Issue No. 47  February 2013
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Studio & Location Services for Still & Motion
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s1 van
S1 Photo & Video Van Packages "Quality & Cost Effective"

Gina Hole, Producer of They Representation tried the new Photo Package Van and said "I'm loving the van for shoots, you don't have to rent from Budget and go through that nonsense! Keeps all your gear in one place too AND secure lock up at night is perfect!."
Marcus Matyas, Producer of Raging Indifference Productions, tried the new Video Package Van and said "The truck was just what we needed for the shoot. Mike was really great to work with. He was quick, efficient and worked seamlessly with the gaffer and grip, all of this with a really positive attitude."

Try one of the new S1 Van Packages on your next location shoot, and save.
Van Video Package
Van Photo Package
Van Grip Package
John Van Der Schilden shoots Jessica Pare of Mad Men
for Elle Canada

JVDS and the Elle Canada team knock it out of the park with the stunning covers of Jessica Pare, currently starring on Mad Men.
Location: Four Seasons Hotel
S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Capture, Camera, Van Service, & Retouching services by FTP Creative Imaging @ S1

John Van Der Schilden
Elle Canada Behind the scenes video
FTP Creative Imaging @ S1
Phase One - Digital Tech Certification

Phase One in Partnership with S1 Studios & B3K Digital is running a Certified Digital Tech Certification at S1 Studios on Feb 26th & 27th. This Program called "Phase One Certified Professional (POCP) program includes a copy of Capture One, as well as some other great perks. See link below for details & sign up.

The Instructor Jon Gilbert, works for Phase One. He has a degree in Advertising Photography from RIT, and prior to Phase One he was a Digital Tech & Digital Equipment Manager in New York.

Click here for Info and Registration
S1 Directions & Parking
moo king
Moo shoots Kirsten Owen for Fashion Magazine

Photographer Moo shot Kirsten Owen, a Canadian/British Model for the march issue of Fashion Magazine. Moo & the Fashion team created an incredibly beautiful story based on whites and using chalk and white paint on the model!

Client: Fashion Magazine
S1 Supplied: Studio, lighting, and grip

Moo website
Fashion Magazine
Click here to see the photos on
chloe moretz
Chloe Grace Moretz for AEROPOSTALE
shot by Rocco Laspata of Laspata/Decaro
Produced by Lockbox NY productions

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz, working as Aeropostale's Celebrity Ambassador, modeled for AEROPOSTALE winter collection here in Toronto, at S1 Studios. Moretz recently stared in re-adaptation of Steven King's Carrie, and is currently filming Kick-Ass 2.
Client: Lockbox NY Productions
S1 Supplied: Studios, Camera, Capture Computers, Lighting, Grip and Set Walls.

Lockbox Productions
Laspata Decaro
s1 staff
New Staff @ S1

The S1 team is growing with the addition of 2 new employees to better serve our clients and expand our services.
We welcome Mike MacMurchy as Equipment Specialist,
and Jen Saunders as our new Studio Coordinator.
Both are Sheridan Graduates in 2012, and have a can do attitude, garnished with a slice of enthusiasm!

Go Team S1!
Dan Hashemi videos
hmi s1
Do you have enough shutter speed to shoot movement with low wattage HMI lighting?
Miguel Jacob shoots Liisa Winkler for YYZ Magazine

In today's fast moving commercial photography market, its all about shooting stills and motion on one set, and for that you need continuous light. The best is HMI. With today's Low Wattage HMI's that we carry at S1, you can plug into ordinary 110v wall sockets, and don't need expensive and complicated Distro and electricians. Some people think they don't have enough shutter speed with these lights to shoot a model in full movement. Watch the video shot by Dan Hashemi, and you see that you can!

Click here to see the video
Miguel Jacob
Chrysler's Ram Super Bowl Commercial Composed Entirely of Photos

One of standout commercials during the Super Bowl was the ad by Chrysler promoting its Ram line of trucks. The 2-minute ad pays tribute to farmers across the nation, and is composed entirely of photographs showing various facets of the farming industry.

