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Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President and Executive Director
Alan M. Immerman, D.C., ACS President and Executive Director





            SB 1362 just passed the first of two votes by the Arizona State Senate today, 02/28/13. Literally no Senator rose to speak against it. The bill was proposed and the vote was taken and over in less than two minutes. This portends well for the final vote on the bill which will take place early next week. 

            The final vote is called "Third Read" and is the final legal consideration by the Senate. No amendments can be offered and there is less debate. You have a lot of work to do on Friday and Monday to get this bill passed by the Senate. 
It continues to be IMPERATIVE that you drop everything and concentrate on getting scores of calls and emails into Senators.

            It is easy to figure out which Senators to call. Go to and click on How do I find my legislators. Then enter your office address and look for your Legislative, not Congressional District. Once you find the number, go back to the main Legislature page and look for Senate members. Match the District number with the Senator and you will have the phone number and email. Then simply have at least 10 staff, family, patients, etc. call or email to say "please support SB 1362, the chiropractic insurance equality law. My name is XXXXXXX and I am a constituent of yours (only say this if it is true!)."

            If you want insurance equality with insurers once again paying you for what you do, you will make these calls and generate these emails TODAY, not tomorrow. The Legislature moves very quickly as you have seen and so tomorrow may be too late to make a difference. Therefore, stop what you are doing now and concentrate on this mission. The viability of chiropractic in Arizona depends on what you do today.

            A number of Senators have mentioned that they have been impressed by the number of calls and emails they have received in support of SB 1362. You are making this happen! Keep it up for just a few more days and help push this bill through the Senate. Then on to the House and the Governor's office!

            If you have any questions, call or email Dr. Immerman who will be manning the phones and computer all day long. Together, we can win if everyone does what is needed. Get busy now!