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We are getting rave reviews about ZEKE magazine, SDN's newest publication featuring work from photographers on the SDN website combined with in-depth articles bringing greater context to the themes. Last month we had successful launch parties at Anastasia Gallery in New York and at Digital Silver Imaging in Boston. If you haven't ordered your copy yet, click here!

At the end of the month we will be presenting an exhibition at the Bronx Documentary Center of the winners from our last call for entries on Visual Stories Exploring Global Themes featuring the work of five photographers. Click here for detailed information. I hope you can join us at the opening reception on Saturday, May 30.

This month's featured photographer is German photographer Claudia Wiens and her exhibit on Women's Football in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Germany. Claudia now makes Istanbul and Cairo her home and has been reporting from this region for many years. So much football (or in American English, soccer) photography we see is of men. It is rare to see a focus on women, no less Arab and/or Muslim women, playing this much-loved sport. Claudia shows us the energy, talent, perseverance, and team spirit women and girls bring to this game.

This issue of Spotlight also presents the work of many other deserving and talented photographers. B.D. Colen from the US has done an intense project on the theme alone and together in the subways of Boston. Yusuke Suzuki, originally from Japan and now living in the US, brings us the faces of fighters in the Free Syrian Army. Robert Falck from the US presents this extraordinarily creative work on portraits of Simbu tribesmen in Papua  New Guinea, and Saud Faisal from Bangladesh, brings us a strong and compelling black and white traditional documentary project on two clockmakers in Dhaka. These are just a few of the seventeen exhibits presented in this issue of Spotlight.

Glenn Ruga
SDN Founder and Director
Claudia Wiens
  Photo by Claudia Wiens.
Marihan Yahya plays for Wadi Degla, Egypt's most successful women's football team.

Claudia Wiens/May 2015 Featured Photographer of the month
Women's Football in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, and Germany
From 6th June till 5th July 2015 the Women's Football World Cup will take place in Canada. But only very few teams are lucky to be part of it. Some parts of the world will not be represented at all like the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. But countries in the MENA region also boast fantastic teams. The girls and women play football for gender equality, the right to play, against stereotypes, and of course, for fun. 
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Claudia Wiens portrait
Claudia Wiens is a German photographer and artist based in Istanbul and Cairo, between which she is traveling internationally for her work. Her work has appeared in international publications, such as GEO, Stern and the Guardian and she works frequently for a number of NGOs, including UNICEF, GIZ and Johns Hopkins. Claudia Wiens is the author of three photo books and her work has frequently been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide at venues such as the Kestner Museum (Hanover), Antikenmuseum (Basel), Kreuzbergmuseum (Berlin), HOST Gallery (London) and several Goethe Institutes. In 2013 she received the Border Crossers grant from Robert Bosch Foundation for her current long term photo project "Post Revolution art and artists in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya".  

May 2015 Spotlight

May 2015 Spotlight

B.D. Colen
Alone, Together - Beneath the streets of Boston>>
by B. D. Colen/United States

Thomas Wolfe, the 20th century writer who warned us that we "can't go home again," wrote at one point in his sadly short existence that "the whole conviction of (his) life now rests upon the belief that loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon, is the central and ...

Yusuke Suzuki
Faces of the Free Syrian Army>>
by Yusuke Suzuki/Syria

These are some of the men Yusuke met while he was in Syria in 2013. They are someone's fathers, brothers, sons and lovers who decided to take guns to protect their towns and families. They are the men who stand up and die for freedom for Syria...

Roberto Falck
Clay and Ash>>
by Roberto Falck/Papua New Guinea

Clay and Ash is a compilation of portraits of members of the Simbu tribe in Papua New Guinea. The Simbu tribe has a tradition of painting their bodies with a skeleton design using clay and ash. It is done to scare their enemy tribes instead of getting into physical fights. This was the inspiration...

Saud Faisal
The Nandi Brothers>>
by Saud A Faisal/Bangladesh

Clockmakers already lost the skill of making clocks since almost all the clocks are made in factories. Most clockmakers now only repair clocks or watches. Repairing the clocks are also becoming a less demanding job. The Nandi Brothers are one of the last generations in their family who are still carrying...

Riverbed Stories>>
by Mandy Williams/United Kingdom

Riverbed Stories (2014-15), is an ongoing photographic series that documents the riverbeds beside the industrial area of Erith, South London and Dartford, Kent. It's an area that Mandy Williams has been documenting since 2009, during which time it has become increasingly polluted. Mattresses, chairs, televisions...

Ebola Survivors Club at Freeman Reserve>>
by Keiko Hiromi/Liberia

Keiko Hiromi traveled to Liberia in February 2015 to photograph grassroots efforts to fight Ebola. Afromed and Liberian grassroots organization took her to Freeman Reserve on February 21. Freeman Reserve, a one hour drive on a dirt road from Monrovia, was hit hard by Ebola virus...