Click here to see the video
applied arts
Applied ArtWorks - Get a Free Assignment Portfolio for Six Months

Applied Arts Media Group's newest service, ArtWorks, an online marketplace for artists and art buyers. This unique destination offers three distinct galleries, allowing art lovers to purchase high-quality prints of original paintings, photography, illustration and other types of artwork. They can also commission photographers and illustrators for assignments.

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new york
Apply to the New York Photography Portfolio Review

Come to the first New York Photography Portfolio Review, a free two-day gathering in April sponsored by The New York Times Lens Blog. The event will feature private critiques, discussions and workshops on topics ranging from photo editing to grant writing to business practices to finding a gallery to represent you.

Click here for more info
capture one 7
Capture One Pro 7 now on all rental computers at S1

Capture One Pro 7 introduces an image quality revolution with a brand new image processing engine. With superior adjustment tools that will boasts a complete range of new and improved image editing tools that enable you to adjust large numbers of images very efficiently and effectively.
Capture One Pro 7 offers the most comprehensive digital asset management solution with the possibility of working with catalogs and sessions.

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Phase One Capture Pilot with new Web Browser option on all our rental Computers now

As with previous versions of Capture One, Capture Pilot has given photographers, clients and colleagues the ability to view, rate and capture photos through their Apple device.
Now, with Capture One Pro 7, a new Web Browser feature has been introduced allowing anyone to view, rate and color tag photos as they appear. Whether on set, or at the office, all that's needed to access the photos is a device with web browsing capabilities.

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new book
Digital Capture After Dark - New Book

Digital Capture After Dark is a new book from Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler and Philipp Scholz Rittermann. "Their coverage goes beyond the "how to" of capturing digital images at night and addresses the "why to" of long-exposure photography, including the importance of understanding how we think and see at night compared with during the day.

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Phase One 645DF+ Camera Body

Great improvements have been made to the new 645DF+ camera from Phase One. Most importantly, the auto focus is faster and more accurate, and it finally features a new high-powered rechargeable battery, with up to 10,000 captures on one charge. No more AA batteries!

Click here to see it in Rentals
Phase One 28mm Leaf Shutter Lens

The new 28mm f/4.5 Schneider lens for Phase One offers superb edge to edge sharpness, a viewing angle of 102, a minimum focusing distance of only 35 cm and fast flash synchronization capabilities up to 1/1600s, making it ideal for interior, landscape, architecture and creative editorial photography.

Click here to see it in Rentals
Phase One 240mm Leaf Shutter Lens

The Schneider 240mm f/4.5 LS is the longest available lens for the Phase One 645DF camera. This lens is great when you need a long lens, but with a minimum focus distance of just over 5ft, is also ideal for getting close to the subject.

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Profoto Spot Small

Need to project a shape or pattern at your next shoot? This projection spot can be mounted to any Profoto flash head, including the D1 self contained heads. It can project a spot as small as 5 cm in diameter and also accepts gobos.

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Black and White Grids for the Mola Rayo

The new Mola Rayo reflector has been a great success with photographers.
We now have the production Grids made from Carbon Fiber in both Black and White. If you have not seen the difference between a White Grid and a Black Grid, ask for a loaner on your next rental of a Rayo and try them.
The black has a darker and deeper shadow, while the white has a very open soft shadow but still works like a grid. 

Click here to see it in Rentals
Boom Support for California Sunbounce - SunSwatter

The SunSwatter is just the thing when working on location and you want to get some diffusion above the subject, but don't have the time to rig large stands.
We have a SunSwatter in rentals that you hold up with a boom, and clients have been asking for an easier way to hold it.
Sunbounce has a Boom support that hangs from your belt, taking the load off your arms. Its now in rentals. Location season anyone?

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go pro
GoPro: Cool GoPro footage...

Target: Located. Find the elusive Kelly Slater as he rips through the perfect waters of Tahiti. Featuring the GoPro Array.

Click here to see the video
slow mo
Rubber Bands vs Water Melon - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan forgot to bring a knife to the picnic. Thankfully they brought 500 elastic bands. Shot at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex.

Sent in by Peter Bradshaw of K5600

Click here to see the video

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