Lenses

An epic comparison of the Canon Cinema Primes and the L Series stripped down to the basic essentials with plenty of before and after comparisons.

Click here to see the video
New Zealand-Based Company Launches New Accessory for Motion Controlled Time-Lapse: The Genie

New Zealand based company Syrp Ltd, has officially launched the Genie, a new film equipment accessory set to "revolutionize motion controlled time-lapse." Following a hugely successful product launch on  early last year, the Genie is one of those few products that is actually making it to market.

Click here for more info
phantom flex
Stupid and Dangerous is More Entertaining at 2500fps

Just can not get enough Phantom Flex frozen destruction at 2500 fps? This excerpt from the Danish TV show "Dumt & Farligtigen" offers a mesmerizing look into the Phantom Flex's footage of random things being destroyed and captured at 2500fps.

Click here to see the video

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