Krasnogorovka, Ukraine>>
by Yves Choquette/Ukraine

Krasnogorovka is a humanitarian crisis on the making. On April 6, 2015, we visit Krasnogorovka. What we saw is people living in unhealthy conditions, surrounded by mountains of rubbish, a deficient water system, no windows, electricity, etc. We visited...

The Building of Love>>
by Dionisis Moschonas/Greece

The Building of Love wouldn't have this name if it didn't host families for free that were affected by the recent economic crisis in Greece. People who were chosen to stay there wouldn't have been in front of camera lens if they hadn't lost one basic human right: for food and shelter...

Violent political season doesn't end in Bangladesh>>
by Suvra Kanti Das/Bangladesh

In the name of "Democracy", the death toll in political program-related violence has risen to more than 150 in the last few months in Bangladesh. Every day burnt people from across the country come to Dhaka Medical College for better treatment. The scene at the burn unit of the...

The Family Pantry Harwich>>
by Dawn Colsia/United States

Sandy beaches, lobster rolls, fried clams and ice cream on a summer evening used to be the images I had of Cape Cod. After photographing "The Family Pantry" of Harwich my view has expanded beyond bucolic vacation images to thoughts of those mired in the depths of poverty. I was struck by...

Rescued Dogs of Havana Cuba: Sheltered by Museums>>
by Carol Fletcher/Cuba

Street dogs are common in Havana. For animal lovers, it is heartbreaking. But in a country where food can be hard to come by for people, and shelters are not common--perhaps it is not unexpected to see dogs in poor condition picking through trash and teetering down sidewalks...

Malaria Outreach to Migrant Gold Miners in Kalimantan>>
by John Rae/Indonesia

Migrant gold miners in Kalimantan risk their health to extract small amounts of gold. The gold flakes are mixed into alluvial deposits found in the soils of the rainforest. To get at the gold the miners clear-cut portions of the forest then use jets of water to melt the soil. The resulting slurry...

Invisible Voices>>
by Michele Zousmer/United States

I have been given the privilege of documenting incarcerated women who have been selected to be in a special reentry program. This has changed my attitude and my perception of these women which I hope to share with you. I have been inspired by these women... 

Cuba's spirit, soul, and condition projected in public art>>
by Hilary Duffy/Cuba

Art is a form of communication and manifestation to the public. In a society where freedom of expression and opinion has been historically muted and controlled, Cubans express their spirit, concerns, hopes and conditions in public art. An installation of giant ants invading the facade of an ...

by David Vades Joseph/United States

These photographs are a sub-series to my document of Harlem, a series I have been working on for the past few years. As a Harlem native, I have been photographing my neighborhood as a way to preserve the community. This particular sub-series, which is currently untitled, documents the history...

Chester Davis Judkins Jr.>>
by Jennifer Judkins/United States

In the summer of 2007, my father had a doctor's appointment. I never expected to hear that he had cancer. This completed the growing list of health concerns during a six-year, (eventually 11 year) struggle. That discovery began this body of work. In 2001, my father volunteered his services with...

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ZEKE Magazine Now Available

ZEKE Cover ZEKE magazine is now available in both print and digital formats and features work of leading SDN photographers. The first issue features water scarcity, the Bangladesh garment industry, and Rio de Janeiro as it prepares for the 2016 summer Olympics with photographs by Dario De Dominicis, Suvra Kanti Das, Tiana Markova-Gold, Rudi Dundas, and others. 
SDN Exhibition at Bronx Documentary Center 
Paolo Marchetti Seventeen countries, five timely themes: Undocumented immigrants, rising rage in Europe, discrimination against Roma people, abducted Nigerian schoolgirls, the power of religion and faith.
The Bronx Documentary Center will host an exhibition of the winners of Social Documentary Network's Call for Entries on "Visual Stories Exploring Global Themes" from May 22-June 7. The winning photographers include: Paolo Marchetti, Aake Ericson, Michelle Frankfurter ,Glenna Gordon, and Jordi Pizarro Torrell.

Exhibition: May 22-June 7, 2015, Bronx Documentary Center
614 Courtlandt Ave., Bronx, NY
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 30, 6:30 - 9:00 pm 
Latin American Fotografía 4 Call for Entries 
Latin American Competition
American Illustration-American Photography (AI-AP) announces its 4th annual competition to honor the best work being created today in Latin America. AI-AP presents established, emerging and student Latino photographers to the North American market in a global, multi-cultural exchange of art and ideas. Latin American Fotografía 4 (LAF-LAI), will be judged by an international jury of top creatives who commission illustration and photography for use in magazines, advertising, books, posters, packaging, promotion, and video. Deadline  for entry, May 25. 
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