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SPOTLIGHT/Number 121, March 2013  


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Photograph by Lisa Wiltse. Juliet is comforted by her younger sister in the charcoal community of Ulingan in the North Harbor of Manila, where families work as Ulingeros, or charcoal workers. 


Charcoal Kids of Ulingan         

Manila, Philippines
Photographs by Lisa Wiltse      

In the Ulingan community in Manila, thousands of Filipino urban slum dwellers live amidst filth and swirls of toxic smoke, eking out a living making charcoal. The combined smell of the dense sea, burning charcoal, and decaying waste greets one at the mouth of the village, foreshadowing the extreme conditions within the community. While charcoal production is a vital necessity in this community and in many other developing areas that have no other energy alternatives, the destructive ramifications of its production penetrate both locally and globally.    


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Other Recently Added Exhibits


After Hurricane Sandy 

Giles Clarke
Immediately after the worst storm ever to hit the US Eastern seaboard had passed, this month-long project to document the devastation began.


Kumbh Mela 2013

Jay Dorfman
Over 30 million pilgrims made their way to the Ganges River for a religious dunk in February for this religious ritual that occurs every 12 years and is considered the largest and holiest of all Melas.


Tipping Point

Ontoshiki Vun
A series showing some who are leading the push for change that many Egyptians have been longing for.


Family Portrait

Guido Krueger
It took more than an hour and the help of several people to get 1-year-old Liam out of his bed, dressed and transferred to the living room for a family portrait.


Mill Towns

Lei Han
A photographic eulogy for the American industrial revolution: buildings, chimneys, textile machines have turned into urban fragments and ruins.

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Stories from Jamaica 
Photographs by Giles Clarke


Photograph by Giles Clarke. Fishing in Robin's Bay.


Kingston has the world's highest murder rate in a city. 92% of the children in Jamaica are born to unmarried parents. Over the past 35 years, the St. Patrick's Foundation has opened four large community 'human resource' centers in Kingston. A caring staff have helped thousands of children and 'un-wanted' elderly live in a place of refuge to learn and rest.


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Castro's People
Photographs by Susi Eggenberger

Susi Eggenberger

Photograph by Susi Eggenberger. Castro eliminated all private and religious educational institutions and mandated that all children must attend school until the ninth grade.


Ninety miles from America, and roughly the size of Pennsylvania, Cuba is home to more than eleven million people.  A multiracial society with a population of mainly Spanish origins and Catholic faith, Cuba boasts one of the best health care systems in the world with the average life expectancy comparable to the UK while its average monthly salary is only $20.00.  Prolonged austerity and the state-controlled economy's insufficiency in providing adequate services and goods have forced an estimated 40% of Cubans to turn to the black market in order to obtain necessary clothing, food and household items.  


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After Sandy
United States
Photographs by Margarita Mavromichalis   

Photograph by Margarita Mavromichalis. Josephine of New Dorp goes through all of her family memories.


What does devastation, abandonment, or calamity look like? One only needs to take a look at the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to truly understand.

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Tibet's Exiled Freedom

New York, NY, and Dharamsala, India
Photographs by Angela A. Russo


Photograph by Angela A. Russo. Global Solidarity March for Tibet, December 10, 2012, Human Rights Day. New York, NY.   


The Communist Chinese government has occupied Tibet since 1949, the Tibetan struggle for freedom has remained alive in the heart of Tibetans inside Tibet and in exile. Over the past few years, their struggle is no longer confined to the Tibetan community but has become a subject matter of grave concern for the international community: since 2009, over 100 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in response to Chinese rule.


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Laughter of life or ...
Marand, Iran
Photographs by Ali Abbaspour


Photograph by Ali Abbaspour. Untitled.


The patients smile when they see you at the psychiatric rehabilitation center in the city of Marand, East Azarbaijan Province in Iran.

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Genoa, the Port People
Photographs by Dona Bozzi 


Photograph by Dona Bozzi. Piazza Lavagna.


The streets in Genoa, just up from the water front, are frequented by colorful characters, including boozers, pimps and prostitutes. They have survived a proposal by the city to ban their street presence as unlawful, thus sealing their status as romantic institutions as forged by the famous Italian anarchist, singer-songwriter, and poet Fabrizio De Andre.


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SDN News
The Other Hundred Project

Open Call for Submissions to the Other Hundred


The Other Hundred The Forbes 100, the Fortune 500, Bloomberg's Billionaire Index--the list of rich lists is endless. But the super-rich are only a very small fraction of the population, and their story is not the whole story. It is this other story that we would like to tell in The Other Hundred, a photo-book aimed at bringing attention to the overwhelming majority of the world's people who are not billionaires but who nevertheless lead lives worth celebrating.
Submission Deadline: April 1st, 2013    

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Photojournalists on War  
The Untold Stories from Iraq

A new book by Michael Kamber with a foreword by Dexter Filkins 

Photojournalists on War The photojournalists who documented the war in Iraq faced a new kind of urban warfare. To the roadside bombs, snipers, and Katyusha rockets, Iraq added assassins, kidnappers and deadly street mobs; each photographer soon became as much target as observer. Tellingly, more photojournalists were killed in Iraq than in any other modern conflict; hundreds were abducted and wounded, or narrowly escaped death. Despite the great personal risks, some stayed and worked amidst increasingly brutal conditions as the war escalated from "shock and awe" invasion, to occupation, to insurgency, to civil war. With visceral, previously unpublished photographs and eyewitness accounts by an incredibly diverse group of the world's top news photographers, Photojournalists on War presents a groundbreaking new visual and oral history of America's nine-year conflict in the Middle East..  

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Irish Tinkers
A Portrait of Irish Travellers in the 1970s  
Photographs by Janine Wiedel  
New iBook 

Janine Wiedel In this first iBook edition of her landmark 1976 study, Janine Wiedel transports us to the heart of the Irish Traveller community of the 1970s. Through words and photographs amassed over five years spent with the Travellers, we are offered a window into a transitional moment in the history of this resilient people. First presented as an exhibition at the Photographers Gallery in 1976 and as a book by Latimer Press the same year, the new iBook offers a long overdue opportunity to reconsider this sensitive portrait of a community in transition.

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Collaborations for a Cause 2013
April 26-27, 2013 - Portland, Oregon

Collaborations for a Cause Collaborations for Cause brings together photographers, NGOs, activists and communications professionals to discuss the collaborative future of storytelling. Presented by Blue Earth and Ecotrust, this second annual conference builds on Blue Earth's mission to support photography that makes a difference through a combination of in-depth presentations and panel discussions, insightful case studies, and a full day of breakout sessions.

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