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July, 2013 Newsletter
Bridging the Gap between 12 Step Groups and Churches
From the Director- Overcomers celebrated a 28-year milestone this past May, and we are very excited about some recent developments. We now have listed meetings in 49 of 50 states - looking for one in Vermont - and our literature is being translated to Urdu and Punjabi. Our FREED booklet is now in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and is used in German speaking countries. All of our pamphlets and booklets are revised or updated, and several new works have been added. Our new "Group Traditions Study Guide" and "Steps and Traditions Guide" are revised to include study topics and Scriptures for each tradition - for the first time anywhere that we know of.
  Our phone meeting was the first Christian telephone meeting. We held our first Northeast Conference in New Jersey this year. We have had new Districts form on the East coast, Heartland, West and Gulf coasts, and in the South. God is raising up new leadership and new groups all across the nation, and around the globe (a group in Kathmandu, Nepal? Really??) These groups are beginning to network together to put on functions and foster community outreach. Our "International OO Conference" will take place January next year, in the Dallas, TX area. We have an "online workshop" under development - another first - along with Face Book, Google+ pages, blog site, and website.
    All of this started from a meeting in the living room of our founders' house, back in 1977, when a small group of friends seeking recovery opened a Bible and talked about God and the 12 Steps. The Ministry was formed, the fellowship grew,
faltered, and now grows again. At the heart of every meeting, large or small, the participants are the same - God, His Word, His Spirit, 12 Steps, recovery, and friends. - Jeff M.
1st Annual Northeast OO Conference
We held our 1st Annual North East Conference here in Hackensack NJ, April 20, 2013. It was a smaller turnout than expected, though a very successful gathering. We had many
testimonies -Christians from all age brackets, mixed with praise, worship, and a special testimony performed in a rap song. I would like to thank Wayne and May from PA OO, Ralph
from Elizabeth NJ, Jairo from Summit Church Hackensack NJ and Wynetta from NYC for not only attending, but also for participating in a group at the end to help us QC ourselves for next year, and sharing their stories that led them to Overcomers Outreach. Thanks be to God as we
all left with prayer & some awesome ideas for next year...Read More
5th Annual OO Campout
We set up camp June 21st-23rd, at Morro Bay, CA, and welcomed new friends and old. The weather was perfect, the fellowship even better, and the experience indescribable. There is nothing quite as comfortable as gathering around the campfire, sharing stories, and praising God! ... Upcoming Event:
The Overcomers Outreach World Convention will be held January 17th-18th, 2014, in Cedar Hill, TX. Mark your Calendar. Special room rates available, program and details to follow on the Events page of the website.
Pakistan writes: 
I am in Nepal now at the capital city Kathmandu where I am speaking about Overcomers Outreach. I am here to start a Church of the Nations Chapter in Nepal. I will send you the picture of group formed here in Kathmandu. I am looking forward to hear from you soon. God bless you. Your Brother in Christ, - Pastor Azhar Kaleem

Dear brother - I am impressed to see your material on your website. I liked this life-changing material. I have observed here in our area of Pakistan the hopeless people in need of such teachings to empower their faith andbeliefs. Therefore, ..
Posted on our Blog - "The Bridge"
   Our blog site is intended to offer sample material from our literature, while also serving as an "online meeting". Here are some recent posts to the topic pages mentioned: 
Ben writes: 
I've known I was an alcoholic for a long time. My biggest problem was accepting the fact that I was powerless. Having just been released from prison for multiple DWIs, I have a new appreciation for powerlessness. God showed me what true powerlessness was. It took that for me. 
Penny writes:   
This program just blows me away - we have a meeting once a month in Sydney and focus on a step each month - last night we had our step 4 meeting and the wisdom shared and the encouragement to newcomers was just awesome. I photocopied the columns and pages 66 and 67 of the big book and clearly explained this is how step 4 is done. so many said how grateful they were for a simple instruction. Our minister, Chris Allan from the Healing Service at St Andrews gave a brilliant talk on Psalm 32 and the problem of guilt. encouraging us all into Easter with a powerful message of grace and forgiveness.
Hospitals, Institutions, and Missions:
Greetings Overcomers!
   Participation with Hope Gardens in Southern California is an inspiring experience. I was asked to lead a meeting of women in the shelter of the Union Rescue Mission. I came as a guest on this occasion with the hope to facilitate in the future. The group was about 15 women of varying ages, appearance, and experience - but in a meeting room of Overcomers Outreach we all have in common the Love of Jesus and the desire to know Him better. The topic was "hope", and we used the FREED booklet as a meeting guide. Everyone had a chance to read and share, and we were bonded by our efforts for recovery through the Word of God and the12 Steps. We also celebrated both 6 years and also 6 months "clean" with a cake.
   I look forward to another chance to return and "trudge the road of Happy Destiny" with the women again next month. God is guiding us - preparing us - for His Kingdom, and blessing us in the journey! Praying and praising Him, - Bette K
From the Pamphlet "Cleaning House"
Step 6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
So give yourselves humbly to God... then, when you realize your worthlessness before the Lord, He will lift you up, encourage and help you.
James 4:7-10

Ready- Mentally disposed; willing:
Defect- An imperfection that causes inadequacy or failure; shortcoming.
Character- Moral or ethical strength.

