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April 2013
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Kindermusik FREE Preview Classes
Coloring "Contest" Thru 4/27/13
Kindermusik - Spring Classes
Sign & Sing is Retiring
Signing Smart: Teacher Workshop Sale!
Signing Smart: Parent Workshop
NEW! Playdate by Kindermusik!
Going Green Effort at Kindermusik International
Courage Required: Positively Disciplined!
The Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block!
Dr. Sears' L.E.A.N.
Playground Diplomacy
UnLimited Make-ups
US History Tutor/Teacher
Please note, county classes that have not met their minimums will be cancelled this week.

Research Study Proves
KIndermusik Improves
School Skills ...

Spring Classes Start 4/19 
and Plan Your Summer Too!
FREE Preview Classes! 
* Saturday, April 13th  
* Or Virtually Here
* Or During Our Classes Starting Wk 2 if the class is already full, please.  

Hour glass - Time for Kindermusik with Miss Tracey at Parent Child U!
Come and find out why Kindermusik« is the world's leading seller of curricula for 0-seven year-olds worldwide! Experience the joy of parent education through child enrichment. See pictures, video clips, and learn why parents and children LOVE our classes at www.ParentChildU.com!
Coloring "Contest!"
Is Your Child An Artist?

YES!! ALL children are artists (and you are too in your own way), as I was recently reminded by Patrick, one of our fabulous  
Kindermusik dads! 
It reminded me of the story about the kindergarten teacher that asked her students if they were:  
Of course they all said,
"Yes!" enthusiastically! 
Unfortunately, just three years later, teachers ask the same question in third grade, and most kids will say, "No." or "Sally is the artist..." 
We hope our Kindermusik kids fair better!  


So, all artists, bring your picture to your demo class on 4/13/13 or your class by 4/27/13 and earn an egg shaker from Miss Tracey!
One shaker per child, please. 
You may download this template
(click here) or create your own!

Coloring Contest by Kindermusik and Parent Child U!
Miss Tracey & Kindermusik«
   Upon Demand - or join us at Fairlington! 
Enroll NOW in Kindermusik with Miss Tracey at Parent Child U!
Sign & Sing A&B (0-2 yrs.)
  Fridays, 4/19 11:30-12:25,    310203B 
  Saturdays, 4/20 12:45-1:35,

Village (0-16/18 mos.) 
  Fridays, 4/19 9:30-10:20,     310204A  
  Saturdays, 4/20 11:45-12:35, 310204B

Our Time (16/18 mos -3 yrs.)
  Fridays, 4/19 10:30-11:20     310220A 
  Saturdays, 4/20 9:30-10:20    310220B
Imagine That (3-5 yrs.)
  Fridays & Saturday mornings this summer 
  or on demand at your home or preschool!

Family Time (0-5 yrs.)
  Saturdays, 1/26 10:30-11:20 310207A

Playdate! (0-5 yrs. or by age)
  Fridays & Saturday mornings this summer 
  or on demand at your home or preschool!
Kindermusik« Sign & Sing!
Last Chance!
  Kindermusik Sign & Sing

Have you always wanted to sign with your baby or toddler and put it off? Well, here is your last chance (or possibly summer) to take Kindermusik Sign & Sing parent-tot play class. It is retiring!


Location: Fairlington Center 

Ages: Birth-2  

Sessions: 10  

Cost: $179  

Registration Codes: 

                               310203B Fri. 11:30 

                               310203A Sat.  12:45  




Signing Smart
Infant & Toddler Teacher Workshop
Presented by
Tracey Kretzer, MS, LPSC
Lincensed Signing Smart Instructor since 2006

Every teacher must take ongoing classes to keep their license up to date. Why not recommend this class to your child care provider today?

.5 hours seminar steal at $200 + materials (books and flash cards) for up to 7 teachers
Encourage your child care center and/or babysitter to sign with your baby or toddler in just seconds a day and increase your child's IQ, ability to communicate, and conflict resolution skills!   Toddler asks for BALL by signing instead of crying or grabbing!  
 Here a 14 month-old child (behind teacher) signs "BALL" and the toddler gives him the ball!! No crying, no whining, no grabbing, or interrupting the teacher! 
The National Institute of Health (NIH)
showed that babies & toddlers who were signed to as children had an average of
12 point higher IQ
by age 8!

