To facilitate liberty and order in the Spirit, we adhere to the following guidelines 

for conference call prayer. Thank you for your cooperation,

that our prayers together might be fervent and effectual!


Guidelines for Conference Call Prayer: 

  • Please come ready in spirit to humbly and boldly approach God's throne of grace.

  • Please limit prayer topics to (1) Israel (2) the Middle East and (3) directly related matters concerning the nations, the Jews and Israel.

  • Please use a land line and not a cell phone, if possible. Cell phones can cause background noise and may have to get muted.

  • Please try to join the call on the hour to facilitate unity in prayer. (However, you may call in at any time and for any amount of time.)

  • Please keep conversation to a minimum, as our mandate is focused intercession.

  • In order to be heard, only one person should pray aloud at a time. A brief word of agreement is fine, however.

  • TO REDUCE NOISE: If you are in a noisy area, kindly mute your phone when you are not audibly praying---or the leader may have to mute you.On the US phone line, you can also mute yourself by pressing *6 (star six). To un-mute, press *6 again.  

  • Please do not use speakers on your phone or computer, if at all possible, as this can cause feedback and you may have to get muted.

  • We encourage you to ask the Lord if He would lead you to fast, together with pray.

  • Thank you for honoring the Holy Spirit and the leadership of the prayer leader.

Guidelines for Prayer Shift Leaders:

  • Please be prepared spiritually to, in love, facilitate your brothers and sisters coming together in unity.

  • Please join the prayer call on time. We suggest you join a couple of minutes early, sensitive to the closing of the session in progress.

  • Please start every session with praise and covering for the participants.

  • Be sensitive to the flow of the Holy Spirit. Try to encourage and allow time for all who wish to pray.

  • Please use music or singing only if the Lord leads, as sound quality is often poor via the electronics, and can thus be distracting.

  • If there are over 15 or 20 intercessors on the call, please mute others who may join (to minimize background noise and confusion).

  • Please include in the closing of each session prayer for the protection and blessing of the participants.

  • When your session ends, please try to stay on the line until the next session leader calls in.