   We started on this path willing to have our circumstances change and have discovered along the way that what needs to change is us. We admitted that we cannot change ourselves but came to believe that God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Drawing on our newfound courage, we become ready to "let go" of our old ways. Our inventory disclosed much of what brought us to our bottom and we have discovered the cause of our behaviors as well as their effect on others. Through confession to another, we find the flaws that have developed into our lack of moral or ethical strength in the various areas of our life. We also see that these very flaws have become a big part of our being, and to give them up completely and absolutely is a very uncomfortable proposition. We must rely all the more on God to not only remove our defects but also provide His grace to replace them. And we are not disappointed. Our newfound hope, faith and courage continue to strengthen. The very fruit He blesses us with is increased before our eyes, as we become willing to participate in His miracles. Five key points that lead to readiness are:
Admit He knows best (honesty)
Anticipate it will be better (hope)
Accept these changes as needed (faith)
Acknowledge He will change you (courage)
Act on these principles (integrity)
   Each step we take builds on the previous step and we draw ever nearer to God as we continue on our journey. The past begins to look not quite as bad as it did, and the future is looking just a little better than it did. What we used to be like begins to lose power over who we are now. What we could be loses power over who we are now as well. We are learning to look less at our past or our future and we begin to live as we are now, today. 


What's New


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visit our online shop "Books" page, or email the Central Office
Office News
  Welcome to the new groups in Lancaster, CA, Simi Valley, CA, Easton, PA, Chester, PA, Bandera, TX, and Birmingham, AL.  
  If you have not yet done so, please visit our Face Book page and "like" or "follow" us to receive posts and devotionals, and be sure to share any group news or events you care to. Our weekly Phone Meeting has been "on hiatus" for the last month, but will be back on mid-July. Our blog site - The Bridge - is a great place to share online and a good resource for some of our literature. 
  Our Group Network link provides helpful information for starting, growing, and improving group attendance or outreach to the community. A discussion of our Group Traditions and helpful forms will be found on this site, too.

Happy Birthday/Anniversary
  The following people have recently celebrated milestones in recovery:
Jack E, Burley, ID - 4yrs, Mario V, Monterey Park, CA - 6yrs, Annie H, Cypress, TX - 27yrs, Jim B, Tulsa, OK - 28yrs, Verda B, Scottsdale, AZ - 29yrs, John H, Cathedral City, CA - 32yrs, Shirley B, Canon City, CO - 32yrs, and Louie L, San Fernando, CA - 42yrs. They made donations ($1 for each year of their recovery) to the Central Office to express their gratitude and help us "carry the message".
  The following groups celebrated anniversaries so far this year: Pike's Peak Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, CO - 5yrs., Oconomowoc, WI - 9 yrs., Cuxhaven, Germany, - 14 yrs., South Lake Tahoe Friday group - 19 yrs., and the Greensboro, NC group - 23 yrs. These groups make regular 7th tradition donations to the Central Office and continue, through their love and support, to help many people
  If you or your group would like to be added to our list, please visit our Birthday Page or call the Central Office for details.

A Prayer for Readiness
  Sometimes it seems so hard to let go. Whether it is the behavior of a loved one, or just the checkbook, we simply cannot release our "control" - even when we want to! As a friend recently shared at a 12 step meeting, "If you give something to God, you better let go, or you will get banged up trying to hang on!"
  Readiness, or willingness, is what we lack, and without this principle, we cannot forgive (ourselves or others). As the apostles cried out "Increase our Faith!" (Luke 17:5) so should we ask for readiness to let go of our troubles and grief. We can always rest assured that God is sovereign in all things, and faith allows us to trust God for results. Jesus commands us to love, forgive, and serve. Obedience is worship, and only He is worthy. Why spend time on anything else? Let's pray:

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the blessing of life itself. May our trust in You cause us to walk in obedience to your statutes. We ask that you keep us ready to love, forgive and serve others. Only through Your Love, Your Grace, and Your Glory can we grow in service to You. Your Kingdom come. In Jesus name we pray.                                                               Amen

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