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Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President and Executive Director

          Does the Legal Case LaBombard v. Samaritan Health Sys. Require You to Pay One-Third of Your PI Bill to a PI Attorney For a Collection Fee?


          Many doctors have called ACS after just receiving a letter from a PI attorney stating that their bill will be discounted by 1/3rd because they will have to pay the attorney legal fees for helping to collect their bill. Instead of being paid the full amount, for example $6,000, the attorney will only be paying $4,000 and keeping the remaining $2,000 to pay himself legal fees incurred to collect the settlement.


          The rationale for this is the legal case LaBombard v. Samaritan Health Sys. At ACS, we say in such cases that you have been "LaBombarded"! Do you have to accept the 1/3rd reduction or do you have valid defenses to use to fight LaBombard attacks? Attorney Steven Pincus first alerted ACS that such demands were legally baseless and then ACS hired its ace healthcare attorney who did thorough research and wrote a position paper for members and the answer is no, you do not have to accept the 1/3rd LaBombard reductions. The position paper and a sample letter to send to an attorney are available under Member Benefits at, number 31.1. Members can access these documents immediately and non-members can access them as soon as they join.


          Dozens of ACS members have saved thousands of dollars using these documents. LaBombard demands are only valid in extremely rare cases and we have yet to see one where they are actually legitimate. Don't succumb to such demands! ACS has the tools you need to fight back. The LaBombard position paper and much more is available every day online to members.