The Coach Initiative 
Committee Descriptions 
This is a dynamic committee that works to develop effective ways to attract sustainable giving and looks for innovative ways to bring in monies.  It is a great opportunity to learn and examine the methods of fundraising and to develop exciting fundraising campaigns.   
Not-for-Profit Outreach 
The Coach Initiative has worked with some extraordinary not-for-profit leaders and their organizations.   We currently serve global organizations who are in some of the most challenging places in the world.   We are beginning a partnership with a not-for-profit that will require at least 50 coaches.   This committee helps to identify organizations that could be served by the Coach Initiative and also to help build and maintain those relationships.   
Visibility/ Marketing 
This committee is charged with increasing the visibility of the Coach initiative. The committee overseas the messaging of communications from the Coach Initiative to its stakeholders: donors, clients, and volunteers.  The Committee works with all forms of communication, making sure that the powerful message of the Coach Initiative is in alignment with the mission and vision statement.  This is a committee that thrives on creativity and innovation.  There is lots of room to look at new ways to grow an audience and keep relationships internally and externally.  
Volunteer Outreach 
The Coach Initiative has over 350 skilled coaches volunteering.   They come from all over the country as well as Europe, the Mideast, and the East.  This committee is developing actions to keep volunteer coaches engaged and to attract more volunteers as more organizations express a desire for coaching.   This committee is open to ideas, innovations, and lots of participation. 

The Coach Initiative
Rumson, NJ