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Just wanted to make you aware of some late summer events and opportunities. Details are also available on our website overcomersoutreach.org
The Cedar Hill Church of Christ group is having their 2nd annual Retreat - "Fun in Recovery" September 12th-14th, at Hobtlizelle Campground in Midlothian, TX. This event is for both Overcomers and Celebrate Recovery group participants and friends and family. A $20 fee includes all food and activities, such as speakers, workshops, pony rides, fishing, boating, and other events. Camping is also available. To view and print a registration form or for more details, click here . You may also contact the church for details:
Cedar Hill Church of Christ, 535 S. Clark Rd., Cedar Hill, TX   75104.
Summer Fundraising Campaign
The Central Office needs support, so we are asking a donation for our laminated bookmarks featuring the Serenity Prayer on one side and the Twelve Steps on the back. A suggested donation of $1 per bookmark, or any amount, would be most helpful. Just let us know how many you or your group would like when you make the donation, online, by phone, or mail. We also have pens available. Your gift will help many others and any amount will help and is deeply appreciated. 
Meeting Directory Update
One of the biggest jobs this office faces is the maintenance of our National Directory. One of our Board members and a few volunteers have undertaken this task. As a result, you may be hearing from this office as we attempt to bring our meeting listings current. If you have any changes to make, please feel free to email, mail, or phone us. Your help and input are vital to our successful completion. Thank you in advance for taking the time to let us know of changes, so that we may better serve those who reach out for help. 

Our OO "big book"
, A Bridge to Recovery, is now self-published, which means we can offer the book to all at a much lower cost.The book can be used for a "book study" meeting. With guidelines, formats, 36 stories of recovery, and the history of the start and growth of the early Overcomers Outreach  groups, this is a "must read" for everyone seeking recovery. New prices start at $12 with volume discounts. Visit our Books page in our online shop,
In love and service,

Jeff MacLeod
Executive Director
Overcomers Outreach