Click here:   


Signing Smart 
Parent Workshop    
Saturday, April 20th  
2:15 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.  
Baby signs DADDY with Signing Smart strategies by PCU
Do you find yourself wanting?
  • A window into your infant / toddler's mind?
  •  To reduce frustration and temper tantrums?
  • Your toddler to do more than just grunt, point, & cry?
  • To have real conversations, starting at 8-12 months (or even 6 months)?
  • To increase your child's long-term learning potential and IQ (NIH showed a 12 point IQ gain by age 8 in one study)? 

 ...then Signing Smart is for you! 


Ages:Adults only for Parent Workshop - Play classes start soon too! 
Sessions: 1
Location: Fairlington Community Center:
3308 S. Stafford Street, Arlington, VA
Cost: $30 tuition and $18 book, Signing Smart With Babies & Toddlers and handouts!
Instructor: Tracey Kretzer, M.S., LPSC
Call To Register: (703) 228-4747


Kindermusik« Playdate!
Kindermusik Playdate! One-day music & sign class at Parent Child U!

At PLAYDATE, you will experience an expert-led class, get valuable insights into your baby or toddler's development, and be treated to a bundle of take-home materials that will help you slide Kindermusik activities and "parent helper" ideas into your home routine (in other words, make every day a Kindermusik day)!


Mark your calendar for 6/27 and 6/28 & 7/13! But while you're waiting, be sure to  schedule your OWN PLAYDATE at your home, playgroup, or preschool!  


Simply call Miss Tracey at (571) 643-1002!

$75 minimum to come out for your "playdate!" 

A Note of Thanks from Miss Tracey :)
Dear Parent Child ▄ Friends & Supporters,

Thank you for you support the past 8 years! I love being a part of your lives each week - and part of your memories for years to come.

Thank you for all of the e-mails and cards and little gifts through the years. Most of all, thank you for your smiles, and just being there each week. I love doing what I do, and I would look really silly doing it without you there!

Best wishes for a happy and safe spring.  I hope to see many of you back and look forward to meeting many new friends - small and big :).

Wishing you well,
"Miss Tracey" :)

Parent Child ▄niversity Founder
& Lead Educator

Professional School Counselor
Certified Parent Educator
Child Enrichment Specialist
Toll Free: (888) 703-4PCU
Mobile Office: (571) 643-1002
Kindermusik Introduces More Green & Affordable Home Materials!
Do you LOVE Technology? 
Does Your Child? 
We Do Too! 
Digital Home Materials with an option for instrument and book purchases coming this fall.  Kindermusik @Home soon with Miss Tracey at PCU!
Mom & child eBook Kindermusik @HOME 
Do You Have Courage To Try Something New & Different?
Positively Disciplined!™   
Saturday, April 27th 
2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.  
Fairlington Community Center 
3308 S. Stafford St, Arlington, VA 22206

Explore research-proven methods for disciplining yourself and your child! No judgments - only positive solutions for your parenting toolbox! Created by a certified parent educator, experienced elementary school counselor, child enrichment specialist, and the founder of Playground Diplomacy™ and Parent Child U«, this class is sure make the difference you are seeking and/or the reinforcement you deserve! Just a few of the many topics we will discuss include: child and brain development, speech and language, feelings-management, problem-solving, bully-busting, tattling vs. reporting, safe schools, and more! Build a stronger, more positive relationship with your child and be the parent you always knew you could be!


Sessions: 1
Cost: ONLY $28
There was a typo in coursebook. Give back to the community (a percentage of your tuition for this and every county-sponsored class goes right back into the community centers to make it all happen)!

Registration code: 340201A Sat. 2:30-4:30 
Instructor: Tracey Kretzer, M.S., LPSC


Want to Join our Parenting  
Book/DVD Club?  

Harvey Karp, M.D.   

Happiest Baby & Toddler Programs

The Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr. Karp  

The Happiest Toddler on the Block, Dr. Harvey Karp  

Dr. William Sears'  

L.E.A.N. Programs


Dr. Sears' LEAN Programs: LIfestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition at PCU

Dr. Sears' LEAN Programs: LIfestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition at PCU


re"NEW"ed at PCU!

