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The Arizona Chiropractic Society is here to serve you!

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Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President and Executive Director
Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President and Executive Director



            ACS will be presenting a webinar every month on the first Thursday of the month at 12:45 PM to share with you the newest breaking news and to educate you on the most important information you need to know right now. Members will receive an email shortly before the webinar with a link to a webpage where they can view the webinar and post questions. Members will be welcome to invite other chiropractors who are not members but who have expressed genuine interest in joining and supporting ACS and its agenda. ACS will be using the service provided by GoToMeeting, the leading vendor in the field with the most advanced technology available.


             Mark your calendar for September 5, 2013 at 12:45 PM for the first ACS Webinar. If you have suggestions for the educational portion of the program, send an email to ACS with your ideas. We can cover any topic you want to hear about such as responding to claims denials, fighting refund demands, getting PI attorneys to release funds to you, dealing with ASH, how to get referrals from MDs, etc. This is your forum and we will be responsive to your needs. The Breaking News portion will include private information that we cannot write about since it is too sensitive.


            During the webinar, you will be at your computer and Dr. Immerman will be in front of his computer webcam and so this will truly be a face-to-face encounter. With travel taking so much time and being such a hassle, webinars have become the communication tool of choice for many doctors and so ACS has embraced the technology. If you want to know the full story of what is really going on, plan to meet with us on September 5 at 12:45 PM sharp. We are looking forward to this vast improvement in communication with our members. Remember to feel free to send in your questions and ideas for the educational portion of the webinar over the next few weeks.


            We are also willing to do webinars at other times during the month if you want to gather together a group of chiropractors and meet with Dr. Immerman. Simply contact ACS and arrange a time and we will get a meeting set up for you and your group. We can do as many webinars per month as needed. This is an easy way for Dr. Immerman to meet with chiropractors across the state. Let us know if you would like your own private meeting with your own group of DCs.


            The same offer is also extended to attorneys. If you would like a webinar meeting on any PI issue such as how to combat low speed impact arguments advanced by defense engineers, simply contact Dr. Immerman and we will set up a meeting time. We are here to disseminate the truth in order to advance the cause of justice, and such webinars will help serve this purpose.