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Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President and Executive Director
           There is an epidemic of health insurance refund demands plaguing Arizona chiropractors. ACS gets calls almost every day from doctors who have received demands that they send money back from claims received months or years earlier. ACS has researched this issue intensely and come up with the best legal solutions anywhere in the country. If you are a contracted provider, ACS will show you how to use your contract to avoid payment of many refund demands. If you are not a contracted provider, ACS will show you how to use state law and court cases to avoid payment. The documents needed have already been created and used successfully by many ACS members.

          If you are a member, you can access this information by going to the Member Benefits page and reading numbers 11.3 to 11.4b. If you are not a member, you can join online and then you will be able to access these documents. By using the ACS resources, many members have saved thousands of dollars.

          If you have any questions about the ACS insurance refund demand defense plan, feel free to call Dr. Immerman at 602-368-9496. Dr. Immerman does not see patients and so is available everyday to field your questions and help solve your problems. He has been licensed since 1980 and has been running ACS since 1991. There are literally no questions he has not heard and found responses to. This help is available to you today. Go to for extensive information today.