Playground DiplomacyTM

Since 2005

Playground DiplomacyTM social-emotional learning program
Created by an experienced elementary school counselor, parent educator, child enrichment specialist, and  Parent Child University, LLC founder, this class is one of a kind! Part play class, part parenting/teaching class, come explore conflict resolution topics through literature, puppets, music, ASL, movement, crafts, noncompetitive parachute and other games, and more. Come enjoy research-proven methods of learning child to child and parent to parent "Playground Diplomacy." Feelings, compliments, empathy, problem-solving, bully-busting tattling vs. reporting, anger management, stress, self control, and more will be explored. Come learn and have FUN!  Class Previously offered at FCPS & Arlington County Recreation since 2005! 


Come Learn & Play with us!


UnLimited Make-up Policy  
(within the term)! 

 Just use our EZ
Make-up Scheduler!
We missed you! Make-up classes are encouraged at Parent Child U!
  This provides a HUGE true cost savings when you can really attend the number of classes you've paid for!


American History

Tutor or Homeschool Teacher  



Parent Child ▄ Class Descriptions

We have a wide variety of award-winning, research-based classes to choose from! See our photos & video clips of each class type - all hyper-linked below!

Child Enrichment Classes at PC▄
Positively Disciplined!™ 
Kindermusik« (0-7 yrs.)
             Village (Birth - 16/18 mos.)
             Sign & Sing (6 mos. -  3 yrs.)
             Our Time (16/18 mos. - 3 yrs.)

             Imagine That (3-5 yrs.)

             Young Child (4-7 years)

             Family Time (0 - 5 years; 6+ yrs & 
                             infants FR*EE! with a 
                             registered sibling)

  ☻ Signing Smart™ (0-2 yrs.)
             Beginner (Birth, reco 5 mos.- 2 yrs.)
             Intermediate (9 mos. or walking is
                              recommended-2 yrs.)

             Zoo (Birth,  recommended 5 mos. - 2)
             Holiday (Birth, recommended 5 mos.- 2)

 ☻ ABC Music & Me! In-school music!
              (2-4 yrs.) ABC Music & Me
              (4-6 yrs.) ABC Music & Me

 ☻ Playground Diplomacy™
              (3-5 yrs.) Diplomats
              (5-6 yrs.) Diplomats

Tutoring & After-School Programs

♥ American History Tutor
               Grades: 4-12

♥ Girl Power! 
               Grades: 4-6

♥ Get Real About Violence
               Grades: K-3
               Grades: 4-6

Parent/Teacher/Administrator Training

Positively Disciplined!™
Signing Smart™
   Signing Smart™ Parent Workshop
   Signing Smart Infant/Toddler Teacher Workshop

The Happiest Baby/Toddler on the Block

Playground Diplomacy™

Dr. Sears' L.E.A.N (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition)

♥ Parent Coaching

♥  MORE!

Need help deciding? Give us a call to find the best class for you/your child at (571) 643-1002 or (888) 703-4PC▄ or simply e-mail us at Classes@ParentChildU.com. We also offer Parent Coaching and Birthday Party Entertainment! We look forward to seeing you in class!


Wishing you Well,
Parent Child U, LLC - registered trademark
"Miss" Tracey Kretzer, MS, LPSC
Parent Child ▄ Founder & Lead Educator
Parent Child University, LLC
Mobile Office: (571) 643-1002
E-mail: MissTracey@ParentChildU.com
Web: www.ParentChildU.com 
Since 2006


Save $10
Book your Child's
Parent Child ▄ Birthday Party!
Possible Themes: 
Pirates and/
or Princesses, Trains, Balls, Animals, Sports, Dogs, Monkeys, Water Play, Camping, The Ocean, Backyard Fun, and MORE!   

include 40-45 minutes of music, movement, ASL, instrument-play, parachute-play, story time, as well as 7 birthday bags (including a CD, book, instrument or prop, and preview class coupon). We even throw in a gift for the birthday boy/girl! Packages start at $175 or $150 for previously enrolled families (which includes
$100 for the instructor and 7 party bags and a birthday gift!) - an incredible deal in the DC area! Plus, a HUGE time saver; party planning, travel, entertainment, and bag prep run 3-4 hours for us at PCU. Dates fill up fast. Reserve your date today to ensure your child's Parent Child ▄ Birthday Party experience!
Offer Expires: May 20, 2013
Parent Child U, LLC - registered trademark